eddiestudio Three Sides Of The Coin, a KISS talk show, co-hosted by Michael Brandvold (of Michael Brandvold Marketing), Mitch Lafon (rock journalist) and Tommy Sommers recently celebrated their 50th episode with special guest, Eddie Trunk. For over two and a half hours, the four delved into Trunk’s start in the music business at Megaforce Records, the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame, his love and support of influential guitar hero Ace Frehley, his thoughts about the current KISS line-up, his sometimes shaky relationship with KISS frontman Paul Stanley and much more.

“There will be, very soon, a version of KISS with no original members,” muses Trunk about the band’s near future. “Nobody went to a KISS show in the ‘70s and said ‘I hope I catch a guitar pick from Spaceman tonight’. It was ‘I can’t wait for Ace’s guitar to smoke,’ stated Trunk about the band’s current branding. ‘It didn’t say bass by the Demon on KISS – Alive! It said Gene Simmons. They were the people,” added Trunk emphatically. When speaking of his personal relationship with affable KISS icon, Paul Stanley, Trunk declared, “Paul has always been hot and cold with me.” As for Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, Trunks says, “they are great musicians. I have no problem with Tommy and Eric. I don’t begrudge them at all for doing this.” Voicing his opinion on the different line-up changes, Trunk throws out, “I’ll never forget hearing Animalize for the first time, I was like ‘Oh, my God – KISS has a shredder in the band (Mark St. John)’ and it was exciting because it was different. That, to me, made line-up changes exciting,” and adds, “one of the beautiful things about being a KISS fan, I think, is that throughout their whole history every record was a different turn. Unmasked was a power-pop record, The Elder was a concept record, Creatures (Of The Night) was an all out metal record; whether or not you like these records is irrelevant. They took these different turns. You had all these different variations.” As for KISS’ being included on the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame’s ballot this year, Trunk says clearly that, “as KISS fans we have fought the perception for years that KISS is nothing, but a manufactured joke that can’t play their instruments or write songs. What’s offensive to me is that we’re here over ten years after they first became eligible and still trying to figure out if they should get in. They should have gone in the first time they were eligible.”

Watch the full interview below.

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  1. As usual you disappoint me on the topic of KISS…yes you are one of the few people keeping metal and heavy rock in the world of music, but your over the top issues with the current lineup is absurd…KISS is the most unique band in that they can’t just replace members, because of the makeup…Since went sour with Ace and Peter again, what should they do?? Stop playing?? If they gave Eric and Tommy their own personas, people like you would say they have become a joke…I would love for the originals to stay together, but frankly Peter can’t play a lick and the last few years of him touring was pathetic…everything was played slow and Ace just went back to his old, unreliable self…Both Ace and Peter have played with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer in the makeup for tours and Peter even made an album with Tommy on guitar (Kiss Symphony) so stop banging on the band and for someone who lays no instrument, and isn’t in a band, you have no idea of how difficult it would be to replace an iconic band member, but especially with KISS, the makeup makes it that much more difficult…I truly believe if Eric Carr had not died, the originals would’ve NEVER gotten back together. Peter is an opportunist and needs to realize his talent is not great, attitude sucks, and the martyr role he casts himself, along with Ace, is pathetic…Ace says funny stuff, and a lot of the Gene and Paul bashing from him is true, but he also admits that HE was a real pain in the ass to deal with….Peter just keeps pounding the drum of “poor Peter”… As a lifelong KISS fan, I wish they would just play music and ditch the makeup because it would immediately stop this absurd banter from all the naysayers…Keep up the good fight Eddie, but try and consider how YOU have made this an issue over the years by seemingly taking the side of Ace and Peter against Paul and Gene, so who can blame them for not coming on your show…

    1. Man it’s amazing how people just don’t listen to everything I say…. I know, I’m the only one that feels the way I do? Unreal. And yes a band should stop playing when they can’t do it like they nice did anymore. ANY band! And for the record I LOVED Eric Carr. Just not going to keep rehashing this. You have your opinion and I have mine. But amazes me when people only hear and judge part of what they hear or read…

    2. George,
      The reunion would have happened, even if Eric Carr was alive. Eric mentioned it himself a lot, especially after the first video from “Hot in the shade”, you know the one where Paul and Gene put the make up back on… I think it was “Rise to it”.
      (At that moment KISS knew, that it would start a fire of rumors. Smart move from their point at least).

      I for one, would love to hear Paul and Gene on Eddies show.

      Oh yeah, I think they should’ve ended it when the Reunion tour was over.

  2. Reading all of the comments/opinions/replies just reinforces the fact that we should all appreciate the fact we at least have a forum to discuss heavy metal/hard issues, no matter what side you take. In a world filled with disposable music, it’s nice to see so many people are passionate about this and take the time to post their views. Yes, I would rather see Tommy and Eric have their own characters; yes I would rather see Ace and Peter up onstage with Gene and Paul; and YES I think KISS absolutely should deserve to be in the R&R HoF. The beauty of all this is we all have our own opinions and we have a forum to voice it. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Eddie, Jim, and Don discuss on TMS and I’m sure they wouldn’t agree with everything I would say either (ex, Jon Bon Jovi can move on w/o Richie and still sell out arenas). Have you ever heard of a show called “That Country Show”? No. The fact that heavy metal/hard rock has a show on a TV channel is great, regardless of your opinion. Be thankful (no pun intended given the time of year) we have a forum that pretty much no other genre has available.

  3. Animalize was a great album & Mark St John had great potential if not for the hand issues. As a lifelong KISS fan myself, I think everyone wishes the original 4 would have stayed together forever. That did not happen however Gene & Paul continued on & made some great music through the years. Ace was my favorite growing up but throughout the history of the band the best guitarist & songwriter to be honest was Vinnie Vincent. To bad he was a headcase or did not do as G & P told him. I got to give Gene & Paul credit, they always found great musicians. E.C. was great as well.

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