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Slashandcompany Slash will be releasing his third solo album, World On Fire, on September 16th. He has released the title track and it is available for streaming below.

To learn more about World On Fire and to read an interview with Slash and his singer Myles Kennedy, click here.

World On Fire track listing:

1. World On Fire
2. Shadow Life
3. Automatic Overdrive
4. Wicked Stone
5. 30 Years To Life
6. Bent To Fly
7. Stone Blind
8. Too Far Gone
9. Beneath The Savage Sun
10. Withered Delilah
11. Battleground
12. Dirty Girl
13. Iris Of The Storm
14. Avalon
15. The Dissident
16. Safari Inn
17. The Unholy



  1. Sounds pretty good, can’t wait to see Slash jamming on stage with Aerosmith this summer. Slash, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, 3 guitar Gods jamming together at the same time, that’s going to be fucking awesome!

  2. Really good rock song but why? Why now? The album will not be released until mid-September which is over three full months away! By that time this song will be so worn out that we will skip it. Black Label Society did the same thing with “My Dying Time” released nearly three months prior to the actual album. It’s too early! How about six weeks out or so like Judas Priest has been doing. Hate to complain but I don’t get it. I don’t understand the music biz but if they can release a song now why not just the whole album?

  3. I like this much better than the new JP that I’ve been hearing. I’m a huge JP fan but what I’ve heard so far I’m thinking that they should have gone home like KK did.

    This is straight up R’N’R that only Slash and the others can put together. It’ll be interesting to hear the rest of it.

  4. Sorry, but Myles Kennedy is bad, IMO. This is typical, run of the mill Slash music. Nothing new , nothing exciting…just like everything he’s done since he left Guns.

  5. Big sound, great guitar, great vocals but that’s expected. Nothing really mindblowing about the song. It sounds stock. I’m not saying it’s bad, because it’s not. I think I’d rather wait until the entire album comes out to make a final judgement. But September 16th? What the hell?

  6. Something about Myles voice I just can’t get into. Personally I think the best album he put out was the one from a few years ago with each track having different singers. Even Alter bridge does nothing for me. Slash puts out great music and always will, but he needs a better lead singer. As for axle that is 20 years ago. A reunion is never going to happen. Some doors just will never open again.

  7. This is very much another run-of-the-mill average song. Reminds me a little of a Black ‘N Blue song from the 80s but without the catchy hooks. The singer bores me too, no charisma, dime a dozen vocals. 17 songs on this album? Geez, pick the best 10 and take out the trash.

  8. Man, talk about unoriginal song titles. Most of them have been used, the others nothing new:
    World On Fire – Sarah McLachlan
    Shadow Life – Dokken album
    Automatic Overdrive – REM
    Wicked Stone – Stone Temple Pilots (Garden) /Chris Isaak (Game)
    30 Years To Life – Skid Row (18 & Life)
    Bent To Fly – Tom Petty (Learning)
    Stone Blind – Ace Frehley (Snow)
    Too Far Gone – All American Rejects
    Withered Delilah – Kiss (Modern Day)
    Battleground – Film
    Dirty Girl – Film
    Iris Of The Storm – Hey, an original one!
    Avalon – Roxy Music
    The Dissident – Pearl Jam
    Safari Inn – Quentin Tarantino
    The Unholy – Kiss (Gene and Vinnie Vincent)

  9. I just would never sit around listening to this, it really isn’t very good. If I was going to listen to some Slash, I would throw on my vinyl copy of Appetite For Destruction. Fonzie is right, listen to the lyrics – could they be any more cliche?

  10. Slash is really talented. Don’t care for this singer at all. His voice is nasaly… I didn’t even finish listening to the song because the singing is such a turn off. I’d like to see slash do some instrumentals.

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