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  • joey vitello on

    As a person who has broke bread with Eddie, and a few steaks, and i can back up that he likes to bust ball! Rock on bro! Lots of luck!

  • Scott on

    Come on Dana…..since Eddie is out of town, couldn’t you have at least “made up” something about him in the sccoop like #10: “Chicks dig him because he rarely wears underwear and when he does, it’s usually something unusual.”

    I’m just sayin’ 🙂

    • Dana on


      Your comment is hysterical-LOL! However, since I didn’t write the piece in the first place, it would be hard for me to edit it 😉

      D 🙂

  • John G on

    Good stuff. I knew one or two of those things. I was surprised to hear Eddie say that he’d never tried any drugs. That’s good. If he shows up one Monday night and plays a set of Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead, I’ll know that’s no longer true.

    I enjoyed the Joe Satriani interview. Eddie definitely is one of the best, if not the best overall interviewers around in terms of asking questions that fans want to know. Joe really sounds like a super nice guy, but is it just me or is he kind of boring? A lot of musicians seem to have a different view or interesting take on life, spirituality and other topics or some wild stories. Joe just comes across like a regular guy who happens to be a great guitarist. And he always mentions Hendrix, but I’ve said it here before, I can hear way more Van Halen in his playing. I’d have to believe he’s more of a Van Halen fan.

    I would’ve liked to have heard Joe’s take on the dynamics of Deep Purple. What was it like working with Mick Jagger? I know Eddie has interviewed him before, so I’m sure he already asked Joe that stuff. Who were some of the other guitarist names thrown around to replace Blackmore?

    I agree with Eddie – UFO anytime from ’77 to’78 would have been awesome. The great thing is that they were often opening or playing with great bands too, like Blue Oyster Cult, Rush, Thin Lizzy and more. They did at least one gig opening up in ’76 for Jeff Beck and Heart. That would be my dream show.

  • Trent on

    Whoa MAN,,,that brand new molten lava hot new record from Riotgod called “Driven Rise” is killer. I even hear the skin smasher Mister Bob Pantella mention that The Atomic Bitchwax is in the studio. Cant wait for that either as I know IT WILL KILL.
    Hows about that killer Jersey scene,,MAN.

    Trent from Louisiana

  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Nice Eddie! I especially like #5 & #9

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