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NikkiSixx400 Bassist Nikki Sixx has bit back at Stryper singer Michael Sweet’s claims that Motley Crue’s biography is full of tall tales.

Crue bass player Sixx responded to Sweet’s swipe by posting a message on Facebook, claiming that the Stryper frontman had no right to comment on his experiences and his battle with drug addiction.

His post reads: “Non addicts talking shit about people who have fought for their lives to beat their addiction…..‪#‎MichaelSweet‬ #‎OhHeHasABookForSale? #‎GodBlessTheChildrenOfTheBeast #SobrietyRocks #‎Sad.”

In a previous interview with Music Enthusiast, Sweet claimed Motley Cure’s official biography The Dirt – Confessions Of The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band and Sixx’s own memoir The Heroin Diaries: A Year In The Life Of A Shattered Rock Star were “stretched.”

In the interview, to plug his own book Honestly: My Life And Stryper Revealed, Sweet says: “Is it as controversial as Motley Crue? No, but I think half of what we hear about Motley Crue is BS anyway, like when you hear stories about Nikki Sixx dying three times and whatnot. It’s, like, how stretched is that?

Half of the stuff I read in these autobiographies I just kind of roll my eyes at, because I just think that a lot of these guys just did so many drugs and drank so much booze that their minds aren’t too clear in terms of remembering the past exactly as it went down.”

Sweet is not the first to question the credibility of Sixx’s book. Former member John Corabi previously said he found it hard to believe someone on heroin would be capable of keeping a diary.

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  1. Is this what too many of us in this nation are becoming….a bunch of whiny “oh, he hurt my feelings….boo-hoo. That man/woman said something I don’t agree with and I may cry or lash out and discredit him” Hey. I know, Nikki…..why not grow a pair and take Michael Sweet’s comments for what they are: HIS OPINION. I love you music man and you rock….but don’t be such a puss.

  2. Ya know – I wish Nikki would shut the F up!!!!!! I am so tired of his rants, slamming, and overall Bullsh!t.
    NIkki thinks he is better than anyone and everyone on the planet…. he is so delusional to the fact that while he was in F-up land, the rest of the sober world was watching him making a tool out of himself.

  3. HONESTLY: Who the hell care? THE HEROIN DIARIES is quite excellent in the tradition of NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND. All these other bios about sex, drugs and fighting are all total shit.

  4. It says right on the first page of The Dirt that some of it is a load of crap. It says specifically that “some of the characters in the book are “composites” which are a combination of 2 or more people into one. A lot of Sixx’s stories do change.
    And Nikki sure does get defensive when someone calls the books b. s., rather than prove they aren’t.

    1. my crazy ass sister was with the crue in the late 80s and early 90s and I asked her how it was after i read the dirt.. and i was a fan of theirs when they first came out….She said that book was spot on and couldnt believe they even put it out to read.

  5. Well, you know, everyone has to write a book, everybody has a story to tell, whether it’s truthful or not.

    Boring stories don’t sell books.

  6. Sixx said Bach was never auditioned. I think the fact Corabi got the gig speaks volumes about who was turned down or blew it off. Heroin addicts are losers. When the Crue start doing one-off festivals and Vegas runs in ’15, it’ll make the people know Sixx is a liar.

  7. I started reading Heroin Diaries a few years back and stopped a third of the way through. I just couldn’t bring myself to believe half the shit I was reading. There’s no way someone as fucked up on herion as Nikki claimed to be could’ve written a diary so succinct in the details. So either he bullshitted about his heroin use, or he bullshitted about the accuracy of his account of things. I’ve never done heroin and I can’t remember what I had for breakfast. How these guys can remember the tiniest of details from 30 years back would be nothing short of a miracle.

    1. I think of it like this. The nameless made-up foursome who just got into the RNRHOP had a live album called ALIVE which was admittedly overdubbed. Mr. Eisen brilliantly states in his book something like “who gives a fuck if was overdubbed, it sounds better that way.” If you apply that logic to any entertainment you usually come out ahead. I read THE HEROIN DIARIES back before KINDLES and KINDLE FIRES and I thought it was good. I’m a student of the classics and all I thought of was Dostoevsky’s NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND back from my CUNY days. If you still have it check it out. I am the guy who defends LULU on this site. Could I steer you wrong?

