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Gene-Simmons400 Annie Reuter of reports:

Gene Simmons of KISS has some heated words for drug addicts and people dealing with depression in a new interview with

When asked if he keeps in touch with the original players of KISS he answered with a resounding “no.”

Why’s that? Simple: they’re either drug addicts or just downers.

“I don’t get along with anybody who’s a drug addict and has a dark cloud over their head and sees themselves as a victim,” Simmons said. “Drug addicts and alcoholics are always: ‘The world is a harsh place.’ My mother was in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany. I don’t want to hear f–k all about ‘the world as a harsh place.’ She gets up every day, smells the roses and loves life.

And for a putz, 20-year-old kid to say, ‘I’m depressed, I live in Seattle.’ F–k you, then kill yourself.”

He added “I never understand, because I always call them on their bluff. I’m the guy who says ‘Jump!’ when there’s a guy on top of a building who says, ‘That’s it, I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to jump.’ Are you kidding? Why are you announcing it? Shut the f–k up, have some dignity and jump! You’ve got the crowd.”

While Simmons said KISS has new songs ready, there are no plans to record anytime soon. But, there is one artist he’d love to record with in the future: Lady Gaga.

“I think Lady Gaga is the only new rock star, although she’s not a rocker,” he said. “I would like her to throw away all the disco stuff and get a band. Don’t use tapes, come out with a real live band and guitars. She’s a bona fide musical artist. She did a duet with Tony Bennett, real great pipes. She can sit at a piano all by herself. She’s a legitimate artist. A lot of the other pop divas who are really talented are not artists.”

Simmons said KISS and Gaga tried to collaborate on their last record but both were too busy.

“We got close. She got busy, we got busy. We would have done it.”

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  1. Gene talks alot of s…Let’s see if he has the same thought process if it was his own kid on the roof saying he wants to jump…DOUBT he would say DO IT…Just his normal psycho babble…

  2. Real class act Gene. I hope that the next time you yell jump at someone, if they do, that they land on you. Of course with that hair of yours, they probably have a pretty safe landing. Having known someone who is not only an alcoholic and has suffered from depression, I know what someone with these problems go through and have seen 1st hand what a suicide can do to a family. So Gene, this is sad to say, but you are a d-bag in every sense of the word.

    1. Not that I agree with anything he said, but how is he being a hypocrite here? He’s never been into drugs or alcohol that I’m aware of.

      And as twisted as it sounds, I can see PART of his perspective when he talks about his mom.

      1. I’ll bet his sweet kind mother doesn’t hold that view. As a matter of fact, I don’t think he learned one damn thing about how to carry yourself as a human at all.

  3. One other thing is the fact that Ace, and Peter are recovering drug addicts just makes me respect them even more. Part of recovery is manning up to the fact that you have a problem and dealing with that problem. It also admitting your faults and shortcomings. I guess Gene and even Paul don’t have no problems or shortcomings.

  4. Gene & Paul have been bitter and blasting hatred for decades towards Ace & Peter for their drug use…..hmmmm…..seems to me Gene & Paul have had decades of abuse themselves. Please keep posting all of their mentally f’d up real life issues. Uh Ace and Peter have the problem you guys say????? I’m thinking the words “Clarity & Reality” is something Gene & Paul can’t quite embrace. Joe in a The Cuse

  5. Dana you got way too much heat from this post. Hopefully you won’t cave to any peer pressure after this by not posting anymore Kiss related news. I haven’t agreed with much of anything that comes from the Kiss cover band camp for some time now, but I have to admit I always get a laugh out these posts whenever Gene and Paul show their asininity with these statements of theirs. Regardless of what a number of people are saying, clearly these Kiss news posts drive traffic and are the most interesting things on here judging by the lack of comments other articles receive.

    Most of the news is doing good if they get ten remarks out of it, whereas Kiss receive on average anywhere from one to two hundred comments! It’s like blaming a promoter for always booking Kiss, but based on the numbers this is who people are evidently coming to see compared to everyone else booked, or in this case, featured on this site. Even guys like Steven Tyler and Joe Perry put out a new version of Dream On and it gets one comment, so what does that tell you. You and Eddie are just smart by giving the fans what they evidently want based on the stats. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Nic,

      Your comment could not have come at a better time as I was also reprimanded by a poster who claimed that as a moderator, I am far too involved with commenting. It’s funny, because for years I was a mute. If there is one thing I have learned, there is no pleasing everyone. I am not sure what I will do going forward, as I must confess being a woman, my feelings were a bit hurt.

      Anyway, thank you so much for understanding the concept of “traffic” and for the kind words. They mean more than you know.

