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SebastianBach Sebastian Bach has responded to guitarist Ted Nugent, after Nugent called the former Skid Row frontman “weak” because of his problems with alcohol.

The singer recently revealed he was sober after 25 years, but Nugent was still highly critical of the frontman’s lifestyle.

Nugent said, “Sebastian Bach is a great guy. I love the guy and he’s incredibly gifted and a gentleman for the most part – but he’s weak. He doesn’t understand the concept of the body as a sacred temple. He doesn’t understand accountability and he doesn’t understand how his indulgences and his poisons ruin his life, his marriage and his musical capabilities.”

In response, Bach tweeted, “Being a racist is f–king weak.”

Nugent previously called US President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel” and had a gig pulled after a promoter said they didn’t want their “casino to be used as a venue for racist attitudes and views.”

In 2012, Bach told, “Ted’s political beliefs and social opinions overshadow how great a guitar player he is – a lot of people are disgusted by him. People don’t like racism, but he says some things that are straight from the 50s.”

Bach has lined-up four shows in the US, starting on September 26th in Arizona to support his latest album Give ‘Em Hell.

Sebastian Bach tour dates:

September 26th Tempe, AZ
September 27 Tucson, AZ AVA Amphitheater
December 18th Chicago, Illinois Cubby Bear
December 20th Diesel Concert Lounge Chesterfield, MI

For more information on these shows and where to purchase tickets, visit

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  1. Here we go again. Welcome to Eddie, your place for politics? Way to go Bach, you just had to keep this sh*t going right, you just can’t take a little bit of constructive criticism like a man, no, you just had to bring up old sh*t in response to the sad, but truth. Whatever.

      1. Ohhhhhh you’re right. Read my post again, never said he has to be quiet or shouldn’t respond to Nugent’s comments, but respond like a mature adult, not like someone who just got their feelings hurt by the truth. Ted was right about Bach, I’ve seen Sebastian myself drunk, and have seen him sober, Jeckyl & Hyde. Nugent wasn’t trying to hurt Sebastian with his comments, all you have to do is read them again, the WHOLE story.

        1. So by your logic, he should have said something like, “I appreciate Mr Nugent’s criticism and I will take it to heart. I will spend some time in the future to self-reflect and make myself a better man. Thank you, Mr. Nugent” What world do you live in? These rock stars are NOT your children, so stop judging them like they are. Nugent, was out of line, as usual. You can’t preface a negative statement with something positive, then expect the positive to negate the negative. That’s like saying, “With all due respect, I think you’re an a-hole.” Try saying that to your boss. See where that gets you.

          1. Tim, you’re missing my point. Calling someone a “racist” is a lot more harsh than saying someone is weak to the bottle, (lack of will-power) to stop drinking so much, that’s all Ted was saying. I’m really so sick & tired of this bullsh*t, rappers say racist/controversial things all the time, and never get labeled, Ted says 1 thing, 1 comment and it’s the end of the F’N world! Here we go with the double standard B.S. again. BTW, just for the record, once again, I don’t agree with Ted on most of his views/opinions, but I’ve been a fan of his music since ’75, and always will be. But I have said myself numerous times, I just wish he would let the music speak for itself and let somebody else speak for him!

          2. You’re missing the point, Tim. Ted wasn’t out of line in this instance of pointing out Sebastian’s self abuse problems. The point is Sebastian turned around and called him a racist–that was below the belt. Any other response would have been fine. That’s like you going to your boss and saying “should you be drinking on the job?” Then he turns around and says “Oh yeah? Well I heard you’re a racist!” It’s ridiculous. By the way, in my heart of hearts, I do not believe Ted is racist, just a bit extreme and uncompromising in his views.

          3. Btw, YES you CAN preface a positive with a negative! Ever heard the expression “10 positives for every complaint?” Google it!! As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

          4. Mike B., hey buddy, before I ask you about Airbourne, I have to know if you saw my comments to you on the Zeppelin & Crue page, regarding The Stones, Zeppelin & of course, The Crue!
            Okay, back to Airbourne, curious to know if you picked up their CD’s yet and what you think of them, later buddy. 🙂

          5. Hey Doug,
            Yes I did. I responded to you a few minutes ago on those posts. I checked out a bit of Airbourne on iTunes and they sound really good. I haven’t bought anything from them yet, but we’ll see. My first impression: yep, sounds like AC/DC! LOL, but they sound really good! I’ve been listening to Aerosmith for the last week so that’s where my heart is for the moment. Just Aerosmith all week–this week too. As soon as I get over Aerosmith, I will probably explore some new stuff (such as Airbourne), but I am also excited about the new Slash album with Myles. I preordered it on Amazon. Oh, and the only exception to listening to Aerosmith has been Ace’s Space Invader–been listening to THAT on my iPhone and Aerosmith during my hour long commute to work in the car.

