mr big picture640 Mr. Big have premiered a new song called, Gotta Love The Ride, from upcoming eighth album …The Stories We Could Tell. Listen to it below.

…The Stories We Could Tell will be released on September 26th in Europe, 29th in the UK and to September 30th in North America.

Mr. Big recently announced that Pat Torpey’s fill-in for the band’s upcoming World Tour will be Matt Starr. Torpey was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease).

mr.bigthe storieswecouldtell640

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  • brian on

    Great song!!! Can’t wait for the drop! To bad the drummer Pat is going through the shit he has to go through must be horrible releasing a great CD and being able to tour

  • Robert on

    That singer has had a ton of plastic surgery done. That’s pretty sad-to hate yourself so much that you allow a another person to slice your face up like that. That said, these guys were a big deal for about 6 months in 1991-1992, and I found myself humming their songs often. I still do in fact!

    • Brett on

      The singer, Eric Martin looks untouched to me. Cut the hair off but otherwise looks the same to me, Also , remember they touch these photos up a bit before releasing them. They were never a big hit in the states but are huge in Japan, from what I’ve read.

  • James K. on

    They are a great, melodic hard rock band. I’ve always liked heavy bands, much heavier than Mr Big, and I still like the heavier stuff. But I can’t deny the fact that Mr Big write really good, hooky songs and those guys have musical chops any musician would love to have. And I hear they’re big in Japan!

  • shawn williams on

    I love this song! Theres not a whole lot of great music thats new these days. This song has its own sound and the singer sounds really great! I will buy this!

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