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  • Robbie on

    Why doesn’t Eddie ever wear his wedding band????

  • Kevin on

    God Eddie and I have such a similar life, it amazes me. We’re both the same age, both grew up in NJ. We both bought Kiss Destroyer when we were 10 or 11, listened to Detroit Rock City, and were instantly hooked on hard rock. Came of age listening to metal in our bedroom on an old record player. Eddies probably heard this story a thousand times!

  • Robert on

    Actually, there’s only 8 there.

    I already knew Trunk hates the R+R Hall of Fame.

  • jim grantham on

    Re: #4… The first concert I ever went to was Blue Oyster Cult/UFO/The British Lions(?) at the San Diego Sports Arena. It was 1978-1979 and my Dad was stoked on B.O.C., I was in Jr. High. He put a B.O.C. album on the turntable and played Godzilla so I’d know who we were going to see. I didn’t have a clue as I was young and exclusively obsessed with KISS. I have some memory of UFO’s bassist wearing black and white stripes, the guy playing guitar who hid behind his hair through most of the set, and that they put on a good show, but I didn’t really appreciate the experience until years later. In high school, when I heard “Strangers in the Night” I could say, “I saw these guys, a long time ago…” I appreciate the experience even more now., (at 48 years old! l am blessed to have a few brain cells left) I went to see MSG a few years ago with my friend Larry, who’s a HUGE UFO fan. I had one on him though because I could say “I saw UFO live a long time ago…”

    • John G on

      Nice post Jim. I looked up your gig on the BOC website “hot rails. co.uk” and here’s one of the fan’s reminisces. Maybe it’ll bring back a few memories for you:

      Regarding the 1978 San Diego gig. I was at this show about 12th row center.It was amazing to say the least as Blue Oyster Cult was one of my favorites. I remember UFO was good, I had seen them before and would later in 1979 w/ Blue Oyster Cult.

      Schenker had guitar cable difficulties through the show and finally snapped at the end. Pete Way was in his usual drunken form, Andy turned in a short but nice solo. Not a bad show for UFO.

      BOC also did 5 guitars, Hot Rails, DFTR, Godzilla, RU Ready To Rock, Astronomy and I believe ME 262. During Godzilla Albert stopped his solo and cursed the audience for throwing fireworks on stage.

      He realized he should back track a little and turned his rant into a “do you wanna rock n roll or what”? audience participation moment rather than a riot.

      He informed everyone that if they wanted to see fireworks there were so many fucking fireworks on stage that they were going to. And he wasn’t lying! This was when Blue Oyster Cult were at the indoor arena laser/pyro peak and they pulled out all the stops.

      Yes, British Lions did open and played the Pistols “Pretty Vacant.”

  • tom on

    wheres my post??? eddie would have loved it and so would the readers here.

    • Dana on


      Try reposting it again. Thanks.

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com 🙂

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