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eddiestudio Three Sides Of The Coin, a KISS talk show, co-hosted by Michael Brandvold (of Michael Brandvold Marketing), Mitch Lafon (rock journalist) and Tommy Sommers recently celebrated their 50th episode with special guest, Eddie Trunk. For over two and a half hours, the four delved into Trunk’s start in the music business at Megaforce Records, the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame, his love and support of influential guitar hero Ace Frehley, his thoughts about the current KISS line-up, his sometimes shaky relationship with KISS frontman Paul Stanley and much more.

“There will be, very soon, a version of KISS with no original members,” muses Trunk about the band’s near future. “Nobody went to a KISS show in the ‘70s and said ‘I hope I catch a guitar pick from Spaceman tonight’. It was ‘I can’t wait for Ace’s guitar to smoke,’ stated Trunk about the band’s current branding. ‘It didn’t say bass by the Demon on KISS – Alive! It said Gene Simmons. They were the people,” added Trunk emphatically. When speaking of his personal relationship with affable KISS icon, Paul Stanley, Trunk declared, “Paul has always been hot and cold with me.” As for Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, Trunks says, “they are great musicians. I have no problem with Tommy and Eric. I don’t begrudge them at all for doing this.” Voicing his opinion on the different line-up changes, Trunk throws out, “I’ll never forget hearing Animalize for the first time, I was like ‘Oh, my God – KISS has a shredder in the band (Mark St. John)’ and it was exciting because it was different. That, to me, made line-up changes exciting,” and adds, “one of the beautiful things about being a KISS fan, I think, is that throughout their whole history every record was a different turn. Unmasked was a power-pop record, The Elder was a concept record, Creatures (Of The Night) was an all out metal record; whether or not you like these records is irrelevant. They took these different turns. You had all these different variations.” As for KISS’ being included on the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame’s ballot this year, Trunk says clearly that, “as KISS fans we have fought the perception for years that KISS is nothing, but a manufactured joke that can’t play their instruments or write songs. What’s offensive to me is that we’re here over ten years after they first became eligible and still trying to figure out if they should get in. They should have gone in the first time they were eligible.”

Watch the full interview below.


  1. Hi Eddie thank you for your interview at 3 Sides.I appreciate the time you spent explaining your point of view,some of your history with KISS. What I truly appreciate more is that your OK with people not having the same views as you and you don’t hate current members.I’ve been a KISS fan for a real long time,I’d be lying to myself and others if I said I agree with every decision the band has made.I may not be as vocal as you are,but being vocal is your job not mine.

    1. Par for the course on this one for Eddie. As usual, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. In one breath, he says he doesn’t have a problem with anyone liking the current band, in the next, he’s calling people “blind followers”.

      1. You can read into things any way you want, while missing the entire point. You can like whatever you want! Blind followers are those that just buy hook line and sinker every statement and thing any band does and never have a differing opinion or question it. Get it? And if that’s what you are then great to. I prefer to express honest objective opinions

        1. Eddie, sorry if I missed your point. There is no way I agree with everything Paul and Gene do, but it’s their band and their career and I’m not going to lose sleep over the stuff they do that I don’t like. Would I prefer Tommy and Eric were their own characters? Absolutely. Does having them in Pete and Ace’s makeup keep me from being a fan? No. If the makeup is so sacred, then why did Pete and Ace sell the right’s to it? Isn’t this makeup “saga” part their fault? And one thing I will disagree with you on. There is no such thing as an objective opinion. Any opinion is “filtered” through yours or my personal belief system before we write it or state it. So, there’s nothing at all objective about that.