          6. Hey Mike, you’re preaching to the choir when it comes to Aerosmith! I Just seen them on Sunday in Atlantic City, and they were as awesome as always! My favorite band of all time is a 4-way tie, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Van Halen, and 70’s/80’s Kiss, sorry Mike, I know you like the current version, but I think you know my feelings on current Kiss. Anyway, if you do pick up the Airbourne CD’s, trust me, you won’t regret it! No Guts. No Glory. (second album) very good, but it’s their first (Runnin’ Wild) and the last album, the third (Black Dog Barking) that’s F’N great! AC/DC’s understudy, loud & proud! I’m really hoping when AC/DC tours here in the states early next year, that they bring their protégé – Airbourne with them, double thunder from down under! Take care buddy. 🙂

  2. If he’s been clean and sober for 25 years then I need to look up the definition of Sober. Cause’ that Supergroup he was involved with Nugent, Seinfeld and Jason Bonham back in 06, ‘he was drinking red wine like a mad dog. Interesting banter from two nut bars, albeit pretty great at rock n’ roll but, nut jobs just the same.

  3. I think Gene Simmons and Uncle Ted better be careful calling people “weak” who have substance problems, because I’m pretty sure that if (god forbid) one of their kids show “Weakness” at some point, they’ll be singing a whole different tune.

      1. That was Axl Rose.
        I can see where you could confuse the two singers:
        Both raspy-voiced blonde haired egomaniacs that fucked up their original bands.

        Rehab is for quitters!

      2. Bach also wore a shirt in the late 80’s/early 90’s that said “Silly faggot dicks are for chicks”, and it was printed in Metal Edge magazine. Nugent may be a big mouth, but the man is straight up and I admire him for that.

  4. So sick of hearing about what heroes these guys from the 70’s and 80’s are because they stopped partying. Are these guys special or something ? Are we supposed to bow down to them now that they don’t drink? Why does Eddie Trunk mention in every Ace Frehely story he has been sober and celebrating 8 years? Has this site turned into Alcoholic’s Eddie Trunk Anonomous?

  5. WELCOME TO THE CLASH OF THE 1000 SEAT VENUE TITANS. Who cares about either one of these guys or their politics? STRANGLEHOLD is awesome but that was 35 years ago. The YOUTH GONE WILD now looks like the guy from HIGHLANDER who has to be 60+ years old. neither one of these guys deserve anybodys attention let alone hard earned milk money. Frehley is always a great interview and Trunk is a great interviewer so why not compliment a guy that makes this site and TMS work well you dunce?

    1. Hey MilkMoron
      I did not say anything about Frehely not giving a fine interview, I said Eddie needs to calm down with the guy being sober every ten seconds. Everybody knows he is Sober, If you wan’t too kiss everybody’s ass and act like a B good luck to you Fool!

      1. I’m with MILKMONEY and thank God for him, solid head on his shoulders. I’m a pro Paul and Gene guy but I respect Eddies treatment of Ace and Peter. This site is probably 60% KISS and that’s cool, in that Eddie has a direct line to 2 guys who have an argument, right or wrong. Why are you enraged that a guy with a problem corrected it? God be with you Ace, the Bronx will always love your work.

        1. DR, not saying this because of what you said, but I’ve been told quit a few times I resemble George, a lot! My Thorogood favorite’s are the previous 2 mentioned, “Move It On Over”, “Bad To The Bone”, “Gear Jammer”, “If You Don’t Start Drinkin'”, and “Rockin’ My Life Away”. The guy just loves to party & have a good time, my kinda rocker! 😉

          1. DOUG, stop the nonsense. Be honest. Remember we meet each other at that BARBARA STREISAND concert back in the 2000s. You look like the folk singer PAUL WILLIAMS or a short heavyset JOHN DENVER or OLIVER from THE BRADY BUNCH. All handsome guys in their own right. Stop with the George Thorogood look-a-like crap and listen to a real friend. God made you in his image Doug. That’s alright. That’s okay. Let’s turn the page.

