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paulstanley400 Alan K. Stout from The Weekender spoke with KISS frontman Paul Stanley. Excerpts appear below.

On the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame:

“It’s such a sham,” he said. “Year after year, you look at the inductees, and most people on the street scratch their heads about half of them. It’s really a popularity contest for a very small group of people who actually make the decisions. That Deep Purple isn’t in there is absurd. Whether or not I’m a fan of prog-rock, that Yes isn’t in is ridiculous.”

On whether there will be an officially sanctioned KISS tribute act:

“I know KISS won’t end. The question is, ‘How long will I be a part of it, or Gene be a part if it?’ I really don’t know. As long as we can. It’s hard work, but it’s incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. In 2000, I thought it was over. It’s 14 years later, and I’m much wiser now and smart enough to know that it will continue. Though the band has never been better, I’m also aware that I’m not the only person that can do what I do. I didn’t invent what I do. I was influenced by a lot of great singers and performers, and there are people out there that are just chomping at the bit to get up on stage, and I believe there is more than one person that can go up there and blow people away. At some point, I won’t be there.”

On their tour mates Def Leppard:

When I first heard ‘Photograph,’ it stopped me. It was really, really great. And over the years, they’ve proven themselves by writing just great, great songs. While I’m getting ready to play, I can hear the audience singing all of their songs. And they’re great guys. You can’t argue with the catalog they’ve created.

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  1. Thayer and singer have never been better at copying what ace and peter created. kiss has never been better at co-headlining then they are now. thanks, paul.

    1. Well Elliot, Eric & Tommy have had ALOT of practice, LOL!
      I’ll be away for the weekend, starting tomorrow, so I hope you save some of those funny lines for next week! Cheers! 🙂

      1. Off topic, hey Redheads, tomorrow night, Fri Aug. 1st, Atlantic City, The Borgata, “A Journey Through The History Of Rock”. “Red Rocker” Sammy Hagar, Michael “Mad” Anthony, Jason Bonham, Vic Johnson, THERE’S ONLY ONE WAY TO ROCK, so LET’S PARTY! It’s going to be a “ROCK ‘N’ ROLL WEEKEND”. SHAKA DOOBIE! and MAS TEQUILA! CHEERS! 🙂

      1. Elliot, this weekend I’ll be partying down in Atlantic City, (see post above^) so come on down, or up, whichever direction you’re coming from! LOL! Cheers buddy! 🙂

  2. After hearing what paul said about possible replacements for gene & paul, you would think he was the one he suffered from years of drug abuse and alcoholism! This makes me wonder if there is literally something mentally wrong with paul stanley! What a convoluted view of the band……………….. Guys can do it better than you so you dress them up as you and have them do a tribute act under the name of kiss? I’m sorry but wtf has paul been smoking? Seriously i want to know!

      1. You report things to stir the pot, and it’s quite transparent. You are not and never will be a credible rock journalist. Journalists are supposed to be objective. You are not.

        1. Really? Only I cam report things THEY say and I am the problem. Too funny! And I AM objective which is the whole problem because apparently some can’t deal with MY opinion. So THEY stir the pot and distort what I say. Please if you don’t think so much of me why waste your time reading my site?

  3. I’m gonna leave his comments on he and Gene being replaced alone this time and focus on what he said about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: That’s the most sense Paul has made about anything in a long time. The list of bands not in the RRHOF that should be is ridiculously long. Deep Purple is number one for me over everyone else at this point and it’s incredibly sad to think about the fact that when they do get in eventually, the late great Jon Lord didn’t live to see that day. The year Rush got in, Deep Purple were nominated and should have been inducted along with Rush. But I guess they had already met their “rock band” quota for that year. Absolutely disrespectful and downright cruel in the case of Deep Purple. And I also agree with Paul in that I’ve never been a fan of Yes but they should already be in. They’ve been a huge influence on progressive rock and even a lot of progressive metal to.
    And what he said about Def Leppard real class to. I was in High School when Pyromaina was released and it was such a phenomenon. The perfect balance of hard rock power and great melody.

