paulstanley400 Alan K. Stout from The Weekender spoke with KISS frontman Paul Stanley. Excerpts appear below.

On the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame:

“It’s such a sham,” he said. “Year after year, you look at the inductees, and most people on the street scratch their heads about half of them. It’s really a popularity contest for a very small group of people who actually make the decisions. That Deep Purple isn’t in there is absurd. Whether or not I’m a fan of prog-rock, that Yes isn’t in is ridiculous.”

On whether there will be an officially sanctioned KISS tribute act:

“I know KISS won’t end. The question is, ‘How long will I be a part of it, or Gene be a part if it?’ I really don’t know. As long as we can. It’s hard work, but it’s incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. In 2000, I thought it was over. It’s 14 years later, and I’m much wiser now and smart enough to know that it will continue. Though the band has never been better, I’m also aware that I’m not the only person that can do what I do. I didn’t invent what I do. I was influenced by a lot of great singers and performers, and there are people out there that are just chomping at the bit to get up on stage, and I believe there is more than one person that can go up there and blow people away. At some point, I won’t be there.”

On their tour mates Def Leppard:

When I first heard ‘Photograph,’ it stopped me. It was really, really great. And over the years, they’ve proven themselves by writing just great, great songs. While I’m getting ready to play, I can hear the audience singing all of their songs. And they’re great guys. You can’t argue with the catalog they’ve created.

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  • bobbyd on

    Pauls comments on the hall of fame are right on , I will not buy into a new kiss with replacements that being said … billy may of {kissnation} PAUL- & spiros papadatos of {the best gene tribute artist ever} GENE –

  • tom on

    maybe paul needs to go to magic mountain and un-freeze abner devereaux so he can release his voice back to him…………..on a side note , im 46 , the 1st time I saw gene simmons I was scared shitless, then I seen him with the make-up on and I was even more terrified of him. and didn’t peter leave for the last time because of money and not drugs?…..eddie you know who you need to find ADAM BOMB , whose name was so fitting, he came and went faster then a bomb going off.

    • War Machine on

      If you think back to the “Kiss meets the Phantom of the Park” movie, robot doubles of Peter, Paul, Ace and Gene were created to destroy Kiss. Paul Stanley claims to have been embarrassed by the movie, but the story must have worked its way deep into his subconscious because now he’s living it out in real life.

      I wonder if each of the original members talisman were stolen by Devereaux sometime towards the end of the “Farewell” Tour? Perhaps he commanded Doc McGee’s robot double to take them when the band was on stage doing their final show together? Or maybe it was Tommy Thayer’s robot double who took them? He had easy access to them over the years while doing odd jobs for Paul and Gene. He could have easily slipped them into his guitar case after ordering Peter’s plate of spaghetti. It may have been Devereaux’s plan to turn the band into a “brand,” just like Doritos and Pepsi, so he could funnel all of the band’s massive cash flow into his bank account. Or wait…maybe it wasn’t Devereaux at all? Maybe it was the guy at the car wash who allegedly inspired Paul to keep the band going after the “Farewell” tour was over? Maybe he swiped them out of the back seat of Paul’s car?

      I suggest these possible scenarios because I find it hard to believe that Paul and Gene would ever willingly surrender their talisman and allow actual human beings to replace them on stage. Peter and Ace may have sold theirs because they needed the money, but Paul’s love and devotion to the band is too great. His standards too high. He would never allow such a thing to happen knowing full well it would lead to the destruction of the band. Paul’s cracking voice, Tommy’s stiff playing and Gene singing the wrong words in concert are clear indicators that the robot doubles are already in place. The destruction of Kiss has begun! May the God of Thunder help us all!!!

    • tom on

      i think ace still owns his get-up, I remember him with eddie on radio saying that” pretty soon he has some money coming my way’….I still think ace and peter get along with gene, a lot better then they do with paul. gene comes across as the arrogant ass because he is always quoted, but it looks more and more like paul is the quiet arrogant aggressive one.

  • mike on

    Kiss is well done, put a fork in it. I wouldn’t stay home if they were playing in my own backyard. These guys have destroyed their legacy to the kiss fans like myself.

  • staten island clown on

    I am totally cool with Kiss continuing without Paul and Gene…I think rock stars should not overstay , it’s like, we as a society, can’t accept that people get old and can’t perform like they used to. We have to hang on to being young at all costs, even if it means embarrassing ourselves by charging full concert prices for a singer who can’t sing anymore. It’s like seeing a baseball player who still thinks he has his fastball…There’s no shame in admitting that you can’t do it anymore, and that’s our problem, we think there’s something ‘bad’ about getting old, so there is this deep denial. I put on Kiss at Budakon, ’77, and that is one of the greatest rock and roll bands I’ve ever seen and heard in my life….

  • Hector on

    I finally figured it out.

    KISS wants to be the Dread Pirate Roberts from “The Princess Bride”, a name that lives for generations with the appearance of immortality while all along different men are playing the role.

    Welcome to the Dread Pirate Kiss reality TV show.


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