          2. Richman, you obviously have me confused with another Doug. I wouldn’t be caught dead at a Barbara Streisand concert, or anybody else you mentioned. I’m proud of the fact that I look a lot like George Thorogood, God only knows who you must look like. Maybe you should take my advice Richman, stay away from the Milk-dud, I think he’s been rubbing off on you, and not in a good way, fuggedaboutit.

          3. I’ve been told I look like Russel Crowe–heh, heh! But of course that couldn’t be true. I’ve also been told I look like Jeff Bridges and John Ritter. Still, I can’t wait to hear what Richman says! Lol!!

  6. We all come with flaws, if people don’t want to hear constructive criticism, than don’t partake in things that unleash the dogs. Ted back in his prime was a womanizer, he was taking advantage of woman to fulfill his pleasure. Sebastian is a alcoholic and he hurts himself and causes others pain through being drunk. The only difference between Ted as he has matured and has learned from his mistakes, Sebastian suffers from being immature and he acknowledges that yet keeps on resorting back to the drink. Alcoholism is a serious condition and I hope that Sebastian wins that battle, I hate to lose him because he is quite the character and I enjoy his music.

  7. I really have no problem with ted other than he hasnt written a decent song in ages..and judging from “shut up and barbeque” or whatever its called, he should just shut up and rock…and as for bach, the fact that skid row rather tour small venues rather than reunite with him says it all…..what no kiss drama?

  8. If, IF Ted Nugent is a racist, which he clearly is not, then what is Jesse Jackson, Al Not So Sharpton, Reverend Jeremy I’m Not Wright? Seriously you people who allege Uncle Ted is a racist are nuts! The guy constantly praises his guitar influences many of which are BLACK! Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Jimi Hendrix and many many many more! Hell Ted sings about them and Martin Luther King Jr in some songs on his new album and even dedicated his 2013 your to his African American influences and heroes!!! And in regards to the subhuman mongrel comment about the anti American potus that too many morons voted into office not once but twice, Obuma is allegedly half white so Ted must be only half a racist. Don’t call out a man because he tells it like it is and is not politically correct! Ted is far from being racist! And in regards to the casino idiots that cancelled Uncle Ted’s iconic show, get the whole story about his alleged comments about Indians. Ever heard of Fred Bear? Ever listen to any Nuge songs besides Cat Scratch Fever & Stranglehold? If you did you would realize that Ted has written several songs praising Indians and their heritage!

    1. Excellent post, Frank. I totally agree! Ted may be politically incorrect, but that doesn’t make him a racist. He says what he thinks, and doesn’t give a damn whether anyone is offended or not. I happen to agree with 95% of what he says, and I know for sure that I am not a racist. The man is a rock icon, and always will be. If you don’t agree with his views, don’t listen to him. But to call someone a racist just because you don’t like his political views is totally wrong.

  9. Roland beat me to the ultimate post. Poor Bach has 4 gigs lined up….one is the Cubby Bear. Hey Bach, I’d be drinking too thinking about my bills with that and a dead CD that sold 5,000 units and 100K to make.

  10. Lol, Sebastian Bach couldn’t sell tickets to see him even if he was offering free beer. Nugent is right, although his bluntness doesn’t make him any friends. But he doesn’t seem to give a shit. Bach wasted his talent. Nugent and his band can still draw a good crowd at a medium sized venue. Bach can’t.

  11. Bach probably wants 50% of a SR reunion. Fogerty much more for CCR. Let him play the Cubby Bear like Pearcey that restaurant outside Boston. Nuge has had native american wear on his stage and on his head.

  12. Oh man! You know, even though I love Ted’s music and guitar playing, he has a real problem with keeping his big mouth shut. Sebastian has every right to be pissed at Ted. In his own stupid way, Ted was expressing how much he loves Sebastian. Why couldn’t he just leave it at that instead of publicly embarrassing Sebastian? I’m positive Ted thought he was helping Sebastian by calling him weak but Ted should never had said it to the media. If he had concern he should have talked to the man in private. I know this issue was filmed when they were on that dumbass reality show, but that was then and even that should have been handled better to. See, this type of behavior is why people hate Ted. I think he means well but he just continues to stick his foot in his mouth.

  13. I’ve read all the comments on this page and on a different note, I saw Doug R. mentioned Aribourne to Mike B. All I can say is I hope Mike B. did hear that band. I’ve been a HUGE fan of that band since the Runnin’ Wild album was released. It’s some of the most badass, rowdy, barroom drinking rock and roll I’ve heard in a long, long time.

