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davidcoverdale andjoelhoekstra600 Whitesnake has officially announced their new guitar player, New York’s own, Joel Hoekstra.

Whitesnake frontman, David Coverdale has posted the following message:

“Ladies & Gentlemen…Boys & Girls…Your Attention, Please…:)

One of the first, if not the first, guitarists to put his name forward after hearing that Doug Aldrich had left the band, was an exceptionally talented musician whom we had met briefly last year when his band opened for Whitesnake in Arizona.

Everyone was very impressed by him, not only for his ability to play amazing guitar, but, also, his very agreeable personality & he was definitely foremost in our minds when we began to search for Doug’s replacement in Whitesnake.

We jammed together & were mutually impressed enough to ask him to join Whitesnake on the spot. This was May 30th. 2014.

Joel is currently fulfilling his remaining tour dates with Night Ranger.

We sincerely thank you all for your patience & understanding…& so, without further ado, we ask you to welcome, as we have done, our exceptionally gifted new Snake Brother…

JOEL HOEKSTRA…Guitarist Extraordinaire

~David Coverdale’

Hoekstra is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the band, is looking forward to rocking with you all soon. To read about all the band’s he has worked with, please click here.



  1. Well, that solves Whitesnake’s problem, but now what about Night Ranger? Wouldn’t it be funny if Aldrich ends up in Night Ranger? It’s a small world, you never know. 🙂

  2. Excellent choice! Joel is a beast of a player & a super chill guy. The recent high snake quality should continue w/o interruption. Very best wishes Joel.

    James Perkins
    Houston, Texas

  3. I didn’t know much about this guy until he played on TMS and I was impressed. Still, just being an old school fan, it would have been awesome if Coverdale would have at least considered talking to John Sykes. No secret there’s bad blood between them, but that was over 25 years ago.

  4. This guy is quite the shredder. Not only was he on TMS as a guest guitarist he also is with Trans Siberian Orchestra. Coverdale knows how to get awesome shredders.

    1. James,
      That’s a good list, but John Sykes is who created the most iconic work with Coverdale. It’s too bad they hate each other, I’d like to see them bury the hatchet and work together again.

  5. Obviously he has the chops, and having Whitesnake on your resume’ is always good. The questions is, will the songs be there? And on another note, what’s the word on the new John Sykes record? I’m really interested in what he’s up to.

  6. Boys gotta tell ya, not sure if this was the best career decision for Joel. I don’t know what prompted him to leave Night Ranger but in my opinion Night Ranger musically to me has it all over Whitesnake. Of course he still plays with TSO but I dunno. If this was an amicable split I don’t think joining Whitesnake us a step up. Night Rangers a great band with a catalog of great songs, and awesome live. Whitesnake is David Coverdale with a revolving door of players.

  7. Night Ranger is an add on to Journey/Foreigner tours that draw 15,000 with joke line-ups. They performed better but short set. It is a step down. Both headline indian casinos.

  8. Reb still does double time as he is still in Winger,perhaps Joel will do the same. The Winger cd from like 3 years ago,KARMA,wow!! Some of their heaviest work to date.

  9. Hey all! Happy birthday, Dana! Congrats to Joel For being the new guitarist
    in Whitesnake. As far as Doug Aldrich goes, Doug also has residency in Las Vegas
    at the Las Vegas Hilton in an 80’s Hard Rock/Metal show called
    Raiding the Rock Vault. My friend, Andy Freeman is in the show with Doug,
    along with Howard Leese (from Heart), Paul Shortino (from Quiet Riot), and
    I also believe Robin McAuley (from MSG) is in the band as well.

  10. How many guitarists does it take to relive the Whitesnake glory years? Answer: as many as it takes, apparently.

    Sykes was the last time Whitesnake had that magic. Not detracting from Adrian Vadenberg, Vai, Reb, or Aldrich, or anyone else, but it’s been a whole lot of “greatest hits” tours since the late 80’s. Not sure what what kind of validity Whitesnake even has anymore. I can’t list one new Whitesnake song in the last 20+ years that I’d listen to again.

    One more band that needs to let it go and do something new and original instead of regurgitating the late 70’s and 80’s.

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