  4. Is he the guy that doesn’t want to play with Ace and Peter or is that somebody else? I forget. Is he the one who wants everyone to be nice to rich people or is that someone else? Big tongue guy? Catman? Juggalo? Jackie Stallone? Oh wait, he has SPACE INVADER coming out soon? Paul a great man once said DON’T GO AWAY MAD ( JUST GO AWAY). Take that advice.

  5. The R&R HOF is what it is. Is it really that important? Probably not. The whole thing is kind of gimmicky, so I agree with Mr. Stanley on that count.

    I don’t see why we need Kiss to go on forever. I was listening to Detroit Rock City the other day on the radio, and thought about what a great and unique singer Paul is. Do I really need to see people dress up in costume, and pretend to be Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter in some kind of weird Kiss tribute continuation? Nobody sings like Paul. If’ there’s a central aspect to Kiss, it is Paul’s voice.

    But then, it’s about the brand and not the band. That’s been made abundantly clear.

    It’s time to let it go and enjoy the music. I don’t care what they do anymore.

    1. I couldnt agree more..they should have hung it up after the reunion tour or no later than the farewell tour…looking back on it, it would have been cool if they scraped the psycho circus album and did 4 solo albums instead…

  6. The RRHOF is a complete sham. He is right about that. How can Deep Purple not be in already? Insanity It seems it is the Rolling Stone magazine crowd that makes the decisions, which is pathetic.

    I wouldn’t give the RRHOF the steam off of my piss.

    1. He doesn’t have to work–he’s rich. (????) I don’t get it…
      Have you heard of Rock and Brew? KISS mini gold? His paintings have sold fairly well.

  7. Poor Paul, he still doesn’t get it, and I guess he never will. What makes him think there are so many people “chomping” at the bit to be the next Kiss? Unlike Eric & Tommy, MOST people just want to be themselves! As a novelty act in Vegas it’s fine, but that’s where most people, including myself would draw the line. Las Vegas already has a hundred Wayne Newton’s & Elvis Presley’s, so a hundred different “STARCHILD’S”, “DEMON’S”, “SPACEMAN’S” & “CATMAN’S” would fit in perfectly. DISAGREE 100% with Paul that “the band has never been better”, stop trying to kid yourself & anybody else Paul, nobody’s buying or going to buy that! The “band” was at it’s best from ’74-’78, AND ’82-’89. And once again from ’96-’99. Not only is the “band” today nowhere near as good as those times/era’s, the “band” never will be again, no matter what, who, where, or whatever! However, I DO AGREE with Paul about 1 thing, YES definitely belongs in the HOF, Just like Deep Purple, Judas Priest, and quite a few others. Now if only he could make more sense about reality, a Kiss with NO original members, is not Kiss, sorry Paul, that’s just reality. 🙂

    1. Doug, I love you buddy. But you’re telling me that Gene and Paul would not be able to find two guys, pay them I’m guessing very low 6 figures/year, most likely cover touring expenses and let them play popular music to audiences in the 3-5000 range on a somewhat regular basis and they don’t have to write any material and just do as their told? I’m guessing you haven’t heard of American Idol?

      1. DR, all I meant was without ANY original members, no matter how much input Paul & Gene have, it will still be a cover/tribute band. No matter how much the “new” guys look, sound & act like the original 4. Hey I’m sure they’ll have no problem finding some people who will want to do this, just like there will never be a shortage of Newton’s or Presley’s in Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, I wish them luck with this “Las Vegas” project, hell next time I’m in Vegas I might even check it out myself, I’m sure it will be a great “show”. But they’re not going to convince anybody that without any original members, that it’s still Kiss. Next time you’re in a lounge or a bar in Vegas and you see a Wayne Newton impersonator, I’m sure he’ll do a good job, but that’s all it is, just a job, not the real thing. Oh yes, I’ve heard of American Idol, and if that’s how Paul & Gene want to put together the new “Kiss tribute band”, I wish them luck! Work hard, rock harder, and LIVE IT UP! Have a great weekend, CHEERS! 🙂

  8. Judas Priest. The mere fact that Paul & Gene have both talked about the band continuing on after them ought to tell some of you just how out of touch these two have become.
    Good grief with that logic, every band could continue on forever.
    Hell how come Jimi Hendrix ain’t playin’ anywhere? LMAO
    I love KISS but this is getting ridiculous.

