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Slashandcompany Five days ago Slash released the title track from his forthcoming album, World On Fire, for streaming. Now, the guitarist has released a lyric video for the same song. Watch the clip below.

To learn more about World on Fire and to read an interview with Slash and his singer Myles Kennedy, click here.

World On Fire will be released on on September 16th.



  1. It’s good, but I still wish somehow Slash could get Velvet Revolver back together. IMO Slash’s best work since GNR was VR. They put out 2 very good albums, especially the first one. But Slash is still Slash, looking forward to seeing him jam with Aerosmith next month.

  2. The lyrics are the weakest part of the song imo. They are really cliche and dumb.
    The song is just ok – if it was a new band, it would be considered crappy, but because Slash is on guitar it is supposed to be cool. His guitar solo isn’t great in it, either. Just not a fan of the singer whatsoever.

  3. I wanted to like it, but it sounds tired and derivative. The lyrics are so overdone it’s not even funny. I know, let’s be edgy and throw a topless woman in the video…yeah, that’ll distract them from the song.

    You know what real rock or metal is? It’s music that breaks the rules. There are no rules being broken here.

  4. Don’t over-analyze it, just enjoy it. Besides, I don’t think there are anymore rules to be broken. Slash is a established musician who has seen it all, been there and done that, what else can he do?

  5. Its more of a single for radio format so usually radio tracks aren’t the best anyways. Most morons see Slash on tour they think Guns and Roses tunes anyways they care less for a new song from Slash. Average fans only care to hear the radio songs over and over again. That is what fills seats and makes some money I guess.

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