      2. I agree with you Lee. Trunk does speak out of both sides of his mouth, always has. One minute he’ll say, “oh I’m not an Ace and Peter guy and I hate when people say that.” The next minute he’ll say that he’s been friends with Ace and Peter a long time. He’s never been honest and objective about Peter or Ace’s solo work. He either says positive things, or says nothing at all. (i.e Peter’s solo album, All For One) There’s nothing positive about this album at all. Peter’s vocals are horrific. Ace’s latest solo album, Anomaly, had a couple of good songs, but a few embarassments as well. Let’s hear the “honest objective” opinions about these issues. I’d have more respect for you if you were just honest about it and said, “Ace and Peter are my friends and that’s why I’m not critical of their work, or their drug/alcohol issues.” Nobody likes to be critical of their friends. That’s just human nature. Oh and to say things like, “my door is always open to Paul and Gene” so we can “sit down like men and discuss these issues,” is very condescending. Why should Paul and Gene even take the time to sit down with you and discuss anything? You seem to have this delusional notion that you are more important than you really are, and that your show has more significance than CNN, MSNBC, or FOX News. And yes, you’ve been doing this for 30 years, I know. You found your niche and made a career out of it. I get it. But then again, what competition did you have? None.

        1. So many factual things wrong with your post I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Clearly NO idea of my history and what I have said or done on ALL sides of Kiss world. Stunning when people only hear what they want. And to you I assume Kiss has never done wrong? And honestly the only reason I care if they do my shows is because their FANS ask for it! Remember, it’s all about the FANS! But instead of a true discussion of their career I assume you prefer a giggling news anchor asking a couple softball questions about the latest album? I don’t think my shows are bigger than cable news, I DO think FANS would probably prefer an hour interview vs 60 seconds crammed between world events. Oh yeah, I never had competition in 30 years?.. Wow, amazing! Buy and believe what you want

          1. As usual, you sidestep the points I make about Peter and Ace’s solo efforts. I understand. No need to piss off your friends.

      3. Lee, if there is one person who never talks out of both sides of his mouth, it is Eddie Trunk. Eddie is simply an honest guy who never backs down from simply speaking his mind. That is the greatness of Eddie. That is why he has a long and successful career. He has no interest in stirring the pot but simply expressing his honest opinion when asked a question about Kiss. We’re all individuals who have different takes on the history of Kiss – including lineups and albums. The problem is is that you, like many, do not actually Listen to the facts before speaking. In this case, you heard what you wanted to hear and run with it. Some people, who essentially blindly follow Kiss, have issues with Eddie because he says something you don’t like. Eddie doesn’t care for following the current lineup but doesn’t care either if others do. His comment about blind followers had nothing to do with the current lineup but about those who misinterpret anything Eddie says and twist into something completely false. That is what you did. If you can’t be objective, you probably shouldn’t make any comments.

        1. Rich, you can’t say ‘we’re all individuals who have different takes’, and then slam Mr. Staples for his take. A little ludicrous if you ask me. I think Eddie’s take is a valid one, and Lee’s is just as valid. KISS is a very polarizing band which people love or hate, and Paul and Gene love it that people still talk about them, regardless of their feelings. But Lee’s point is valid. Gene and Paul get demonized (no pun intended) for what happened with Ace and Peter. Well guess what, Ace and Peter weren’t totally innocent in what has happened. But they’re sure enjoying the martyr roll that they’ve acclimatized themselves to. I’ve heard Eddie slam Gene and Paul, and also heard him talk about the fact that Ace and Peter sold their rights to the band and he’s credited Gene and Paul for keeping it going all these years. I get both sides of the argument. Bottom line, just like any other band that has replacements (VH, Sabbath, etc.), you can enjoy it or not listen to it. But those who enjoy the current lineup shouldn’t be ridiculed as blind followers (sorry Eddie). Its music dude…enjoy.

  2. Thought the 3 Sides interview was great. I’ve heard most of your thoughts on Trunk Nation before, but great to hear it all in a 2 hour KISS fest! Actually the early Ace stories with MegaForce was new to me and awesome to finally hear some details about. My take has always been “this KISS is better than no KISS,” but I can respect your opinion on the current KISS. Monster took several listens for me to “get,” but I truly do like it now. Give another listen to some of the songs like “Take Me Down Below,” “Freak,” and “All for the Love of Rock & Roll.” Keep up the good work and hope to hear you on 3 Sides again. See you in Houston next year!

