michaelsweet400 Michael Sweet, frontman for the Christian hard rock band Stryper, will release a new full-length solo album, I’m Not Your Suicide, and his first autobiography, Honestly: My Life And Stryper Revealed, on May 6th via BIG3 Records.

The future remains bright for Sweet, who has endured heartbreaking tribulations throughout his life and career, including the 2009 passing of his wife of more than 22 years, Kyle. In 2010, Sweet remarried to Lisa Champagne-Sweet, a woman he describes as “a Godsend and the one who fits perfectly by my side.”

Sweet continues to record and tour with Stryper, as well as touring and recording as a solo artist, all the while making frequent trips to Nashville where he is writing with some of the biggest music writers in the business.

“After 30 years in this business, I feel honored and blessed to be able to continue doing what it is I love, making music,” said Sweet.

“I’m extremely thankful to have the greatest fans in the world. God has blessed me with this talent and I plan to continue on this path as long as I can draw breath.”

Sweet’s autobiography, Honestly: My Life And Stryper Revealed, chronicles an amazing 30-year career and includes endorsements from Eddie Trunk, Dave Mustaine, Larry The Cable Guy, Jeordie White and Chris Jericho. Among the topics covered are:

* How Michael Sweet formed the first Christian rock band to hit #1 on MTV, paving the way for an entire genre of music.
* First-hand stories of the Sunset Strip, with never-before-told stories that include friends and musical peers such as Poison, Motley Crue, Ratt, Whitesnake, Metallica and more.
* How Jimmy Swaggart and Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker played a role in Michael’s life.
* The temptations and ultimate low-points of a notable Christian rock star.
* Never-before-revealed stories of life behind the scenes in Stryper.
* Why so many people have declared Michael Sweet a significant influence on their lives; from Larry The Cable Guy to professional wrestler Chris Jericho to Haitian musician and politician Wyclef Jean and more.
* Losing his wife to cancer and re-marrying shortly thereafter.
* An honest look at Sweet’s often tumultuous family relationships.
* The unlikely relationship between Sweet and national radio personality Don Imus.
* What led to the decline and fall of Stryper in 1992, and subsequent reunion and rebirth in 2001.

With the upcoming and long-overdue solo album, Sweet is finally delivering the project fans have been patiently waiting for. Produced by Sweet himself, I’m Not Your Suicide includes special appearances by Tony Harnell (TNT), Kevin Max (DCTalk, Audio Adrenaline), Chris Jericho (Fozzy), Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake), Electra Mustaine (daughter of Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine) and Stryper bandmates Robert Sweet and Timothy Gaines. Legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff (Chickenfoot) played on the record as well.

I’m Not Your Suicide track listing:

1. Taking On The World Tonight (featuring Tony Harnell)
2. All That’s Left (For Me To Prove)
3. The Cause
4. This Time (featuring Kevin Max)
5. I’m Not Your Suicide (co-written with Blair Daly)
6. Coming Home
7. Miles Away
8. Strong
9. How To Live (featuring Robert Sweet and Timothy Gaines of Stryper)
10. Heart Of Gold
11. Anybody Else (featuring Chris Jericho and Doug Aldrich)
12. Unsuspecting
13. Heart Of Gold (featuring Electra Mustaine) (bonus Track)

The lyric video for the song The Cause can be seen below.

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  1. This guy has always been a class act and an underrated metal singer. His voice really matured during the To Hell with the Devil era, and he’s continued to be able to his all those notes after 30 years in the business. Very few guys with this range can say the same (I’m looking at you, Geoff Tate…).

    1. Agreed. Due to the nature of Stryper’s music, Michael has always flown under the radar. Not only does he have incredible pipes, but dude could play lead guitar for most metal bands out there. Very underrated talent and a cool kid to boot.

  2. Why would anyone care that Michael Sweet has written an autobiography? Who would publish such a thing? He is under the radar because no one cares about “Christian Metal” It’s ridiculous.

    1. Stryper does quite well and has a very large Christian and non Christian fan base. Talented band if you are down with the message or not..

    2. Michael Sweet is one of the best, and most underrated metal singers of all time, regardless of his, or his bands message! He’s an AMAZING vocalist, and one hell of a guitar player! Him and Oz both are probably two of the most underrated guitar players to ever strap a guitar around their necks and in many cases have only been over looked for their outfits and/or “Message!”. One would know that if they looked beyond the “message” and actually brushed the “STYRPER” chip of their shoulder and just listened! If the “message” isn’t your thing, that’s your choice, but you can’t deny the fact they are MUSICIANS, and deliver one hell of a product! I have been a devoted STRPYER/Michael Sweet fan from as far back as 1985! While I’m not a bible thumper, nor do I attend church every Sunday, I however appreciate their message and appreciate the positive vide in today’s crazy world. Plus I truly enjoy their music and Mike’s vocals! Over the years Michael has stood the test of time, and I’m my opinion, has just gotten better with age. There are not a lot of singers out there today that sound just as good, if not better than they did 25 years ago (Tate, Bach, Slaughter, etc…). Nor can you deny the fact that he has stood his ground and stayed true to what he set out to do from the very beginning! How many bands, solo acts, etc, can say the same? Not many… Michael is still writing new music, producing, and touring.

      Maybe if you (Jack Wood) gave the book a chance, and looked into the life Michael has lead, took appreciation for what he’s been through, and how he’s come through it all with the same faith he had going into it, you’d have a whole new respect for the man.

  3. Since when does the Devil or Non-Christian bands OWN Metal music or any other genre for that matter? The crap you speak and believe in is just as much a religion as the one Michael or Stryper espouses, it actually takes “more faith” to follow yours than his, what with all the evidence supporting their religion than that supporting yours!!

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