CalebJohnson400 On American Idol‘s May 15th show, it was announced the season 13 finalist Caleb Johnson will be performing with KISS on season finale airing next week.

Johnson, who is this year’s residential rocker, was very excited to learn that he would be performing with the band exclaiming that it is his little brother’s “favorite band.”

To see some of Johnson’s performances this season, including Whitesnake’s Still of the Night and Led Zeppelin’s Dazed and Confused, click here.

Watch him perform Rival Son’s Pressure and Time below.

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  • Phaze1todd on

    C’mon! Really? It’s about the SHOW! So, 20 years ago you went to a freak show and there was a woman with three boobs. You go now and it’s a different woman with three boobs. Do you ask for your money back? No. Because it’s still a woman with three boobs! It’s a KISS concert! Your senses will still be assaulted, hair singed and chest compressed by explosive pyrotechnics. Jesus! I didn’t hear Floyd fans complain when their light show continued to tour without them! Hear this in James Carville’s voice; “It’s the show, stupid!” Don’t describe a KISS show if you never been to one!

    Yes, Ace and Peter helped create the magic of KISS, but they ain’t got the chops anymore (yes, I know Paul’s voice isn’t far behind) and fell back into old habits and personality flaws. Gene has them too. . . Just sayin’, but they should be grateful they were made millionaires. . . Twice!

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