    1. Jimi Hendrix is still playing, I just saw him last week in Vegas, along with Jim Morrison, Jerry Garcia & Janis Joplin! LOL! Legends live forever in Las Vegas! 🙂

  9. On the subject the hof when they put heart in it really broke the mold for who could should get in for rock bands. I am a heart fan but deep purple and yes are slam dunks. But if you put heart in then the scorpions, iron maiden to name just two should be considered.

  10. Paul can’t say anything without people jumping all over him. I agree with everything he said. If KISS can continue without Gene and Paul, trust me there will be an audience. Enough already about them being a tribute band. As if no other band has ever replaced members, who cares that other guys wear the “sacred” make-up, it’s just not that big of a deal. Read some of the concert reviews. A lot people say they are sounding great. I’m a fan since 76. Met all of them except Carr,Vinnie, and St. John. Peter and Ace are NOT coming back. Time to let it rest and move on.

    1. And just as many people say Paul’s voice is shot, no energy, stale set lists. Just presenting all sides to this. Gene and Paul change the mandate daily it seems. Last two albums were Kiss classics but don’t play one from either in your tour? It goes on and on. But it is NOT about replacement members, it IS about keeping some sense of respect for the history and those that created it. Not constantly trying to rewrite that history. I do agree with you that Ace and Peter are not coming back. And they shouldn’t. That ship has sailed. Just a question of if you will buy a 100% Kiss tribute? Some do now at 50%, should be interesting to see what happens when the other shoes fall.

      1. Another thing I have noticed is that many of the defenders of Gene & Paul’s treatment of Ace, Peter, and their legacy, are now up in arms over Gene & Paul replacing themselves and continuing KISS. What ? I thought it was all good that Tommy and Eric wore Ace & Peter’s makeup. All of a sudden they’re realizing how stupid Gene & Paul have been acting. UNREAL

        1. Edward I have accepted Eric and Tommy in the band….not them wearing the makeup. But this situation has really gotten strange to say the least. So Gene & Paul will play the puppet masters and direct the Circus from their offices…..” You wanted the best & you got ….. THE BEST”???? ROFLMAO….uh no! Joe in The Cuse

      2. Paul and Gene can do whatever they want with Kiss. They are the original members. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Paul’s in his 60s. Of course his voice is going and he doesn’t move around as much as he did, but people are still buying tickets. Maybe we should start complaining about how you don’t move around on TMS, don’t show much energy, and how you have the same guests over and over, Trunk. Perhaps a sit-up once in a while would help as well. ohhh just being honest….. just keeping it real….(sound familiar?)

        1. So you are equating a free TV show to a band that charges money to see them perform? Because that really makes so much sense! A TV show that has had over 100 episodes and over 6 years on TV has had some guests on more than once? A show that has had tons of major acts? A show that maybe we see more Kiss fans in the audience than any other band? And somehow my waistline (which is way down you will be sad to know) has something to do with if people watch a TV show? Only in distorted Kissland worship world can any of this possibly make sense to someone. I don’t buy it, but you buy and watch what you want, and clearly you watch my show so thanks! I mean how else would you know about it if you didn’t see it right?

        2. Not cool. You are comparing a TV show to a live experience–it doesn’t make sense. I agree Paul and Gene can do what they want with KISS. It began with Paul and Gene, but TMS is a talk show about Metal/Hard Rock bands and its a great show. It doesn’t require Eddie, Don, or Jim to move around like rock stars. For the record, I support the current KISS lineup, but I hope you wont make a comment like that again. You are welcome to debate (even vehemently), not insult. We can’t see what YOU look like!