  3. Hey Eddie- great interview with the 3 Sides guys. I’ve known one of them for about 25 years, and I thought he was the biggest Kiss fan ever, then I heard about your friendship with Ace and Peter, and the interaction with Paul and Gene. That distinction belongs to you. I wholeheartedly agree with you on the current state of Kiss. It would be very difficult for me to sit through a show. Makes me glad that I saw a bunch of shows during the reunion days in the ’90s. I love That Metal Show and I’m eagerly awaiting new episodes. I hope to hear more of you on 3 Sides of the Coin.

  4. Hi, just wanted to say what a great episode from the Three Sides guys this week. Your stories were great Eddie, I really hope you feature on a future episode. I would be really interested to hear more about your time working with Ace in the 80s , as Ace is one of my favourite guitar players. Thanks to Eddie and Mitch, Tommy and Mike for such a cool show this week.

  5. Hi Eddie, Thank you for your appearance on Three Sides of the Coin show this week. This show is so awesome for KISS fans. They share their opinions, whatever they may be and do not judge people for their own opinions. I have watched every episode and I have to say that today’s is by far my favorite episode. It has given me a newfound respect to your opinions on KISS. I admit I was one of those who believed what I read and/or heard online. I also admit I then lost respect for you. But hearing you today gave me a new perspective on your opinions and hearing it straight from you meant so much! I apologize for judging you on incorrect information or should I say incomplete information. Your opinions are yours and you are entitled to them, just as I am to mine. Thank you again being on the show and hope you are on it again in the future!

  6. Great 3 Sides of the Coin interview Eddie. It was very informative. I’m shocked That Metal Show does not broadcast in Canada since I was watching the show in Peru several years ago. Thanks for doing the podcast and giving your audience an opportunity to discover these guys.

  7. Just discovered three sides of the coin about a month ago and what a great surprise you were a guest. The 50th show they did was the best one yet. Your no bs discussion on Kiss was fantastic.

  8. Hey Eddie. It was great to hear you on the 3 Sides podcast. I listn to that podcast every Tuesday when they post a new one. I also listen to both of your radio shows every week, so everything you said I’ve heard you say before on your radio shows. But, it was still a great interview and I’m glad you did it. Take care, my friend.

    1. Agreed Todd. There wasn’t anything discussed that Eddie hasn’t talked about elsewhere, however, it was great to have him on ‘Three Sides’… I’m sure he enjoyed simply talking with TRUE Kiss fans as opposed to just being “interviewed”. In any event, yes, it was their best show yet. Congratulations ‘Three Sides’ on your 50th episode. Thank you Eddie for taking part in it!

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed your appearance on 3 Sides of the Coin today! Always a pleasure! I’m sure your comments will get a mixed reaction (as always), which is a good thing!!! Thanks, Eddie!!!

  10. Gene & Pail want a Vegas residency “Jersey Boys” and touring “Jersey Boys” Kiss story. They saw the massive numbers and know actor-musicians or just actors will make them serious loot with not a single Kiss member. Wenner hates Kiss, that’s why no HOF. He has it with Ronstadt too. He can’t let Moody Blues in cause their producer has it with Yoko fierce. Everything is through Wenner.

  11. That was an excellent interview you did at 3 Sides of the Coin. It was definitely on par with your excellent interviews that I’ve heard with not only Ace and Peter but even Gene and Paul. Cheers keep up the awesome work. Like you said we’re all Kiss fans in the end!!!

