CalebJohnson400 On American Idol‘s May 15th show, it was announced the season 13 finalist Caleb Johnson will be performing with KISS on season finale airing next week.

Johnson, who is this year’s residential rocker, was very excited to learn that he would be performing with the band exclaiming that it is his little brother’s “favorite band.”

To see some of Johnson’s performances this season, including Whitesnake’s Still of the Night and Led Zeppelin’s Dazed and Confused, click here.

Watch him perform Rival Son’s Pressure and Time below.


  1. Bastard says:

    He should do a duet with vocalist in grim reaper. See u in hell my friend. Then share splats of meatloaf with him.

  2. Guess Caleb is more worthy than Ace & Peter performing with Gene & Paul. Wayne’s World head up and down (Angus style).

  3. Again? They did this before with Adam Lambert. Can’t wait until Eddie talks about this. I loved his commentary when KISS was on Dancing With The Stars.

  4. I would LOVE IT if he wore a “That Metal Show” t-shirt.

  5. Let me guess Ed. They shouldnt do American Idol. They should appear on your show?

  6. I don’t know nor never seen this kid. Nor do I really give a crap about athis show…..but I just love the people who continue to rip Eddie. Sounds like a bunch of whining wannabes that just couldn’t muster up what Eddie has achieved….Seriously Ed, just ignore stupidity. Joe in a The Cuse

  7. Ed, you should take a look at this kid Caleb Johnson. He is trying to bring some rock to the Idol stage. I don’t like Idol, or Care for KISS much at this point. Check out YouTube and watch him Rock , In the still of the night, or dazed and confused. Maybe he can be the next generation of Rock and Metal.

    Thank for all you do in Metal,

    • pete lytel says:

      Im tired of people nationalizing this crap, just like Lambert. Theyre all a joke, and NO i wont watch his crap on youtube. And stop telling people oh he’s just trying to bring rock to the masses, bla, blah ,blah. He sucks just like Idol and Kiss appearance is nothing more than a commercial for their upcoming tour!!!!!!!!!

  8. Eric Heaton says:

    Maybe kiss can play the real world…geez, these guys just need to retire already…they pretty much done all this to do in the industry…not sure what playing a shit show like this does for them?

  9. Ed, you should at least check out this kid Caleb Johnson. Watch him on YouTube Rock out to, In the Still of the night, or Dazed and confused. He is the real deal and is our next generation of Rockers.

    Thanks for all you do for Metal !!!

    Let all remember the Man on the silver mountain, RJD.

  10. hope they play a classic from sonic boom or monster so i can poke my eyes out

  11. jim From Houston says:

    He did ok with the Rival Sons song, They are IMO the Best newer band out the Singer is amazing and their songs have a great vibe.

  12. Patrick says:

    one more RARAN on TV…why not? it’s not like it’ll be trite in any way shape or form.

  13. Why would anyone be surprised by what those two whores do with their tribute band? I say keep doing these shows and putting out hello kitty kiss condom tampons! The quicker Rupaul and Gene put the final nail in the KISS coffin the better! Up the irons my friends, and keep kicking ass Eddie, you rock \M/

  14. Star not Mask says:

    I think that’s Trunk’s illegitimate love child.

  15. Paul's Drawings with Veins says:

    Is KISS performing or is it Cold Gin? Is there really a difference at this point?

    • Actually, there IS a difference: in Cold Gin, the “starchild” can probably still hit all the correct notes. And I guarantee Cold Gin’s show has a more interesting set list.

  16. Rik Page says:

    Who cares….”F” kiss… up the irons for Ace !!! \m/

  17. Ironmeden says:

    The big question….Who’s makeup will he wear?

  18. So it’s a competition on vocal ability … if Eddie Jr gets up there and belts out a verse of RNRAN, is that really supposed to help him win? Gene’s vocal isn’t impressive on that track … or any really … maybe Domino.
    So what could this wailer sing from the KISS catalog that would impress anybody?

  19. Bastard says:

    Eddie’s love child; classic! Sorry ed. Comes out of the womb screaming see you in hell and then cries that UFO rules

  20. Brian B says:

    Not a big fan of the show myself, but before you bash KISS too much, let’s not forget Steven Tyler was a judge for a couple seasons. The Metal God himself has performed on the show, as well as Zakk Wylde and Slash.

  21. Ryan B. says:

    I also endorse the idea of scratching the Kiss song and instead doing See You In Hell My Friend in honor of metal and in honor of Steve.

  22. Finally KISS with a singer who can actually sing!!! That haven’t been heard in a few now.
    I have said it before, and I will say it again, that kid can sing, and he’s gonna get a long career (hopefully).

    KISS on American Idol.. Isn’t that exactly where they belong these days? being a cover band etc.

  23. Harry Taint says:

    Pathetic but what else do you expect from KISS? This is basically like playing a Karaoke bar.

    • Kiss Theme Park says:

      A statement made by someone who chooses to take the name of the underside of a scrotum. Now there’s an opinion that deserves respect.

  24. Honestly, why do people like to call Kiss a cover band? How many hard rock and metal bands today have the same original members they had when they’re band was formed. Retire?, why, there still selling albums, merch., and still packing in the concert sales, and they still love what they do and of course like anyone else they love the money. And why put down someone that’s making a life for themselves like Caleb Johnson. You don’t like American Idol, you don’t like C. Johnson, and you think Kiss are washed up,, why did you read the article? Always seems to be critics that like to say what they would do, how about putting all that knowledge toward your band. I enjoy Kiss and I hope they have many more years to go. And really, my first question, why call Kiss a cover band.