          1. Oh, so what you’re saying is that I should not tell Eddie how to do his show? How to look? Act? Dress? What guests to have? How many times to have them? Whether or not he should end his show because he’s too old to be doing it (50 is way too old to be liking heavy metal)? So HE should be the one who makes those decisions because it’s HIS show and HE came up with the concept for the show? And I shouldn’t make personal attacks against him? hmmmmm interesting concept.

          2. @Ennui,
            I understand if the comments upset you, but he has the right to speak as a fan. You are taking it too personally. Instead, I suggest telling Ed how great SB and Monster are IF you like those albums. Tell him how much you like the current lineup assuming that’s true. Personal attacks just won’t do. I give him a lot of credit for allowing most posts through and responding personally to many of them.

        3. …..yeah, Ed! huh? you need to uhhh I don’t know, do some jumping jacks and uhhh yeah! show us your abs! I mean come on! Say what? I can’t believe that this thread actually exists….oh my, I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time…Ennui has attempted to pull a classic ad hominem move: attempting to rebut an argument on the basis of considerations that apply to the source rather than to his argument or claim, or position. Complete nonsense Ennui, pathetic, even.

          1. Lol yes, another drastic attempt to sound cerebral. Don’t laugh TOO hard , Clown, you may spill your Mr. Pibb on your T-shirt and you know how hard it is for your mother to get those stains out.

          2. That wasn’t drastic, it comes naturally to me to spot complete fallacies in someone’s logic. It’s my job, sorry if that upsets you. But referencing my mother is so low, I won’t be responding to any more of your comments, or George’s. So, have fun in your little fantasy world there. Assuming is a sign of very low intelligence by the way. It is, again, sorry if the truth is hard for you to handle.

          3. Lol yes, another drastic attempt to sound cerebral. Don’t laugh TOO hard , Clown, you may spill your Mr. Pibb on your T-shirt and you know how hard it is for your mother to get those stains out……..

            It’s like if he says it with enough force it will validate it, make it true…..I can’t imagine how someone who thinks this way rationalizes life.

          4. Seriously Ennui, your argument against Eddie was based on the most ridiculous premise, you should be thanking me for pointing this out to you, and I didn’t say you were pathetic, I was referring to your argument. But, you counter with this very juvenile gibberish, with the purpose to go below the belt and offend, so I wont’ respond to you…(i.e. have at it, you aren’t worth my time after this post). Mike B got on my case for being too cerebral, and this was after I did the same thing to Rick, who said he was an “intellectual and proud of it.” (!)

          5. For not responding anymore, you responded 3 times. Anyone that uses terms like “ad hominem” in any context, especially on a Kiss message board (lol), and then defines it, shows a desperate cry for attention. It’s not only a blatant attempt to be someone you are not, it’s very condescending. Hang in there, clown. If you continue to complete your chores, your mother will give you more attention and perhaps raise your allowance. ( cross your fingers)

          6. Another symptom of our culture now is that people take arguments personally. I engage in a dialectic where I welcome being refuted, not personally attacked. The latter tactic is a sign of very low intelligence.

          7. OK. Ennui, I figured I would actually give you the courtesy of addressing your post, even though, you, again, referenced my mother, which is so out of line, an affront to decency, that I am completely disgusted with you.
            1) you responded 3 times….I wasn’t responding at that point, this here, is responding, and I am contradicting my previous statement, but I didn’t want to duck your concerns, so, after this post, if you still want to talk about my family, you can’t say that I didn’t take your concerns seriously. 2).Anyone that uses terms like “ad hominem” in any context, especially on a Kiss message board (lol), and then defines it, shows a desperate cry for attention. …..First, why should this being a Kiss forum dictate that I dumb down my responses? Kiss is one of the most profoundly impacting forms of art in the last 40 years, the fact that my responses have the content that they do, is very much indicative of Kiss’s impact on me. I got the disclosure from Kiss fully, and that is very much reflected in how I think, and take action. I defined it, because I deduced from your posts that you would not know what it meant, so I took the extra step to assist you. And you committed a flagrant logical fallacy addressing Ed, which was so funny, I had to intervene and provide concrete evidence of your mistake. Here’s the one that gets me, if I really needed attention, I would not be on a msg board where no one can even see me, I would be doing something else. Where is this ‘attention’ I am getting? 3) It’s not only a blatant attempt to be someone you are not, it’s very condescending….This is also a case of attempting to produce a fact by way of emphasis, and it only condescending because you can’t come up with a cogent response. O.K. take care you guys, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.