      Dana from here 🙂

      1. I agree 100% with Nic’s comments, and although you can’t please everyone all of the time, overall everyone is always pleased with your comments Dana. Keep up the good work, as only you & Eddie can. 😉

  6. Depression is an emotional imbalance in a person. It has nothing to do with drugs. I’ve suffered with it for a good portion of my life, but have made the best of it. For Gene, its so easy to give up on somebody, even if its not someone he cares about. One time he bitches that people don’t give RICH people respect, and in turns spits in the face of people he knows nothing about. I used to be a Gene supporter, but lately he’s gotten worse. Personally, he’s just an angry old man caring only of himself. That’s fine if its buys the happiness you seek. But, my question…. Is he truly happy? His arrogance has blinded him of that fact.

  7. I’m not going to read all the comments, I’ve wasted too much time reading about Gene Simmons and Kiss on this site anyway (I’m not a fan) and I’m almost ashamed I’m taking the time to even write my own response. While some people may just be looking for attention with suicide threats and claims of depression, drug use and alcohol abuse, for others it’s a very real problem. Maybe they got themselves into it, but I guess in Gene’s eyes that’s it – they don’t deserve a second chance. Too bad we’re not all as perfect and guiltless as Gene (yeah, right). Substance abuse is a mortal sin in his eyes but sleeping with thousands of women and cheating on your wife are OK I guess? Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know Ace Frehley, but I was under the impression he’s cleaned up his drug use and alcoholism. If that is true, then good for Ace – I’ve never had to battle those demons but I know it’s a hard road to travel and a lot of people fail. Those who succeed probably appreciate life a lot more and are better people for it. No, it’s not the same as surviving a Nazi concentration camp, but it’s still a personal battle for a lot of people. Gene seems to feel that once you’re an addict you’re always an addict and redemption is not an option. Think about what a scary world it would be if we all felt the same way he did. I’m not saying people don’t need to take responsibility for their mistakes, or that it’s not their fault – it is – but to just say “Eh, f ’em. Die”? Mr. Simmons, you may be rich but you’re still an a hole. Oh and by the way you’re a shitty musician too.

    1. Metalmania , you said it well and I would like to confront this jerk and let him know how thankful I am he is a minority and the world could use a lot less of those who are like him. I used to be a kiss fan and was until now and obviously he needs to spend more time looking in the mirror and do something to that brillo looking whatever mangey mess on his head. Ugh what a low life Mr. Simmons.!

  8. It has gotten far away from a band of guys who should just be quiet and play music..all they want to do is bash not only ex band members but others as well..and he might as well bash Paul Stanley who spent years in theapy because of depression brought on from a birth defect.

  9. although i agree with some of what gene says,i get pissed about how he keeps calling ace/and or peter drug addicts.that was a very long time ago,and gene talks about it like its in the now,enough gene,what is it,you cant find anything else to throw at them,both have been clean and sober for many years,and arent running around doing and singing the same old tired shit you guys are,at least when ace tours he plays fresh stuff with a few of the classics,you guys would not know fresh if it bit you in the ass

  10. I’ve read the article a couple of times now. I’m not defending this idiot, but, I think what he’s trying to say (and obviously did NOT do a good job of saying it) is all those bands that were in the grunge genre all sang about suicide and angst. I believe he is still stuck in 1992 here. You know, about the time his music career started to take a nose-dive and he had to call up Ace and Peter, the drug addicts/alcoholics to revive it. Anyway, I don’t want to get into that stuff. That horse has been beaten so much it doesn’t even resemble a horse anymore. So, what I believe he’s trying to say here is the bands of the grunge movement were ludicrous to come out and sing about all this stuff when most of them were sitting on top of the world. This is only my opinion, and my take on what he said. But, I really think what he’s trying to say to the grunge bands and not to the truly depressed people out there, is “what the hell are you talking about? You have the bull by the horns and you are saying life sucks?” That’s truly what I think he meant. Again, he didn’t say it very clearly! And, he used a genre that was popular twenty some odd years ago! Really, only the interviewer and the d-bag himself know what the context of the conversation was, and what was truly meant by the comment.