  12. Eddie,

    Listening to the bit about Paul Stanley and your icy relationship with him, it is not impossible for me to understand why Paul acts as he does. Some folks, away from the camera and stage, are impossibly insecure and intolerant of any opinion which is the least bit challenging. It conflicts with what they are able to handle. Paul is one of those guys who is easily challenged, thus the reason why he loves being on CNN just answering questions about RNR All Nite. It is all he is really comfortable handling. You seem totally confounded and disappointed in Paul’s behavior towards you. The fact that Paul runs away with the misinformation he hears from you is all you need to know about him. Red Flag. He will be that way forever. He does not have the “make-up” to be the least bit tolerant of being questioned whatsoever. If Paul hears even a whiff of a possible criticism – even those reasonable and objective, he is the kind that is going to have a problem with it. He is intolerant of anything. Guys like Hager and Elliot who laugh off your constructive criticisms about aspects of their career are just NORMAL, even balanced and secure people. It is fun to speak your mind and voice your displeasures with regard to whatever aspects of a bands career that you didn’t care for. Its on Paul if he isn’t interested in sitting down to separate fact from fiction. Who has time for him? I know you care because he is one of your favorite Kiss characters but its hopeless to expect anything different from him. I’ve met him once and it is so easy to see that this guy is moody and ULTRA sensitive in every way. There are lots of fans, like Paul, who are intolerant of any whiff of criticism. That is way they are quick to dish the heat on you. I love what you do because it is REAL. I am bored without open and honest discussions. Everything you’ve said on this show is honest and constructive. If some people can’t handle it, its on them. Honest discussions, like the one here, is more entertaining and informative than bs interviews that only cater to the fragile egos of some rock stars. Don’t stop doing what you do and speaking your mind. Thank you for everything you do and say that is honest and sincere.

    1. You’re actually right on that regarding Paul. He is hyper sensitive to criticism. Just surf youtube for interviews, and you will know how he is… Just look at the way he snaps at any reporter who is just a little critical.. He’s in the wrong business if he can’t handle the criticism.

      I agrred with Eddie. And it’s so nice to hear someone speak their mind. Keep it up Eddie.

  13. Hey Eddie, Switzerland calling.
    Best podcast of 3 sides of the coin since they started it! Your opinion is appreciated, great to hear your thoughts on all things KISS once again. You nailed it. Congrats to your radio show, TMS rocks also.
    Ace = God.

  14. Just let it go and let the band move. It is best to have anybody playing KISS songs just as long as KISS songs are being played and enjoyed and rocked out to! Believe me, it will be a sad day when you can’t appreciate KISS songs in any live environment, be it in a theater, casino,local dive bar or a residency in Las Vegas!! KISS did not write songs to only be played in their lifetime. KISS is forever…Dude!

      1. True Eddie, I hear what you are saying. I was critical at first. Can you imagine M.S.G. without Michael Schenker? But to segue into carrying KISS music into the future, we will have to resign to the fact of having all it’s members being unknown almost like a tribute band. The Kiss tribute band I saw at a club years ago was a hoot! With KISS today, I guess I don’t focus on the new visual look of KISS so much but instead enjoy the music they are writing and playing. I guess it boils down to musicianship and chemistry within the band which also then translates to the audience appreciation… Cheers Eddie.

  15. Don’t always agree with Eddie, but totally agree on his Animalize take. I didn’t particularly love that record, but as a KISS fan from day one I remember hearing Mark St. John and thinking ‘holy crap’! Ace was my favorite by far growing up, dawned his costume multiple times for Halloween. But when they brought on a pure shredder it was refreshing and put a different spin on the band, which really was a brilliant move (whether intentional or not). Too bad what happened to St. John ultimately as he had a future in the industry. I remember thinking the same thing about Bruce Kulick. Fuck that guy killed on Revenge and IMO Asylum remains they’re most under-appreciated album.

  16. Hi Eddie. The interview on Three Sides of the Coin was awesome. It was great hearing you clear the air about so many Kiss related topics. I do have a comment in regards to the part of the discussion that revolved around which members of KISS should be included if KISS finally gets inducted into the Rock Hall this year. You stated that it will probably only be the 4 original members and you are probably right. When Metallica was inducted, they included every member that has played on an official album including Robert Trujillo who has only been in the band for 10 years. He had only been in the band for 6 years when Metallica was inducted. It just seems like there is no consistency in regards to which members get included from which bands. It still boggles my mind that Ronnie James Dio wasn’t included when Black Sabbath was inducted.

  17. Great interview over at 3 sides. I enjoyed hearing your perspective on Kiss past, present & future. It certainly made me think about the “disrespect” Tommy and Eric seem to endure for wearing the makeup.