          8. A couple of weeks? I was just going to say welcome back clown! It’s nice to see a familiar name around here. Geez you go away for a couple of days, come back and “ALL HELL’S BREAKIN’ LOOSE! I think Gene put more than his foot in is mouth this time! Anyway, O.K., I guess we’ll chat when you get back, take care clown, Cheers! 🙂

      3. I haven’t bought anything since the Farewell tour. After all, it was a Farewell tour. However there’s a certain segment that sure seem hurt the band (or any band really) has continued on.

        Seriously, what does it matter? Either you buy into it or you don’t. Regardless, I support Gene and Pauls right do whatever they want to do…I don’t particularly dig it but plenty of people do. Queen…with Lambert and only two original members…would I pay? No. But again, they’ve earned the right to play those tunes “if” people still want to see it. Why the hell is this a bad thing? Protecting the history? Of what…it’s rock and roll, it’s about good times, loud guitars, cool tunes and blowing stuff up. Hell, when did that become a bad thing. I’m glad those people are experiencing a little bit of what I experienced. Besides if it was so darn important to those other original members why didn’t they hold up their end. Classic stance by many in our society…let’s feel sorry for those that screwed the pooch to begin with…oh, and not just once but how many times.

        People/so called fans need to understand this and Ed you should be hammering this point home…once Kiss is done, and it will be soon enough…no replacement band will succeed, once Queen is done, once Lizzy is done, Aerosmith, VH, Sabbath etc… Once all these bands with one, two, three or all original member are finished, a crap ton of great music will never be heard again live. 4 decades of music…over. We’ve already lost so many greats, we’ve been lucky that more aren’t gone so freaking enjoy it while you can because once it’s gone…it’s gone.

      4. By replacing themselves, they are not thinking of our generation of fans, or even the generation after us. They’re thinking of our kids, and our kid’s kids. Clearly there is one fan base that has accepted and like this version, and one that has not and is upset about it. Clearly they’ve made the statement time and time again that they don’t care about the latter fan base. These guys have been told ‘no’ all their lives. They’re not going to listen to it now after all these years no matter how many people they piss off.

      5. This is how it should be:

        Either have Tommy and Eric in their own makeup design
        Retire the makeup and “classic Kiss” and perform off the non-makeup recordings.
        There is a lot of decent music there…I mean how many times can you hear DRC and RNRAN??

        Once all 4 Originals are out – it is no longer Kiss

        PS- I love when Dana puts this picture of Paul out there….he looks more like Cher than Starchild 🙂

  11. The ONLY way “KISS” could continue is the way RIOT or DIO have continued. By changing the name slightly. (RIOT V, DIO Disciples). Albeit the circumstances I think are a bit different for RIOT and DIO. DIO Disciples is a unapologetic tribute band, just endorsed by Wendy. RIOT V I am not sure if they still continue to write new music or not.

    1. No doubt they will continue and no doubt some will go. But it will not be that big, just like in REALITY this version of the band is about half as popular as they would be with all original. Just facts as proven by co headline tours every year..

      1. Yes Ed it very well might continue, doubtful in my opinion. And yes it won’t be very successful…don’t worry though, you’ll be able to say you were right.

        Another thing…on your show you’ve pointed out that few bands are able to tour without a package…but your implication is that is somehow a bad thing with Kiss. Odd.

      2. It is interesting to try and determine the future of KISS and the possibility of Gene and Paul or one or the other potentially leaving the band. I could almost see Nick taking over for his father, I think he may be able to pull it off. Paul on the other hand…not sure who could take his place. Is Diamond Dave busy?