  11. If anyone has been a Kiss fan from the inception, or at least from the late 70s, knows that Kiss has always been about grandiosity, ego, and sound bites. (going back to when they started in clubs and Paul would say “it’s good to be back” making it seem like they’ve been on the road) That’s what makes this band unique. It cracks me up when people take these comments seriously, nit pick and disparage. Is Gene an insensitive prick at times? You betcha. And he’ll admit to that. This isn’t anything new. He’s been doing this for decades. Who cares? Is he running for office? No. Is he promising world peace? No. Will Paul and Gene keep saying that every new album is their best and comparable to their classic Kiss albums? Of course they will. What rock band EVER releases a new album and says, “Ehhhh, this new album is ok…. we were in a hurry to release it.”? NO ROCK BAND. And of course they’re going to say that the present tour (yes, they are co-headlining, but who f-ing cares) is doing really well (which actually, it is) After 40 years of still being around, and several thousand people still care enough to come out and see the show, THAT IS DOING REALLY WELL. (Paul and Gene realize this, but they’re not going to come out and say that publicly because that wouldn’t be KISS) And you, Eddie, should realize that. You claim that Kiss changed your life and got you started on this career of yours. If that’s the case, I think you owe a little more respect to Paul and Gene. They’re still wearing the make-up and performing. People are still interested in the band. That’s undeniable. But yet, you still have this attitude toward them. (it makes you seem child-like and petty) You can never say a positive thing about this current version of the band. So the Kiss Mini Golf incident is still bugging you, huh? You need to get over it and move on.

    1. Just saw them in New Jersey Sunday. Packed house. Paul’s voice was fine and the band sounded great. I was expecting it to be empty after reading the posts on this site.

    2. Eddie doesn’t have to like or respect what Gene and Paul are currently doing with this version of Kiss. There are tons of Kiss fans that aren’t buying what they are selling now. It’s not for everyone. The part I keep coming back to is the constant bashing of Ace and Peter. Isn’t there a positive way to sell the current version of the band? Sales wise Monster is right there with the Elder as the worst selling Kiss album of all time. Psycho Circus (that Paul loves to bash) out sold both of their last two CD’s. It just seems to me that they have ratcheted up (especially Gene) the negativity toward the other two founding members lately. Maybe it is the internet age, who knows. They are alienating their core fan base with this. But I digress, you can be a fan of a band and not agree with all versions and decisions.

        1. Sonic Boom, sold with Walmart 300,000 Monster 120,000, Psycho Circus 1,000,000 +. Also do you notice that Psycho Circus is in the set and nothing from Monster or Sonic Boom is? If fans were buying it up wouldn’t you work it into the sets?

          1. Just curious–how did you get these figures? Also, are the figures current or do they represent that years sales? Not challenging you, just want to know. Thanks!

          2. John Gross, forgive me if I’m misunderstanding you, but are you quoting Psycho Circus sales vs. the last two albums with Tommy and Eric with your point being that Ace and Peter played on Psycho Circus? If you’re doing what I think your doing, let me remind you, or inform you that Peter played on one song on PS, and the band itself only played together on one song (Into the Void). PS was no different than Rock n Roll Over or Love Gun. Ace and Peter were hardly there for the recording sessions. Ace is on PS alot more than Peter, and Into the Void is the best song on that album. But please don’t play the sales game with those last three albums. Again if I misunderstood you, my humble apologies Sir. But if I didn’t misunderstand you, then I need some facts to get in the way of your good story.

          3. John, some of the point you are missing is few of the legendary bands are selling product anymore. Aerosmith didn’t do jack last time. Even with the return of DLR to Van Halen on their last album, sales figures were underwhelming to say the least. Still not sure if that album even attained gold status. From the point Psycho was released till now, the industry has changed dramatically.

            300-500k in album sales…for many bands, especially bands dealing in nostalgia like Kiss, is a huge success. It’s just not apples to apples anymore. Paul and Gene bashing Ace and Pete has nothing to do with poor album sales. Ace barely sold 50k last time…first album in decades. He’ll be lucky to do 30k this time…it’s just the nature of the business now. IMO, Kiss should never release any new material again…there is just no point in it unless they can make money.

      1. Fans are people who support a band. (Fan is short for FANATICAL) Fans support a band by buying their music, merchandise, and attending their shows. Eddie does none of these things. Ergo, he is not a fan of Kiss. Fans do not look for every opportunity to belittle the band. I’m so sick of this constant BS claim…. “I’m just being an honest fan” I assume you love your spouse, but are you always “honest” with her about everything? Do you always speak your mind? NO FRICKIN WAY.