  18. It’s unfortunate that many who dismiss Kiss as being “novelty”, “image based”, of “for the kids”, don’t give enough credit to the albums (too many to count) of top notch, well produced, well performed rock material. Even radio, save for ET’s show doesn’t get it, playing Rock ‘n Roll All Night mainly and going “back wall” for truly great songs and HITS like “Shout it Out Loud”, “Detroit Rock City”, “Strutter”, etc… These are just the tip of the Kiss iceberg, as, especially during their prime period, and later, when they evolved beyond that point, they had ample songs and albums worth of R&R HOF-worthy material. If Alice got in, it’s definitely Kiss’ turn. Whether we get to see all of them play together seems to be in Gene and Paul’s hands. I honestly can’t see how a band that’s popularity has been so fan-based (Kiss Army anyone?) would ignore their fans for a great moment like that. Then again, Gene and Paul are stubborn dudes. First let’s see if they get in. If they do, maybe they’ll have the good sense to not have Velvet Revolver sing their songs!

  19. Watch Kiss and Vegas in the next few years…Gene & Paul want that residency and Jersey Boys Kiss thing out of the starting gate. Peter & Ace and all the ex Kissters ought to do a convention tour, I bet G&P would front it.

  20. hello eddie, joe in louisiana. i listened to the entire podcast with you and the guy’s from 3 sides of the coin and must say you covered quite a bit in those 2 hrs. and i believe it’s like you said, you have to express how you feel as a fan and your entitled to your own opinion . and like myself i am a strong believer as a fan of kiss since 70’s , what you stated was true, i just wonder is it because maybe the older fans like myself as well from that period in the 70’s followed the band for so many years were dedicated and loyal and supported them through many lineups, …(who know’s) i just can’t grasp the concept of kiss today in it’s current form, anyways i loved the interview , some of it i had heard before already because i remember you from the megaforce days , anyways i thought it was genuine. .keep up the good reports .. i stand behind you 100%

  21. Hello Eddie,

    I listened to your interview on the 3 sides of the coin podcast and I could tell the general passion you have for KISS, and it was refreshing to hear your brutal honesty on your thoughts/feelings about the band; past, present and future. I have been a fan of the band since 78 and I share much of the same thoughts/feelings about the band. I had a chance to see KISS this past summer at Turning Stone Casino, but declined because the shows are not what they used to be.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and looking forward to the new episodes of That Metal Show!

  22. Ed, you are exactly right about Paul being the boss in Kiss. Gene is just the enforcer. It’s a 60/40 split with Paul making the most money in Kiss. Gene doesn’t mind this because he makes far more money than Paul in his outside projects. Also this is the only way to keep Kiss going.

  23. Hey Eddie. Great interview. You should do another one some day with “Three Sides”. Those guys shoot straight, just like you. A great team up with great results. I do have a question regarding your perspective on the people who exist in this industry. Is there a code of conduct that people from managers, band members, and producers adhere to when interacting? I ask this because I have to assume you have seen some pretty colorful characters in your experience and wonder if people like Paul and Gene fit the mode in their delivery and how they go about getting things done (from record deals to marketing themselves) than others do? Or, to be more direct, are there allot of people who just try to use people like you to get what they want and then drop you when they’ve achieved all they can? I feel this fits the description of what Paul and Gene have done to you. And you appear to be just another in a long line of people used to advance their agenda when it served their interests. And they don’t strike me as people I would seek out for friendship. So I’m wondering why you would even care about them (as people, not a fan) after the way they have treated you and your experience in this business to know that approach.

  24. Hey Ed great show, very informative. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and it spoke to what I think about the KISS situation they are kind of cheapening the memory of the everything. And Paul is doing exactly what he said he wouldn’t the whole band is. But I can see Eric and TOmy’s end of it .. Do you want the seat at the big show? But at what price?