      1. Yes, one day you and I are going to need to discuss your love for LULU. I support you no matter what, but LULU tests the boundaries of our legendary support for each other. I like Nikki, and have always been o.k. with the Crue. I respect a guys who has kept that band relevant so many years later, especially with fucks like Vince Neil on board. I just find his diary to be extremely questionable. Like you, I don’t give a shit that Alive was more a studio album than a live one. And I expect anyone’s book to stretch the truth and take that into consideration before reading. But Sixx’s book tested my limits as to what I was willing to accept. Maybe he believes it to be reality. But I sincerely doubt that it was close to reality.

    2. “I’ve never done heroin and I can’t remember what I had for breakfast.”

      So you know exactly what you can and can’t remember when on the drug? JImmy Page and Keith Richards made some of the best music of their career (admittedly with help) while on heroin. Whether it’s accurate down to the last detail or not, the fact remains, he was there when it happened, and we were not. Benefit of the doubt until it’s proven otherwise. Interesting that most of the people that were also ACTUALLY there aren’t really making a lot of waves about it, so as a general impression there must be a lot of truth there (if you’ve read it, you’d know that there are some people in those stories who would be well served by it being made up).

      1. That was a very well typed up pile of nonsense there Bill. The comparison of someone writing and recording a song while on heroin to someone keeping 30 year memories while so heavily on the drug that they almost died 3 times makes me wonder how much heroin you did when typing your response. Apparently you believe everything you read when reading a biography. I tend to be more logical than that. But hey, I’m still a fan of Nikki’s and I believe you are too. So in honor of our differences, I’m going to play Red Hot when I get home tonight and let bygones be bygones.

        1. “That was a very well typed up pile of nonsense there….”

          DR ….I just used this line at the library when a patron asked me to proof-read an essay they wrote. Good line. 🙂

          1. Thx Buddy. Feel free to use that one anytime. I’m trying to incorporate it myself right now at the office without HR being called. It goes back to your classic ‘have a gay day’ comment you made about a month back on a Halford post. I can’t remember whom you said it to. But that one was legendary.

  8. Nikki’s ego needs its own tour bus when Mötley tours.As far as his book,I’ve had friends that were junkies.They are basically incoherent when they’re high,let alone keep a running,detailed diary of their escapades.

  9. I have to agree with Nikki on this one. No one should judge anothers addiction or say that they are full of shit with what they say they went through.WE can thank god that some of us are alive to talk about it!!!

  10. I personally have believed that Nikki exaggerated big time in order to get some misguided rock cred, like the Sex Pistols. But, in the end who knows?

  11. Grow up Nikki. Why are you being such a defensive bitch? If what you are saying is true then you should just be thankful you are alive. Who cares what everyone else is saying. Sounds to me you are craving attention!

  12. As a recovering addict myself. I lost about 5 years of my life.. I DON”T REMEMBER anything. I never believed that Nikki Sixx could’ve remembered anything either. It was about making $$$ and selling books!

  13. I guess I really don’t see much of a big deal about what Sweet said. Certainly not to get that riled up about. I enjoyed reading “The Dirt”, “Heroin Diaries” and I’m looking forward to Michael Sweet’s book. Rock on! #letsjustallgetalongforrocknroll

  14. Nikki, I don’t know ya personally. I have enjoyed Crüe music and I’ve been a fan for a long time now/you have been very successful in the music industry, and I can respect that a great deal, but it’s all about the show, bro. I do pray that you find The Lord and allow him to use you as a witness to HIS great works. One thing’s for sure…. If you did die 2 or 3 times or whatever the number may be, it’s not a coincidence that you are here living to tell the tale. It wasn’t by your power. Most folks don’t get a second chance at life. You’re life has a purpose. HE’S real dude and if you don’t know HIM, I’d encourage you and anyone else to find HIM ASAP. In the end, you’ll be sorry if you don’t. Take care and GOD Bless!

  15. Motley Crue has 2 good records. The first 2. That’s it. If I were Nikki, I wouldn’t be upset at Michael Sweet. I’d be upset that my lead singer can’t carry a tune to save his life…

      1. He said ‘good records’ doug r. Welcome back. How was your time away? I myself would’ve stood up for Theatre of Pain, minus Home Sweet Home. That album didn’t get the love the other Crue albums did. But I kinda ‘doug’ it. See what I did there?

        1. theatre of pain is good too, but in my opinion & many others, dr. feelgood is better. is that you dr? are you still looking for work? too bad you couldn’t make it down to atlantic city last weekend, I could have used somebody to carry my bags.

          1. I have my wife’s bags to carry when we travel. But thanks for the offer. I pray you’re better at gambling than you are at musical commentary or defending yourself. Please feel free to NARC to Dana now.