        1. Dude I am so tired of your constant issues, your constant name changes, your baseless and incredibly idiotic claims. Please take your act somewhere else if you have nothing real to offer. To sit here and claim I am not a fan and supporter of Kiss of all bands is stunningly ignorant and shows you have no real clue of my history for 31 years of playing the band, screaming about the HOF, etc. I’m sorry I don’t have blind worship and belief of everything they sell like you and God forbid have an opinion, but please take it somewhere else if you are going to keep up just dumb baseless statements. There are plenty of other sites you can go to if you just want to bash me I’m sure. If you said half of the things here on my site to Gene or Paul they would have blocked you in about 5 seconds…

          1. Yeah next week he’ll be “Potsie Webber”, or “Ralph Mouth”, or “Richie Cunningham”, he’s as confused as Eric & Tommy! LOL! 😉

          2. And let the censorship continue…..

            Censorship reflects society’s lack of confidence in itself. – Potter Stewart

      2. I think Eddie Trunk is ET.

        I remember when he first came to earth. I was in my backyard and I saw him come out of my garden shed. I left a trail of Reeses Pieces and he followed them into my home. He stayed in my closet and hid with the stuffed animals. I showed him my Star Wars toys and he tried to eat them, even though I explained they were toys. Then I left him home and he ate all my food and drank my beer. He took my sister’s spelling toy and some junk from our garage and contacted his home planet. Guys in suits arrived and he died but he came back and made my bicycle fly and I gave him a flower pot and he went home.

  12. Its so funny that he and Paul talk so much shit about Ace & Peter’s drug use. Because guess who that makes the biggest hypocrite in the world? Paul fuckin Stanley. No one could be in his position without painkillers, its just that nobody talks about that.

      1. Yea painkillers can mess you up enough to miss a show or rehearsal Ennui. It common knowledge now that most over the counter medication is actually more addicting and powerful as a high then drugs like cocaine, crack, and marijuana. In a way to they are easier and more accessible to people then narcotics.

        1. Once again I have to further explain myself. Yes, generally speaking…. use of painkillers can mess you up. The whole issue here was Ace and Peter’s substance and the way it affected their behavior, and the band itself. That’s why Paul and Gene have issues with it. That’s why I said, that if Paul takes painkillers, it doesn’t affect his behavior within the band. ie missing shows, rehearsals, etc….. UGHHHHHHHHH

      2. Thanks, but I did. Painkillers are narcotics and are as dangerous (maybe more so) as other types of drugs. Apparently youre some type of MD. If I wanted advice on what to post, I wouldnt ask you thanks.

  13. I suppose Gene wasn’t being the writing of “Reason to Live” off of Crazy Nights. Gene ought to save his words for writing some better lyrics, and maybe some of the old guard Kiss fans who checked out long ago might actually be interested in their new material. For a guy who purportedly wants to move past the whole Ace and Peter drama, he always seems to fuel the fire with his comments that have pretty obvious references to them. Get over it Gene, and if you’re so busy, then you wouldn’t waste time trying to bury your former mates, and those that were part of your band’s greatest success at that!

  14. All these wild, unbelievably dumb things Paul and Gene have put in the press have made me listen to classic Kiss a lot lately, maybe to remind myself what they used to mean to me. So actually, I probably need to thank them. Last night, I had the urge to listen to Eric Carr era Kiss. It started with what I consider the most underrated album in Kiss’ history, and my favorite without the original band, CREATURES OF THE NIGHT. After I listened to that full album, I listened to CARR JAM 81 from the REVENGE album. Eric was a true drum hero. God bless Eric and may he rest in peace. He should have gone into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame when Kiss was inducted. Bruce should have been inducted to.

  15. I bet a lot of people with drug issues & depression have bought A LOT of KISS merchandise… I’m thinking that part is just fine with Gene. Just when I said Gene has a heart he says this retarded b.s. He talked so badly of his father for years but literally breaks down and cries at his fathers grave……but once again we have the same old meatheads here on Eddies board that just neglect to see the obvious, and once again….YOU CAN’T TEACH STUPID!!! Joe in The Cuse

  16. Maybe it’s time to stop giving this guy, and his sidekick a soapbox, microphone or ANY form of attention at all. Seriously … go away old dudes, go away. Your new product will never rival your original product.
    Desperation starts to smell over time and you two are quite ripe.

    1. They’re doing interviews and answering questions. People still want to interview them. They are still popular. They still sell tix and music. Maybe you should go away if you don’t want to read about it. Do you think he’s on a street corner yelling out shit and some reporter happens to walk by and write it down and publish it? You and the rest of the haters need to go comment on the new Dream On with Nic. Hell it only got 1 friggin comment. Why waste your time here? Whose desperation is really starting to wreak? KISS is the only band that drives any traffic on this site. The haters are getting real annoying. Take it for what it is, or don’t read it. Its pretty friggin simple. Just remember the old days when Bob Kulick or Alice Cooper’s guitarist were doing Ace’s spots for him and you thought it was all Ace, and you still do to this day. Remember the days when Peter started messing up on purpose during the Dynasty tour and didn’t give a shit about the fans in attendance. Just remember the times when Thayer sat in make up and a costume cause the rest of the band had no clue if Ace was showing up. Just remember the times when Peter claimed to have written Beth when he didn’t. But the band wanted to prop him up and make him look like an equal. The hate can go both ways. Its childish, but it can.