  12. what sir PAUL is talking about the new Kiss band is, they work better , no distractions, show up on time for sound check, no one is forgetting the songs , no drug abuse , the shows go on and end on time , etc etc

    1. You also fall into the “Ace & Peter are on drugs” thing here. They have been sober for years. But that doesn’t work for some and the past must always be brought up… And why does everyone constantly ignore Paul’s vocal issues?? He’s the one that says if you can’t cut it time to go…

      1. Eddie,
        Paul may not be able at this point to reach some high notes, but he is still a great showman and singer. If his voice was as bad as you say, (e.g. Shot, gone, etc…) people would walk out during the show. I think a more balanced approach would be welcome concerning this issue. You should know by now that some fans are brutal enough.
        I DO agree with you about Peter and Ace being sober.

          1. I don’t need to kid myself Edward Black. I am not afraid to admit when something is wrong with a band. But instead of hitting the bulls-eye with your comment, you missed the target completely. Did you read my post to Eddie, or just skim through it really, really fast because you were so anxious to say “Paul’s voice is shot!”? I think you said it because you vote with the majority and are afraid to admit that Paul’s voice, though not without problems, is NOT shot. Try on a little objectivity and see if it suits you.

      2. People seem to forget that Gene & Paul’s control issues were/arejust as harmful to the band…..But I know some people can’t quite understand that major problem……Joe in The Cuse

      3. And you keep forgetting that every time they re-joined Kiss, the alcohol and drug issues came back. How many chances were they given? How many times does a person get bitten by a dog before they stop petting that dog?

      4. Hey Ed…the drugs, the booze…may not be valid excuses now but it was when it counted. When Pete and Ace had a second chance, what’d they do? Yep right back off the wagon. Gotta love it…they’re sober now so somehow that should make everything ok 15 years ago. Nice snake, pretty snake…wtf, my snake just bit me.

      5. Come on Eddie…NOBODY on this site says Ace and Peter are on drugs now..But when they were both in Kiss,they were either high, had a bad attitude (Peter), didn’t show up to play sometimes,, missed recording sessions, didn’t give a shit about the fans or the band and just couldn’t be counted on…I can go on and on, and then both quit several times, plus as I have said MANY times on this site, they both had no problem with Eric and Tommy in makeup when they were playing with them…(Kiss Symphony ring a bell Peter??) And don’t try to justify that because you can’t. Also, don’t claim I’m a Paul or Gene apologist, because I don’t like Eric and Tommy in makeup, but I accept it. Paul and Gene could’ve done things differently (like just not wear makeup), but the same old tired comment that they have ruined the Kiss legacy is absurd…the Kiss legacy is intact my friend, no matter what any of the original four are doing, or have done…Kiss today isn’t for you, but stop telling people who like it, or like me who don’t mind it, that they are blind fools…that is not the case. In closing, I really do love ya Eddie…I think you have good perspective on certain things, you certainly are continuing to lead the charge for heavy rock and metal, but I think even you get a little crazy when it comes to Kiss…it’s because you’re a fan…

    2. no body forgetting the songs????…..ON a recent clip of Gene singing christine sixteen he hashed the words to it….selective criticising is alive and well

  13. KISS is a big company now, from tech to light guys , the show needs to go on on Q, the songs have not changed, they will not go back to the way it was , if PAUL cant sing it does not matter, the show and KISS will go on, is called music Business.

      1. Edward Black,
        You don’t see any bands out there saying, “Well, this band is okay. We just have to do what we can with who we have…” do you? They would not sell records or tickets to there shows sounding like that. Paul’s comments demonstrate that he has conviction about delivering a great live show with the current lineup. He is promising a great show to anyone interested, which interestingly enough was the original idea in the early 70’s.

    1. Jason,
      I don’t know if you like Motley Crue or saw them with KISS on “The Tour”…did you by chance? Motley Crue came on and they were heavy, loud, intense–honestly, they were awesome. Before that show, they were maybe my 11th or 12th favorite band. After the show, they were my third favorite.
      KISS did NOT disappoint when they came on after Motley Crue. The show was high energy with excellent musicianship, and they entertained the hell out of the place. The place (Concord Pavillion–about 12K seats) was packed and everyone was enthusiastic about the show. They were just as impressive as Motley. I will not say MORE impressive–I will just say JUST AS impressive. Both shows blew me away, and judging by everyone’s reaction–them too. My point is, what do you EXPECT them to say?

