SebastianBach Sebastian Bach has responded to guitarist Ted Nugent, after Nugent called the former Skid Row frontman “weak” because of his problems with alcohol.

The singer recently revealed he was sober after 25 years, but Nugent was still highly critical of the frontman’s lifestyle.

Nugent said, “Sebastian Bach is a great guy. I love the guy and he’s incredibly gifted and a gentleman for the most part – but he’s weak. He doesn’t understand the concept of the body as a sacred temple. He doesn’t understand accountability and he doesn’t understand how his indulgences and his poisons ruin his life, his marriage and his musical capabilities.”

In response, Bach tweeted, “Being a racist is f–king weak.”

Nugent previously called US President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel” and had a gig pulled after a promoter said they didn’t want their “casino to be used as a venue for racist attitudes and views.”

In 2012, Bach told, “Ted’s political beliefs and social opinions overshadow how great a guitar player he is – a lot of people are disgusted by him. People don’t like racism, but he says some things that are straight from the 50s.”

Bach has lined-up four shows in the US, starting on September 26th in Arizona to support his latest album Give ‘Em Hell.

Sebastian Bach tour dates:

September 26th Tempe, AZ
September 27 Tucson, AZ AVA Amphitheater
December 18th Chicago, Illinois Cubby Bear
December 20th Diesel Concert Lounge Chesterfield, MI

For more information on these shows and where to purchase tickets, visit

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  • Jamie on

    I thought that this was one of the things Ted actually thought about before he said it. It sounded like he sincerely cared about Bach.Bach’s a jerkoff for calling Ted a racist. There are certain labels that you better have hard evidence on before you throw them out there. Musically neither one’s done shit that’s worth hearing in at least a decade. Damn Yankees reunion sounds good to me.

  • Lanny on

    Frank, thank you for hitting the nail on the head. I like a lot of Teds music, but what I love about him is his willingness to say what other people are too gutless to say. He supports our military, does our subhuman mongrel potus? He supports peoples rights to protect themselves from criminals by owning guns? Remember, if guns are outlawed only outlaws will own guns! It goes on and on. Bach is so obnoxious and loud, just watching him in an interview makes me want to put him in a Stranglehold, ;)! Is Ted loud and over the top, yes. Is he generally right, yes. I want to know what has happened to the citizens of the greatest country this world has ever known? Why can’t right be right, and wrong be corrected? I am a metal fan and a conservative. I want everyone to get along and respect one another. But, when you have liberals who call others racist and other judgemental remarks, when liberals are the most intolerant, bigoted people in our society, we are in trouble! Folks we are Americans, we need to start behaving like it! Respect others opinions, fight for one another, take pride in our country, and take no shit from anyone! Sounds a bit like metal, huh? UP THE FUCKING IRONS METALHEADS \m/. By the way, I meant what I said about the potus, this fool is trying to do to us way beyond what the PMRC did. And who lead that abomination, Al “global warming uh I mean climate change” Gore’s wife Tipper, who is a what? Nuff said!

    • Frank Rizzo on

      Amen great post!

  • Mark on

    All you need to know is Ted is selling out major arenas still and Bach is playing limited gigs at bowling alleys

    • Kenb on

      Not in So. Cal he’s not. He plays clubs @ 1-2k capacity.

    • WENDIGO on

      It’s funny because it’s true. Had Bach in my town a few weeks ago and only about 10 people showed up for it. It does suck that it has come to that but it is a fact.

    • Frank Rizzo on

      OMG freaking Sasquatch has an iPad?

    • DR on

      ‘selling out major arenas’ indeed. He must play those casinos out of the goodness of his heart.

    • Doug R. on

      DR, don’t knock it, in fairness, a lot of casinos seat 5,000 – 10,000 people, some even more! 🙂

    • Doug R. on

      …And, you get the best of both worlds, gambling, and rocking, all under 1 roof, one very big roof! 😉

    • DR on

      But Doug, didn’t you read Mark’s post? He’s selling out arenas now! And not just any arena, but ‘major’ arenas. I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds major.

  • Lou on

    Ted Nugent who recognizes as his musical heros ; Chuck Berry , Bo Diddley , James Brown , Jimi Hendrix … oh yea , he’s such a racist fella

  • bob on

    i love ted nugent & agree with all he says….this country is f-ed up because of all the politically correct lovin a-holes,tell it like it is….you cant take it get the f out……TED FOR PRES….& I AGREE ..OBAMA BLOWS…

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