          2. musical commentary, defending myself? your life must really suck if that’s all you got. I knew more about music before I was 10 than you’ll ever know in your pathetic lifetime. now, please feel free to narc to your wife now.

  16. Hey Nikki, has Vince spent his advance on the tour yet on old lawyer fees, lawsuits,ex wives,more lawyer fees unpaid? Is he gonna get Tommy and do shows together in ’15 in indian casinos?

  17. Gettin more than tired of listening to Nikki Sixx mouth off about everyone under the sun.This on the heels of listening to the original Kiss members taake constant shots at each other…they should all just SHUT UP AND PLAY MUSIC

  18. I was a top shelf loser junkie throughout the late 70’s in Harlem/Lower East Side,N.Y.C. all the way through 1999. GOD as my witness, those sickening daze of my past are almost a complete blur….I read Nikki’s book, and have to say,”Really Nikki”………..You remember “ALL OF THIS”……………….??PURE PERUVIAN HEROIN…………???? I don’t think so,Nik,YOU DIK !! Turkey,Italy,Nigeria, Ok, maybe.but PERUVIAN heroin,I think not, YOU #%$^@ MEAT SHORTAGE !! I think you were shooting powdered sugar.

  19. All I know is I saw Stryper for the first at M3 and they were AWESOME…. I will likewise be seeing the Crue for the umpteenth time in August. It’s about the MUSIC !!!

  20. Just some more whiney-ass rock star bullshit ! I live in the real world where nobody gives a shit if your poor little feelings get hurt. This is just Nikki’s way of keeping his name in the press in order to sell more tickets for the tour. He is another king of shameless self promotion. Nothing wrong with that. Everyone has to make a living. I don’t think nikki really gives a shit about Sweet’s comments…it’s just business. It’ll probably help Michael’s book sales too ! It’s entertainment folks…..kinda like the wrasslin’ business . Take that Jherico !

  21. Add Nikki Sixx to the Paul Stanley list of successful cry babies. These guys used to be Rock Heroes now, they lash out at what they perceive as thinly veiled criticism with regularity. What happened to the mystique and edge that these guys once had? Getting into Twitter fights with Sebastian Bach has replaced creativity. If this is the true makeup of these guys, the persona that portrayed in my youth was a complete fabrication. Who knew I was actually idolizing a bunch of chatty hens. Thought Nikki would be too busy anyway hawking his “concert played” basses for $5000 to his fans to respond to a throw away comment by Michael Sweet in a press junket.

    1. do not put nikki sixx in the same category as Paul Stanely…are you kidding me?? Nikki is a true class a asshole, as is the entire Crüe except Mick…Paul has a lot more credibility in music…Nikki, not so much and Nikki seems to be seeking out fights where Paul is just answering questions like a crotchety old man…but Nikki?? Average bass player,junkie and an asshole…thinks he’s relevant as do so many idiots on twitter

  22. Nikki Saved Micks life man!! So Nikki is cool with me even if he’s being a little a defensive. Who cares what Sweet says. Sweet sucks and his stupid Stryper band. CRÜE FOREVER!!!

    1. Well, honestly I’m more familiar with Crue than Stryper but Michael Sweet has more musical talent than possibly all 4 members of Motley Crue combined. I saw Stryper a few years ago, so this was still relatively recent, and was very impressed both vocally and instrumentally. I’ve been meaning to check out more of their catalog than I’ve heard, which admittedly isn’t much. I was a big Crue fan as a kid, and I still love “Shout At The Devil”, but really Motley is as much or more about being a bad ass, living in excess rock band than great musicianship. I’m not putting Crue down, just saying Michael Sweet and Stryper are a lot better than many people probably realize.

  23. Hey Bryan. GOD Bless you bro. Have you ever heard Mike sing or play lead guitar before? He could easily be the LEAD Singer and LEAD Guitarist for the Crue/ improve the band several times over. As a 25year lead guitarist myself, I can honestly tell you…. This guys a real talent, man. He’s an amazing musician/ has the chops to prove it.. I’ve seen both bands multiple times and can say though they are a great band, Vince and Mick would have their work totally cut out for them if they tried playing or singing that way. The dude is the REAL DEAL! Whats better……..Stryper is carrying a message: GOD is LOVE and loves you. There is NO “stupidity” in HIS WORD. It will last longer than Motley Crue or any other band for that matter.

  24. I believe Michael Sweet in that how can anyone so hooked into drugs who is now sober can remember how they lived in drugged fueled haze. Like with Ace Frehley & Peter Criss with their books spinning tall tales of the past when I bet they made up most of it

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