      1. You can believe that all you want, but it’s just asinine to say that they are better now, with two guys in their 60’s and two replacement members, than they were in say 74 and 75…it’s just another nonsensical jab at Ace and Peter. I haven’t seen Kiss since Tommy took over for Ace, and I’m sure he’s good, but Stanley needs to shut the hell up. Seriously, for a couple of millionares who’ve done it all, they sure make themselves sound like miserable old men!

  14. I will accepted an officially-sanctioned KISS tribute band…if they resemble the original lineup! Have Spiro Papadatos replace Gene and Andrew Sgambati from Mr. Speed replace Eric Singer.

    Paul’s voice is clearly shot based on their Yahoo concert I saw.

  15. The integrity of KISS has been dwindling for quite some time now. Replacing Gene and Paul with scrubs will be the final nail in the coffin! And don’t give me “it’s their band they can do what they want” argument…the fans made them, the fans can break them.

  16. I think Paul knows what he is talking about. He’d like Ace in the band from the beginning to now but a f-up will be given enough tries. The ’77 line-up and ’14 line-up would generate same ticket sales with or without Def Leppard, Kiss fans come to see Kiss. Paul’s voice is fine and Singer & Thayer are on fire.

  17. “The ’77 line-up and ’14 line-up would generate same ticket sales with or without Def Leppard,”……. Lmao……really?? …….77/96 Reunion Tour line-up are the same lineup….And I really don’t need to explain this……..just figure it out Lee!! Joe in The Cuse…….

  18. Listen to the Paul and defeders that know it all. Whats his name doesn’t like that metal show, but still watches it. So the guests are always the same and no music performance. If your so smart why don’t you tell VH 1 Classic how horrible the show is. Thank you haters for not helping the rock n roll cause.

  19. Pauls comments on the hall of fame are right on , I will not buy into a new kiss with replacements that being said … billy may of {kissnation} PAUL- & spiros papadatos of {the best gene tribute artist ever} GENE –

  20. maybe paul needs to go to magic mountain and un-freeze abner devereaux so he can release his voice back to him…………..on a side note , im 46 , the 1st time I saw gene simmons I was scared shitless, then I seen him with the make-up on and I was even more terrified of him. and didn’t peter leave for the last time because of money and not drugs?…..eddie you know who you need to find ADAM BOMB , whose name was so fitting, he came and went faster then a bomb going off.

    1. If you think back to the “Kiss meets the Phantom of the Park” movie, robot doubles of Peter, Paul, Ace and Gene were created to destroy Kiss. Paul Stanley claims to have been embarrassed by the movie, but the story must have worked its way deep into his subconscious because now he’s living it out in real life.

      I wonder if each of the original members talisman were stolen by Devereaux sometime towards the end of the “Farewell” Tour? Perhaps he commanded Doc McGee’s robot double to take them when the band was on stage doing their final show together? Or maybe it was Tommy Thayer’s robot double who took them? He had easy access to them over the years while doing odd jobs for Paul and Gene. He could have easily slipped them into his guitar case after ordering Peter’s plate of spaghetti. It may have been Devereaux’s plan to turn the band into a “brand,” just like Doritos and Pepsi, so he could funnel all of the band’s massive cash flow into his bank account. Or wait…maybe it wasn’t Devereaux at all? Maybe it was the guy at the car wash who allegedly inspired Paul to keep the band going after the “Farewell” tour was over? Maybe he swiped them out of the back seat of Paul’s car?

      I suggest these possible scenarios because I find it hard to believe that Paul and Gene would ever willingly surrender their talisman and allow actual human beings to replace them on stage. Peter and Ace may have sold theirs because they needed the money, but Paul’s love and devotion to the band is too great. His standards too high. He would never allow such a thing to happen knowing full well it would lead to the destruction of the band. Paul’s cracking voice, Tommy’s stiff playing and Gene singing the wrong words in concert are clear indicators that the robot doubles are already in place. The destruction of Kiss has begun! May the God of Thunder help us all!!!

