Thanks to my guests Stephen Pearcy, Frank Hannon and Joe Holmes who called into my radio show last night. All have killer new music out you should check out. The Farmikos album I have been playing (Joe Holmes) is finally out this Thursday via Amazon and CDbaby.com.

Spoke last night about the effects of Tinnitus. A condition that creates a constant ringing in your ears that is non treatable. I had a hearing test yesterday because ever since I went to see Ace Frehley at BB Kings over 6 weeks ago I have had a slight ringing noticeable when I try and sleep and it’s quiet. My doctor said my hearing is within normal range still (how I do not know but I’ll take it!), but there were some very early signs of this being an issue. Now what I have is right now very mild, but this at more severe levels as you could imagine could drive you insane. So many times as a kid I’d come home from a loud show, ears ring for a day, then back to normal. When I was real young I worked at a car wash by the blower. Same deal. After 32 years in radio with headphones, countless concerts, in ears for TV, etc, and turning 50, well lets just say the recovery isn’t what it once was. Thankfully my situation right now is very manageable and still in normal limits, but I can’t imagine it really bad as it is for some especially musicians and concert goers. I write this as a heads up because it was pretty revealing to learn about this from an ear doctor yesterday. There is literally nothing they can do for it. So as us metal heads get older don’t be afraid to use plugs or some protection at shows. I’m as guilty as anyone of wanting to hear my favorite band cranked and everyone uses ear buds and headphones now. But I only pass along this friendly word of caution because this really is a huge problem for many exposed often to loud volume and it can be a total bitch of you don’t pay attention to it. Ever since I brought it up on my radio show last night I have heard from many about it so thought I’d pass along the new to all here for what it’s worth.

All new podcast this Thursday. New exclusive interview with Stephen Pearcy of Ratt. Free and worldwide on Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Hope to see you in Cincinnati at MVPs this Friday and in Oshkosh WI at The Dockside Tavern this Saturday.

TMS returns 2/21! Audience and guest info coming very soon!

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  • C.hall on

    I have tinnitus.. It can get better it varies from bad to not so bad .. Idk
    It can drive u nuts & make you miserable ..
    Valium works stops it .. For awhile
    Any thing like that ,..I know there’s some other medicines for it.. But no cure

  • alan aaron on

    I implore anyone going to these shows to use ear plugs. I have been using them for over 20 years. I recently had a pair of custom ear plugs made, one of the best purchases I ever made. Can go to a website like Westone.com and explore it more. The shows are just as enjoyable with the plugs in, and I don’t have the horrible ringing in my ears.

  • C.hall on

    What the tinnitus episode titled ..??
    Can’t find it

  • Mr. Rock And Roll on

    I was born with congenital hearing loss. I made matters worse by performing in loud hard rock bands for 15 years and going to many loud concerts. Now I have a 45% hearing loss. And I’m only 45 years old. Wear earplugs. I know it’s “lame” but you do not want to constantly be saying “What?” or “huh?”. It can be embarrassing and it isn’t fun.

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