    • Patrick says:

      When KISS decides to put two guys in constumes that were of two *other guys* that *used* to be in the band, it’s cover (or cover-up) material. Yes, other bands have continued with different members, but you would be hard-pressed to see those other bands make the new members dress/act/play like the previous members who hand more of an identity in the band than the newer fellows. Imagine if, say, Angus Young had to leave AC/DC for some reason – would it be really cool if someone *else* came along and wore the schoolboy outfit? I think not. Would it be really cool if, say , Tony Iommi had to leave Black Sabbath and Black Sabbatth decided to use some guitar player and dressed that guitar player up like Tony? I think not. It is not cool to continue as a band that dresses up members of the band as members who are part of the past. I don’t care *who* owns the trademarks anymore and what they can legally do with the identities. It is disingenuous to carry oneself as an original band simply by disguising two of the members to look like what the *originals looked like*. There are concert goers who have gone to KISS 2.0 thinking it was original KISS reunited. That is a travesty. And KISS is better than that, or used to be. Or, we just deluded ourselves into thinking that.

    • Brian B says:

      There are few bands from the 70s and 80s that have all original members. Everybody else is a cover band . Metallica, megadeth, slayer, sabbath, priest, maiden, guns, Vh are all cover bands now. I guess we can only like Aerosmith and Crüe. ……..

    • “Honestly, why do people like to call Kiss a cover band? How many hard rock and metal bands today have the same original members they had when their band was formed?”
      Gary, are you kidding? It’s because in Kiss, the new members are IMPERSONATING the original members, just like a cover band does, that’s why! None of the other classic bands with line-up changes have done that. Brian Johnson doesn’t mimic Bon Scott, Wolfgang Van Halen isn’t running around with a Jack Daniels bass, Rob Trujillo isn’t wearing bellbottoms and playing “Anesthesia” (neither did Jason), and I’ve never seen Steve Morse play a white Fender Strat while dressed all in black suede. How many more examples do you need? All these other bands are going forward, trying to add to their legacy. When Kiss went forward in the 80s with Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick (both of whom DIDN’T copy their predecessors, either in look or playing style), they were still great, but now they’re just content to keep recreating their past. That’s being a cover band, period.

  25. mork from ork says:

    I wonder if they gonna play someting off of monster? NANO NANO

  26. I heard the same night KISS is on American Idol, Ace and Peter are back up judges at a Karaoke contest at a county fair in New York.

  27. randyrock says:

    Ill check him out.maybe he will replace pearcy or some other metal band like lamburt did..\m/

  28. Kiss is just so boring at this point. And that’s a great point. This kid is good enuff to to play with Kiss but Ace and Peter are not?? Hue me a fucking break!!!

  29. I hear Vinnie Vincent is coming on as Veronica Vincent with a pearl necklace.

  30. My wife and I watch Idol every season just to see if any rockers or rock songs show up. It’s a great music show that even our kids watch. This kid has a killer voice. More bluesy than metal. Eddie he has more in common with Glenn Hughes and The winery dogs than kiss but should be a good performance. Plus he is a showman..slamming mike stands, falling down etc. Love it or hate the show you cannot deny the power of having little kids across America “discovering” some of these bands for the first time. There is a power in that and that alone could change the pop trend. Maybe. Either way it is entertaining. Maybe next year it will be Motley Crue or W.A.S.P…..ha ha
    And subscribe to my you tube channel

  31. Caleb has mad skills, both of the performances posted here are killer. Robert Plant certainly cannot sing “Dazed” like that anymore. Caleb can be really great for the Rock genre

  32. My wife watches the show and was surprised Kiss was coming back. Then again they have a tour to promote.

    I never watch Idol myself… but it’s got my 8 year old daughter interested in Kiss, Zakk Wylde and Judas Priest. Say what you will but there is few places these guys can play live.

  33. Can’t wait for Space Invader. Honestly, it’s way past embarrassing for Kiss at this point.

  34. Black Diamond says:

    As long as KISS play shows, I’ll go see ’em. As far as Caleb goes, you’ve missed a great singer. He just rocked the house with his version of “Dream On”.

  35. I suppose real rockers are to stay in their basement in listen to megadeath 24 -7.
    I love hard rock,Kiss, That Metal Show and American Idol. This Caleb kid is special. I am thrilled I get to hear him with Paul and Gene. Its funny how haters hate on Kiss and give every other veteran rock bands a pass. Gene and Paul have become icons. Pauls’s singing style and song writing ability seperates Kiss. Lifting them to higher ground. Gene and Paul are Kiss. They’ve always been the heart and soul of Kiss. Liss would have stuck golf with any drummer. And they made in spite of weak drumming from Peter. Ace was talented and gave Kiss a special sound but lacks the drive and never improved as a musician. Ace and Peter should thank their lucky stars they met Paul Stanley. This isn’t hate. Its facts. Gene and Paul are on National TV tonite matched with a special talent. I’m looking forward to it just as I am looking forward to the remaing ride Paul and Gene are providing for us fans.

  36. Phaze1todd says:

    C’mon! Really? It’s about the SHOW! So, 20 years ago you went to a freak show and there was a woman with three boobs. You go now and it’s a different woman with three boobs. Do you ask for your money back? No. Because it’s still a woman with three boobs! It’s a KISS concert! Your senses will still be assaulted, hair singed and chest compressed by explosive pyrotechnics. Jesus! I didn’t hear Floyd fans complain when their light show continued to tour without them! Hear this in James Carville’s voice; “It’s the show, stupid!” Don’t describe a KISS show if you never been to one!

    Yes, Ace and Peter helped create the magic of KISS, but they ain’t got the chops anymore (yes, I know Paul’s voice isn’t far behind) and fell back into old habits and personality flaws. Gene has them too. . . Just sayin’, but they should be grateful they were made millionaires. . . Twice!

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