      1. i think ace still owns his get-up, I remember him with eddie on radio saying that” pretty soon he has some money coming my way’….I still think ace and peter get along with gene, a lot better then they do with paul. gene comes across as the arrogant ass because he is always quoted, but it looks more and more like paul is the quiet arrogant aggressive one.

  21. Kiss is well done, put a fork in it. I wouldn’t stay home if they were playing in my own backyard. These guys have destroyed their legacy to the kiss fans like myself.

  22. I am totally cool with Kiss continuing without Paul and Gene…I think rock stars should not overstay , it’s like, we as a society, can’t accept that people get old and can’t perform like they used to. We have to hang on to being young at all costs, even if it means embarrassing ourselves by charging full concert prices for a singer who can’t sing anymore. It’s like seeing a baseball player who still thinks he has his fastball…There’s no shame in admitting that you can’t do it anymore, and that’s our problem, we think there’s something ‘bad’ about getting old, so there is this deep denial. I put on Kiss at Budakon, ’77, and that is one of the greatest rock and roll bands I’ve ever seen and heard in my life….

  23. I finally figured it out.

    KISS wants to be the Dread Pirate Roberts from “The Princess Bride”, a name that lives for generations with the appearance of immortality while all along different men are playing the role.

    Welcome to the Dread Pirate Kiss reality TV show.


  24. Hey Clown…what a baby you are…Not commenting on any posts by Ennui?? To bring me up is funny…all you do is attack people and stir shit up, but you can’t take it…maybe you should look in the mirror Clown…every post you put out has the “I am better than you attitude”, so I personally give it right back,insults included. I disagree with plenty of people and they disagree with me, but you are the constant on this site that many, many people find offensive…don’t comment, I really don’t care but it’s true…

    1. …..O.K. George, I will respond, your perception of my attitude, believe it or not, is your own insecurities…read my above post, I welcome being refuted, but since you don’t have any legit counter argument, all you can come up with is this total nonsense, of which, you have no clue about. You don’t know me, so why make those numbskulled accusations? You are so far off the mark it’s sad really, I am totally self-made.

      1. No one spoke about your mother, other than saying you must live with her because some of your remarks are so child-like, that it’s like a kid commenting who still lives at home….I don’t care about your post above, except that you mentioned me…if you have a point, make it…You of all people should not be telling anyone how to act when having differing opinions. You attack others for their opinions, and if you can’t see how you are perceived on this site by many, then you have no self awareness. I’m insecure?? If you only knew…

    2. Lol yes, Clown, or as I like to call him “Pauly Pedantic” tends to think he is better than everyone.

      AD HOMINEM: If a d-bag tries to impress others by being someone he is not, and makes an argument that he is Not a d-bag, he is still a d-bag.

      1. Guys, you may think I am complete jack-ass and that’s fine. But listen, the points I make, and they are actual concrete points, unlike the stuff George and Ennui say, which is this manufacturing facts by way of emphasizing it, much like any autocratic regime does. Seriously, you use the same tactics as the Nazi party did (not saying this is your ideology): you say something enough times, with enough force, people will believe you. That is your strategy. It’s really transparent. But back to my points: You can think I”m a jerk or whatever, but what I”m saying is useful because politicians use smokescreens and as hominems all the time, and when I listen to a politician speak I can immediately spot them, and I know how much b.s. they are spitting out, but more important, I know the machinations behind their thoughts. This is a metal community, and I want headbangers to be savvy: so kill the messenger if you will, but not the message. Thanks Doug R, the Red Rocker! yeah, I’ll be back in two weeks bro….

      2. I want to clarify this a bit, because, no offense, I can see you two being thick headed enough to think I am calling you Nazis. I am not. But you employ the same techniques: this business of me living at home, which is complete fabrication, but if you keep saying it enough, with enough force, it will somehow find its way to be being true. It’s actually a thuggish quality you both have by the way. But, I am just going to chalk this up to you not being very bright.

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