Winger 630-2014

Winger have released their second video for the song, Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine, from their forthcoming new album, Better Days Comin’ due April 22nd. Watch the video below.

The band previously released a video for the song Rat Race.

Better Days Comin’ track listing is:

1) Midnight Driver of a Love Machine
2) Queen Babylon
3) Rat Race
4) Better Days Comin’
5) Tin Soldier
6) Ever Wonder
7) So Long China
8) Storm In Me
9) Be Who You Are, Now
10) Another Beautiful Day (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
11) Out Of This World

To read more about this release, please click here.

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  • Ken on

    Musically, there’s not many bands that can touch Winger. Just listen to Reb’s solo on this track. Kip’s vocals are outstanding. Fantastic live band. I own everything they’ve ever done – down to all of Kip’s solo material, Winger demos anthology, etc… Already pre-ordered an autographed copy of the new CD.

    • will on

      “Musically, there’s not many bands that can touch Winger”

      Wow ..if thats the case, the apocalypse is near.

      I guess bands like Deep Purple,Yes,Metallica,Tull,Sabbath,ELP,Rsuh,Satriani,early MSG and UFO should never show up anymore. Kip does have a good voice and is a nice guy. He did an acoustic show here in Indy awhile back and they did an interview with him and it was great. Not trying to be mean, but it’s hard for me to take hair rock seriously.

      (In the voice persona of a Allen Iverson) Winger?!?! were talking Winger?!?!

      Different strokes for different folks.

    • Dana on


      A lot of great musicians, and bands, such as: Dokken, Tesla, Ratt, etc., got unfairly labeled as “hair metal.” It became a generic term for almost any band that wasn’t thrash, came out in the ’80’s and who happened to have members with lots of long hair-LOL!

      If Winger isn’t your cup of tea, fine, that your prerogative. However, if the label, “hair metal” is influencing your decision into not taking a band seriously, then that is truly unfortunate, because you are missing out on some great music.

      Dana from 🙂

    • will on


      I dont think “hair metal ” is a generic term for bands that came out in the 80’s for guys who had long hair that did not play thrash. You would be lumping in a WHOLE bunch of groups unfairly. Hair and or glam metal is a sub genre of hard rock/ heavy metal and certain bands tend to fit into it that “genre” due to the music the play. Sam Dunn has an interesting flow chart of that genre of metal/heavy rock. I feel he kinda subdivides it quite a bit, some of that can be combined into one.
      You outta check it out,pretty interesting.
      It’s just my opinion, but I find it real hard to take these type of bands seriously,and its not the label. It’s the music.It’s obvious when you hear it. Seems to be more about the lifestyle than music. I could go into a BIG discussion about it but I would probably run out of room. I lived that decade and I dont feel like I am missing anything. Heard it,been there done that. Not trying to be mean about this. But like you said. its all about prerogative.

      Long live Steel Panther!! \m/

    • Dana on

      Thank you for your input Will,

      But I do think that there were quite a few bands that were lumped into the hair metal category, such as Tesla and others, by the media and MTV, that weren’t glam or sleaze. I also lived that decade, and I guess that I am still stuck there, because I don’t find any of today’s music to be satisfying.

      D 🙂

    • ian on

      Will, do you consider Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio and others hair metal? Just curious.

  • ian on

    sounds good, the first single was pretty good as well, might have to check out the whole album when it comes out.

  • Maria on

    what is the song playing at the very beginning of Midnight Driver of a Love Machine video… it’s taring my hair out – anyone ??

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