      1. I think they’re great and it bugs me how almost nobody knows about them. I live in barroom brawling, beer guzzling redneck heaven (Central Texas, home also to the Nuge himself) and even here I’ve had a hard time turning people on to Airbourne’s music. They need to get on a big US tour so they can get some much needed exposure.

        1. James,

          I agree with you. I was only hoping that Priest would have taken them out on their tour. That would have been a great combination, in my humble opinion.

          However, I am surprised you are having a hard time turning others on to their music. Again, they maybe derivative, but they are the great kind of derivative. What’s not to like?

          Dana 🙂

          1. You have to understand where I live. I’m one of very few people in my area that doesn’t listen to country music. I actually HATE that crap! I go to bbqs at my neighbors or my family’s homes and I’m lucky if they’re willing to listen to anything that doesn’t have a damn steel guitar in it. I have no delusion that I’ll ever turn any of my neighbors or family on to Overkill or Black Label Society, but I try to find something closer to good old rock and roll to play when I’m around them, like Airbourne, Rival Sons and even old school hard rock, because I know if they really listen they’ll love it. The only person I’ve successfully converted to Airbourne so far, or most hard rock bands for that matter, is my Brother. But at least I have a great, albeit small, group of friends that I hang out with that love the same music I do. But it’s lonely sometimes being a metalhead and metal guitarist in the land of Toby Keith and The Band Perry.

          2. One convert is better than none, James 🙂

            I commend you for trying to spread the word and I how hard that is to do, especially in 2014.

            D 🙂

        2. Hey James, I agree with you 100%! I can’t believe a band as great as Airbourne hasn’t played over here in the states yet, the closest they came is Canada. Hopefully next year when AC/DC tours here they’ll bring them to the party!
          I’m sure as soon as folks hear & see these guys, Airbourne will really take off! 🙂

          1. This may seem a bit off topic but has anyone here heard Helloween lately? They are probably one of the most amazing bands I’ve heard and yet I don’t think they’ve toured in The United States in years. They would be a great opening act for Judas Priest!

  14. I thought that this was one of the things Ted actually thought about before he said it. It sounded like he sincerely cared about Bach.Bach’s a jerkoff for calling Ted a racist. There are certain labels that you better have hard evidence on before you throw them out there. Musically neither one’s done shit that’s worth hearing in at least a decade. Damn Yankees reunion sounds good to me.

  15. Frank, thank you for hitting the nail on the head. I like a lot of Teds music, but what I love about him is his willingness to say what other people are too gutless to say. He supports our military, does our subhuman mongrel potus? He supports peoples rights to protect themselves from criminals by owning guns? Remember, if guns are outlawed only outlaws will own guns! It goes on and on. Bach is so obnoxious and loud, just watching him in an interview makes me want to put him in a Stranglehold, ;)! Is Ted loud and over the top, yes. Is he generally right, yes. I want to know what has happened to the citizens of the greatest country this world has ever known? Why can’t right be right, and wrong be corrected? I am a metal fan and a conservative. I want everyone to get along and respect one another. But, when you have liberals who call others racist and other judgemental remarks, when liberals are the most intolerant, bigoted people in our society, we are in trouble! Folks we are Americans, we need to start behaving like it! Respect others opinions, fight for one another, take pride in our country, and take no shit from anyone! Sounds a bit like metal, huh? UP THE FUCKING IRONS METALHEADS \m/. By the way, I meant what I said about the potus, this fool is trying to do to us way beyond what the PMRC did. And who lead that abomination, Al “global warming uh I mean climate change” Gore’s wife Tipper, who is a what? Nuff said!

    1. It’s funny because it’s true. Had Bach in my town a few weeks ago and only about 10 people showed up for it. It does suck that it has come to that but it is a fact.

          1. But Doug, didn’t you read Mark’s post? He’s selling out arenas now! And not just any arena, but ‘major’ arenas. I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds major.

  16. i love ted nugent & agree with all he says….this country is f-ed up because of all the politically correct lovin a-holes,tell it like it is….you cant take it get the f out……TED FOR PRES….& I AGREE ..OBAMA BLOWS…

  17. all BS aside, the phrase “subhuman mongrel” is not racist , nothing race related about that-ohhhh wait Obama is black, so of course it’s gotta be race, duh…silly me.

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