coreytaylor400 The Pulse Of Radio reports that Stone Sout/Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has commented on the KISS/Rock N’ Roll Hall of fame controversy.

According to blabbermouth, Corey told, “On one hand, you’re stoked being a KISS fan, but on the other hand it’s, like, ‘Can you guys just put aside your petty issues and realize that without one another you wouldn’t have been able to do this? Can you just set stuff aside and do one show for the fans of the original lineup again? And then you never have to see each other again?'”

Taylor continued, “Without (Frehley and Criss), the other two guys wouldn’t be where they are! And that’s just me layin’ it straight! I might not ever get a kind word from anybody in that band anymore. But I think it’s petty and I think it’s ridiculous! Figure it out! Show respect, because sometimes it’s not about you, it’s about the fans.”

But Taylor admitted that band relationships can be complicated. He said, “We’re just crazy people who can’t get along sometimes… Now add fame and money and all that rock and roll craziness to it — we’re lucky we don’t eat each other in this industry!”

KISS will be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on April 10th at a ceremony at the Barclay’s center in Brooklyn, New York, alongside Nirvana and others.

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  • S.Falls \m/ on

    Not really a Slipknot fan, but I know some of their tunes. Not really a Stone Sour fan, but I know some of their tunes. Stone Sour were just here where I live a month or so ago, one of my buds bought me a ticket.
    Well, all I have to say is: Corey Taylor kicks ass. The sound was great, he was spot on and sounded amazing. The guy has wicked talent.
    What he says here is SPOT ON AS WELL. Could not agree more.

  • M.B.Smith on

    Alot of KISS fans feel exactly the same way and it’s their stupid, egotistical, and narrow minded way of thinking that’s only going to bring this once great band to the point of their own demise because of it and by that time the fans who got them where they are wont want to hear their excuses or reasons because they wont care any longer.
    As a longtime fan I hope it doesn’t come to that point and they still have the opportunity to make it right, and if i get blocked for speaking my mind then so be it but it had to be said and i don’t care who knows it .

  • John on

    Gene claimed he didn’t know who Corey Taylor was on Twitter, then he retweeted someone else saying that Corey was the singer in a GWAR cover band.
    For being in the business 40 years, he & Paul take criticism like little girls.

    • Ken on

      Comparing those two to little girls is an insult to little girls.

    • 3locbox on

      Go back and look at some of Gene’s comments over the last six months. He is 64 years old, and if you ask me, he is showing signs of his mind going. Most of the comments he makes anymore are maniacal at best. When referring to TMS, “I invented all the hand gestures they do.” WTF? Read his comments in the new Rolling Stone, he makes crap up. Hidden Acres is coming soon for that guy.

  • Jason Kentros on

    Wait, I’m confused…it’s actually possible to be a rockstar and still act like a human being and treat others with respect and care about the fans? After weeks of Gene and Paul smearing Ace and Peter and showing how meaningless KISS fans are to them, I was starting to wonder. Anyways, sarcasm aside, I love Corey Taylor, amazing voice and he reminds me of Dave Grohl, both as guys who seem to have managed to still care about the things that should matter beyond the things that come with being a rockstar. Usually we learn from our elders, but sometimes the younger generation can teach the old dogs a thing or two.

  • T BONE on

    It doesn’t matter what the KISS fans of the original lineup think! KISS is now a brand! Eric Singer has been a drummer in KISS longer than Peter Criss. Bruce Kulick was in the band for almost as long as ACE. Paul and Gene own a freakin’ AFL team in LA for Christ’s sake! They’ll still get their $$$$! I’ve been a fan since ’77 and I’ll still go see them this Summer with Def Leppard. If you’re not a fan now, don’t go see them. Listen to every album from KISS to UNMASKED, even though Pete didn’t play on DYNASTY or UNMASKED except for “DIRTY LIVIN’.” There’s no denying what the original lineup meant to the band’s legacy. However, don’t discount what Paul and Gene did with the band when ACE and PETER weren’t there. Not a fan of Eric Singer singing “Beth,” or Thayer singing “Shock Me,” but I’m not crying about it. Go see KISS now, or don’t! Either way, KISS will be fine with, or without you or me!

    • baz on

      I agree. If you don’t like it don’t pay attention. News flash for people too…I love ace and peter, but Bruce Kulick, Eric Carr and Singer, and Thayer are infinitely better players. Revenge is one of their 3 best albums. Love to see them take off makeup and do a theater tour with the “NEW” guys playing non-make up era songs.

    • S.Falls \m/ on

      Kiss is NOT a brand, it’s a band, you only think it’s a band because of Gene. PEOS.
      He can thank Ace for the LOGO of his so-called brand, and he and Paul can check themselves because without those ORIGINAL albums, there would be NO band and NO brand.
      Revenge in the top 3 Kiss albums of all time? AYFKM? On what planet?
      Good album but NOT even close to being in the top 3 of all time Kiss albums, I know it’s personal opinion but geez.
      Also, if you look at the current day setlists for their tours, ORIGINAL album tunes make up about 80% of their setlist. What’s that tell you?

    • S.Falls \m/ on

      …(FIX/Should of read) ……think it’s a brand because of Gene.

    • Chad on

      I agree T bone and Baz and few others on this thread…yeah I’ve been there like all of us or most of us at least that like me also dig Eddie’s site,and his great contribution to keep metal and rock relevant and I’m seemingly I guess of the rare opinion that I love original Kiss..and still do..I supported that lineup,it’s tours,it’s albums and did the same with lineups that had the late wonderful Eric Carr,Vinnie Vincent,Bruce Kulick,Eric Singer,and Tommy. My tour first was Dynasty and I was mesmerized!!! Other tours including checking out the new amazing spider stage I also am mesmerized. So yeah no hate for any members and I choose to support both sides. When ace new album is out I’m there.!! Same if Peter gets next one done..heck I bought One For All. Room in my life for enjoying Boom and MONSTER and going back and enjoying my first bought with own money albums Love Gun then Rock and Roll Over. Went back and got that one next so yeah I look forward to summer tour and n June SPACE INVADER by Ace comes out and I’m on that too!!!

    • George on

      Great post…agree with everything..

    • jburgj on

      Kiss is a brand? Pathetic. Football teams , restaurants ,miniature golf , failed coffee house, who gives a crap..!!! oh wait! the gullible fools who buy every single thing gene and Paul say

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