Happy-birthday-cupcake-photography-8-400x400 I just wanted to personally thank all the posters who wished me a “Happy Birthday” in the back end of the site. Also, since I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account, I had no choice but to post it here.

Your comments and thoughts are always greatly appreciated and mean a lot to me (unless they are abusive and rude-LOL!)

Dana from 🙂

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  • mark on

    dana, to put up with all the loveand( hate) for all us hard rock and metal fans and not lose your cool makes you a saint in my book . eddie couldn”t have found a better person to deal with his passionate and sometimes( infantile) fanbase. a very happy birthday dana( and keep up the great work )

  • ziggy stardust on

    Happy Birthday Dana!! Sorry im late.Thanks for all you do

  • Richman on

    God be with you Dana, you’re the best ever at this and you deserve a raise. Thank you for introducing me to DR, DOUG R, STATEN ISLAND CLOWN, JAMES K, LEE and MILKMONEY as well as the whole anti-Gene and Paul crowd. This website is like a bar on a Friday with a heavy metal jukebox and a bunch of funny and nasty guys. Tons of great info and laughs. I even got religious a few weeks ago and cursed out Gene Simmons in Yiddish but that understandably got deleted. If this website shuts down I might have to consider applying myself at work and I don’t want to do that ’cause Paul Stanley is more interesting. Did you get that country MOTLEY CRUE CD for your birthday, the Gretchen Wilson WILD SIDE is bonerific.

    • Dana on

      Thank you so much Richman, you made me smile. See.. 🙂

      D 🙂

  • Bryan Russell on


    Thanks for keeping the web site organized. We all appreciate it, right guys and gals? So, why don’t you have a Facebook or twitter account? Happy birthday Dana!!


  • Jason K on

    Sorry for the late wishes, wish I had known. Happy Birthday!

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