Thatmetalshowlogo VH1 Classic’s centerpiece in original programming That Metal Show returns this week with the show’s milestone 100th episode.

The show is hosted by radio/TV personality Eddie Trunk and comedian/TV personalities Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine. The guests for this week’s episode are Kill Devil Hill/Pantera bassist Rex Brown and legendary front man Sebastian Bach. A sneak peek of the 100th episode is available online and can be viewed here.

The episode features Brown discussing his Pantera years while promoting his recently released book Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story of Pantera. Sebastian Bach joins in on the conversation while promoting his latest DVD/CD Abachalypse Now. The episode also features a Metal Modem session with Danko Jones, the always-popular Stump the Trunk and another TMS Top 5 as the guys argue over the Top 5 Comeback Albums.

The remaining episodes for Season 12 guests and airdates are:

6/22 – Jake E. Lee and Rick Allen
6/29 – Queensrÿche (Scott Rockenfield & Todd La Torre) and Dave Mustaine
7/6 – Rob Zombie & John 5 and Tom Keifer
7/13 – Scott Gorham & Ricky Warwick and Neil Fallon


  1. Chris Brubaker says:

    When is Kix going to be on the show?

  2. Woe you guys got some great guests this season. I have been wondering about what was going on with Jake E. Lee for a while and I’m really looking forward to that now. Scott Gorham will be awesome because I love Thin Lizzy and he is a very underrated guitarist. Tom Keifer is an awesome frontman and that will be great. Cinderella has to be one of the greatest 80’s bands. Hey Eddie also, I started a new blog on UFO and I was wondering if you could check it out. The URL is ufothebestbandintheworld.blogspot.com and if you could comment that would be an honor because I’m a huge fan of yours thanks

  3. I’m watching the new show with Bas and Rex Brown. What was the band that Rex Brown said is his favorite new band? Didn’t catch the name.

  4. Whitesnake says:

    It would be cool if you could get Paul Stanley or Gene Simmons on the show. I can’t believe they have never been asked to be on TMS yet.

    • don’t you pay attention? all that does is aggravate people. Don’t you think that we all want to see Gene and Paul on the show, don’t you think they’ve been asked every season? VH 1 would probably do a 2 hour special if they said yes. just sit back watch the shows we get and appreciate them.

  5. Tom Matthews says:

    Ed asked them, but both declined!!!!!

  6. Uh, Whitesnake, Eddie has Kiss views and I respect him for his honesty and I think Gene & Paul will pass. I thought the last two Kiss albums were killer. Airplay was laughable at best. Jake E. Lee, good lord, I met him 20 years ago, talk about a mess between his ears. Zombie I’d ask about his TV/Movie horror stuff. I want to know how much ’66 Addams Family stuff he got. Keifer I give credit to ramping up his voice by au natural….Joe Elliot uses so much Pro Tools is saddens me.

  7. John Alonzo says:

    Great show, could you get Testament or Overkill on the show? Some real metal bands not the wimpy shit you been putting on the air, it a metal show not poseur show.

  8. On the 100th episode when Sebastian Bach said “McFeet, is that a new dish at McDonald’s”, I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself. One of the funniest moments on the show ever in my opinion.

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