  25. Hello from Madrid, Spain
    Man, i have watched all 50 THREE SIDES OF THE COIN chapters and yours was the best. More than 2 hours and I wanted more!!
    I agreed with you 99% and enjoyed your honest, intelligent, no bullshit answers. I hope to see you again at the show any time.
    Esteban. A KISS die hard fan for 30 years.

  26. As usual you disappoint me on the topic of KISS…yes you are one of the few people keeping metal and heavy rock in the world of music, but your over the top issues with the current lineup is absurd…KISS is the most unique band in that they can’t just replace members, because of the makeup…Since went sour with Ace and Peter again, what should they do?? Stop playing?? If they gave Eric and Tommy their own personas, people like you would say they have become a joke…I would love for the originals to stay together, but frankly Peter can’t play a lick and the last few years of him touring was pathetic…everything was played slow and Ace just went back to his old, unreliable self…Both Ace and Peter have played with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer in the makeup for tours and Peter even made an album with Tommy on guitar (Kiss Symphony) so stop banging on the band and for someone who lays no instrument, and isn’t in a band, you have no idea of how difficult it would be to replace an iconic band member, but especially with KISS, the makeup makes it that much more difficult…I truly believe if Eric Carr had not died, the originals would’ve NEVER gotten back together. Peter is an opportunist and needs to realize his talent is not great, attitude sucks, and the martyr role he casts himself, along with Ace, is pathetic…Ace says funny stuff, and a lot of the Gene and Paul bashing from him is true, but he also admits that HE was a real pain in the ass to deal with….Peter just keeps pounding the drum of “poor Peter”… As a lifelong KISS fan, I wish they would just play music and ditch the makeup because it would immediately stop this absurd banter from all the naysayers…Keep up the good fight Eddie, but try and consider how YOU have made this an issue over the years by seemingly taking the side of Ace and Peter against Paul and Gene, so who can blame them for not coming on your show…

    1. Man it’s amazing how people just don’t listen to everything I say…. I know, I’m the only one that feels the way I do? Unreal. And yes a band should stop playing when they can’t do it like they nice did anymore. ANY band! And for the record I LOVED Eric Carr. Just not going to keep rehashing this. You have your opinion and I have mine. But amazes me when people only hear and judge part of what they hear or read…

    2. George,
      The reunion would have happened, even if Eric Carr was alive. Eric mentioned it himself a lot, especially after the first video from “Hot in the shade”, you know the one where Paul and Gene put the make up back on… I think it was “Rise to it”.
      (At that moment KISS knew, that it would start a fire of rumors. Smart move from their point at least).

      I for one, would love to hear Paul and Gene on Eddies show.

      Oh yeah, I think they should’ve ended it when the Reunion tour was over.

  27. Reading all of the comments/opinions/replies just reinforces the fact that we should all appreciate the fact we at least have a forum to discuss heavy metal/hard issues, no matter what side you take. In a world filled with disposable music, it’s nice to see so many people are passionate about this and take the time to post their views. Yes, I would rather see Tommy and Eric have their own characters; yes I would rather see Ace and Peter up onstage with Gene and Paul; and YES I think KISS absolutely should deserve to be in the R&R HoF. The beauty of all this is we all have our own opinions and we have a forum to voice it. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Eddie, Jim, and Don discuss on TMS and I’m sure they wouldn’t agree with everything I would say either (ex, Jon Bon Jovi can move on w/o Richie and still sell out arenas). Have you ever heard of a show called “That Country Show”? No. The fact that heavy metal/hard rock has a show on a TV channel is great, regardless of your opinion. Be thankful (no pun intended given the time of year) we have a forum that pretty much no other genre has available.

  28. Animalize was a great album & Mark St John had great potential if not for the hand issues. As a lifelong KISS fan myself, I think everyone wishes the original 4 would have stayed together forever. That did not happen however Gene & Paul continued on & made some great music through the years. Ace was my favorite growing up but throughout the history of the band the best guitarist & songwriter to be honest was Vinnie Vincent. To bad he was a headcase or did not do as G & P told him. I got to give Gene & Paul credit, they always found great musicians. E.C. was great as well.

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