paulstanley400 Alan K. Stout from The Weekender spoke with KISS frontman Paul Stanley. Excerpts appear below.

On the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame:

“It’s such a sham,” he said. “Year after year, you look at the inductees, and most people on the street scratch their heads about half of them. It’s really a popularity contest for a very small group of people who actually make the decisions. That Deep Purple isn’t in there is absurd. Whether or not I’m a fan of prog-rock, that Yes isn’t in is ridiculous.”

On whether there will be an officially sanctioned KISS tribute act:

“I know KISS won’t end. The question is, ‘How long will I be a part of it, or Gene be a part if it?’ I really don’t know. As long as we can. It’s hard work, but it’s incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. In 2000, I thought it was over. It’s 14 years later, and I’m much wiser now and smart enough to know that it will continue. Though the band has never been better, I’m also aware that I’m not the only person that can do what I do. I didn’t invent what I do. I was influenced by a lot of great singers and performers, and there are people out there that are just chomping at the bit to get up on stage, and I believe there is more than one person that can go up there and blow people away. At some point, I won’t be there.”

On their tour mates Def Leppard:

When I first heard ‘Photograph,’ it stopped me. It was really, really great. And over the years, they’ve proven themselves by writing just great, great songs. While I’m getting ready to play, I can hear the audience singing all of their songs. And they’re great guys. You can’t argue with the catalog they’ve created.

Read more at The Weekender.


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  • elliot on

    Thayer and singer have never been better at copying what ace and peter created. kiss has never been better at co-headlining then they are now. thanks, paul.

    • doug r. on

      Well Elliot, Eric & Tommy have had ALOT of practice, LOL!
      I’ll be away for the weekend, starting tomorrow, so I hope you save some of those funny lines for next week! Cheers! 🙂

    • doug r. on

      Off topic, hey Redheads, tomorrow night, Fri Aug. 1st, Atlantic City, The Borgata, “A Journey Through The History Of Rock”. “Red Rocker” Sammy Hagar, Michael “Mad” Anthony, Jason Bonham, Vic Johnson, THERE’S ONLY ONE WAY TO ROCK, so LET’S PARTY! It’s going to be a “ROCK ‘N’ ROLL WEEKEND”. SHAKA DOOBIE! and MAS TEQUILA! CHEERS! 🙂

    • elliot on

      thanks doug. r. I do take requests. party at doug r’s!

    • doug r. on

      Elliot, this weekend I’ll be partying down in Atlantic City, (see post above^) so come on down, or up, whichever direction you’re coming from! LOL! Cheers buddy! 🙂

    • Mike B on

      So bitter…

  • Fudge man on

    Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! A continuing act without paul & gene? You must be f#cking kidding me with this shit! Wow what a joke! F#ck gene & paul!

  • Fudge man on

    After hearing what paul said about possible replacements for gene & paul, you would think he was the one he suffered from years of drug abuse and alcoholism! This makes me wonder if there is literally something mentally wrong with paul stanley! What a convoluted view of the band……………….. Guys can do it better than you so you dress them up as you and have them do a tribute act under the name of kiss? I’m sorry but wtf has paul been smoking? Seriously i want to know!

    • Eddie on

      Love how so many attacked me for talking about this last week or two. Only in KISSland will some fans get mad for discussing what THE BAND says and plans to do..

    • Joe on

      Uhh great point Ed……GRRRRREAT POINT!! …… Joe in The Cuse

    • Ennui on

      You report things to stir the pot, and it’s quite transparent. You are not and never will be a credible rock journalist. Journalists are supposed to be objective. You are not.

    • Eddie on

      Really? Only I cam report things THEY say and I am the problem. Too funny! And I AM objective which is the whole problem because apparently some can’t deal with MY opinion. So THEY stir the pot and distort what I say. Please if you don’t think so much of me why waste your time reading my site?

    • Jim on

      Eddie, until it happens, IF it happens, who cares? Now play “Long Way Down” off Monster. That song rules!

    • Fudge man on

      I do have to say you did call it on numerous occasions and I’m a witness to that! Sad how the kiss Jonestown cult treats people who don’t buy into the propaganda.

  • James K. on

    I’m gonna leave his comments on he and Gene being replaced alone this time and focus on what he said about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: That’s the most sense Paul has made about anything in a long time. The list of bands not in the RRHOF that should be is ridiculously long. Deep Purple is number one for me over everyone else at this point and it’s incredibly sad to think about the fact that when they do get in eventually, the late great Jon Lord didn’t live to see that day. The year Rush got in, Deep Purple were nominated and should have been inducted along with Rush. But I guess they had already met their “rock band” quota for that year. Absolutely disrespectful and downright cruel in the case of Deep Purple. And I also agree with Paul in that I’ve never been a fan of Yes but they should already be in. They’ve been a huge influence on progressive rock and even a lot of progressive metal to.
    And what he said about Def Leppard real class to. I was in High School when Pyromaina was released and it was such a phenomenon. The perfect balance of hard rock power and great melody.

  • Richman on

    Is he the guy that doesn’t want to play with Ace and Peter or is that somebody else? I forget. Is he the one who wants everyone to be nice to rich people or is that someone else? Big tongue guy? Catman? Juggalo? Jackie Stallone? Oh wait, he has SPACE INVADER coming out soon? Paul a great man once said DON’T GO AWAY MAD ( JUST GO AWAY). Take that advice.

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