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Happy-birthday-cupcake-photography-8-400x400 I just wanted to personally thank all the posters who wished me a “Happy Birthday” in the back end of the site. Also, since I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account, I had no choice but to post it here.

Your comments and thoughts are always greatly appreciated and mean a lot to me (unless they are abusive and rude-LOL!)

Dana from πŸ™‚


      1. I knew you were talking about his new album….that picture said, “I am an artist, I want you to really listen to my guitar playing.” : ) Best wishes in the new year Dana, and thanks for running the asylum, you really see us at our worst, LOL!!

  1. dana, to put up with all the loveand( hate) for all us hard rock and metal fans and not lose your cool makes you a saint in my book . eddie couldn”t have found a better person to deal with his passionate and sometimes( infantile) fanbase. a very happy birthday dana( and keep up the great work )

  2. God be with you Dana, you’re the best ever at this and you deserve a raise. Thank you for introducing me to DR, DOUG R, STATEN ISLAND CLOWN, JAMES K, LEE and MILKMONEY as well as the whole anti-Gene and Paul crowd. This website is like a bar on a Friday with a heavy metal jukebox and a bunch of funny and nasty guys. Tons of great info and laughs. I even got religious a few weeks ago and cursed out Gene Simmons in Yiddish but that understandably got deleted. If this website shuts down I might have to consider applying myself at work and I don’t want to do that ’cause Paul Stanley is more interesting. Did you get that country MOTLEY CRUE CD for your birthday, the Gretchen Wilson WILD SIDE is bonerific.

  3. Dana,

    Thanks for keeping the web site organized. We all appreciate it, right guys and gals? So, why don’t you have a Facebook or twitter account? Happy birthday Dana!!


  4. Happy Belated birthday to the man who thinks exactly like I do when it comes to rock. The man with the passion and the voice for all of us rock nerds!! Eddie Trunk, he asks the questions we all want to ask, and his knowledge of hard rock trivia is enviable. Hope you had a great day, comrade!

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