CalebJohnson400 On American Idol‘s May 15th show, it was announced the season 13 finalist Caleb Johnson will be performing with KISS on season finale airing next week.

Johnson, who is this year’s residential rocker, was very excited to learn that he would be performing with the band exclaiming that it is his little brother’s “favorite band.”

To see some of Johnson’s performances this season, including Whitesnake’s Still of the Night and Led Zeppelin’s Dazed and Confused, click here.

Watch him perform Rival Son’s Pressure and Time below.

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  • Pieter on

    Caleb has mad skills, both of the performances posted here are killer. Robert Plant certainly cannot sing “Dazed” like that anymore. Caleb can be really great for the Rock genre

  • Lorne on

    My wife watches the show and was surprised Kiss was coming back. Then again they have a tour to promote.

    I never watch Idol myself… but it’s got my 8 year old daughter interested in Kiss, Zakk Wylde and Judas Priest. Say what you will but there is few places these guys can play live.

  • Njjeff on

    Can’t wait for Space Invader. Honestly, it’s way past embarrassing for Kiss at this point.

  • Black Diamond on

    As long as KISS play shows, I’ll go see ’em. As far as Caleb goes, you’ve missed a great singer. He just rocked the house with his version of “Dream On”.

  • tman on

    I suppose real rockers are to stay in their basement in listen to megadeath 24 -7.
    I love hard rock,Kiss, That Metal Show and American Idol. This Caleb kid is special. I am thrilled I get to hear him with Paul and Gene. Its funny how haters hate on Kiss and give every other veteran rock bands a pass. Gene and Paul have become icons. Pauls’s singing style and song writing ability seperates Kiss. Lifting them to higher ground. Gene and Paul are Kiss. They’ve always been the heart and soul of Kiss. Liss would have stuck golf with any drummer. And they made in spite of weak drumming from Peter. Ace was talented and gave Kiss a special sound but lacks the drive and never improved as a musician. Ace and Peter should thank their lucky stars they met Paul Stanley. This isn’t hate. Its facts. Gene and Paul are on National TV tonite matched with a special talent. I’m looking forward to it just as I am looking forward to the remaing ride Paul and Gene are providing for us fans.

    • Flaming Yute on

      Good post.

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