      1. DR,
        I did not want to have to go there–but you did. Great post! Imagine if some of the “haters” had been at a concert that Ace didn’t show up to or that Peter intentionally sabotaged. Would they be defending them now? Thought provoking. I say this even though I love the original band. Its painful, but true.

        1. Like I’ve said before, I get it if you don’t like this version of the band. I really do. But the legend of Peter Criss and Ace Frehley is growing by the minute with the haters. Ace was my favorite by far growing up, and if there was ever a way he could still be in the band, I’d be all in on this version that would include Singer on drums and not Criss. But its apparent that for both Ace and G/P’s sakes that he not be in the band. So you have Thayer playing the Space Man. It is what it is. Get over it or ignore it. I’m really starting to believe that alot of the haters on this site are nothing more than casual KISS fans from the 70’s who don’t really know jack about this band and it’s history (Doug R + Joe in the Cuse not included). Those who defend Peter Criss on this site particularly know s about this band. Only Ringo Star was a luckier SOB than him in the history of music.

          1. Thanks DR, because I don’t hate anyone, not even Eric or Tommy, I hate what they’re doing, but I don’t hate them, or blame them, I blame Paul & Gene, but I don’t hate them either. Peace! 🙂

          2. DR,
            Even though I agree with your points here, I want to clarify that the current lineup is great. I love the current lineup and am totally past any reservations about Eric and Tommy wearing the makuep. I think they fill the shoes nicely. However, I will admit that there is nothing like KISS in the 70s–nothing. They sound better now, but the mystique, the adrenaline, the attitude they had in those days–its not the same. Tommy is great. He sings great, plays great, does not copy Ace’s moves on stage, the same goes for Eric Singer. However, Eric does not have the same voice as Peter’s. I miss Peters vocals from the 70’s. He was awesome. Ace moves and the guitar solos on every album 74-82 were original and creative. Ace shined the entire time from 74-82 (KISS to the The Elder). I think Eric and Tommy deserve the wear the makeup, but I CAN understand both sides. Ace and Peter in the band now? No way. But, the 70’s KISS was the most exciting–at least on that point, I can relate to “the haters”. I think they are just bitter because of the way things have turned out over the years–not really haters. I use that term loosely. That is my position.

          3. I also just meant to say–and I have said this before–I miss Ace’s stage presence. He was one of those performers that never had to try. He was just a natural and his laid back and “off balance” movements on stage complimented the rest of the band. I watched a video of Ace performing with his current band (at least I think they are the current band) and Ace played well. He has his guitar chops for sure, but…
            I would rather not say. Like I said, the things you said in your post are true IMO, but I hate to say anything negative about Ace and Peter. I have good memories of them from growing up listening to them and seeing them on the Reunion and Farewell tours.

      2. Wow Paul … you’re pretty passionate about this. Unreal.
        Don’t consider myself a hater … but look at Gene’s comments there … full of hate.
        Sure he’s entitled to his opinion, but that’s life & death he’s talking about there. I’m on the record for endorsing both Eric & Tommy as solid players, but no way I buy a ticket for that. Even with Leppard on the bill. Dude, are you REALLY on board for the football team? the reality show about the football team? the restaurants? the kruise? Let it go.

  17. “Joe in the Cuse” is like that 6 year old nephew who annoys everyone by asking questions – “why is the sky blue?” “Why are dogs furry?” At first you engage him to be polite, then after a while he becomes absolutely annoying because everything he says is ridiculous. Then all you can do is ignore him and wait for his parents to take him home. Was that the doorbell I heard? OK Joey, time to go home. Your parents are here. (Thank God!)

  18. 155 comments and MAYBE 1/3rd are actually about Genes comment….The rest, just an opportunity to spew crap about Nothing news related…Gene has this attitude because he doesn’t have sympathy for anyone because he and his family had it terrible with what his parents dealt with in the Holocaust as well as his own childhood…Gene sure sounds like an ass a lot, because of how he says things…instead of saying something like “nothing is bad enough for suicide, look at what my family has been thru, but look how I turned out”, he says “f you, go kill yourself because my family has been thru worse…” That’s just Gene…all mouth, but he has done that his entire life in front of the camera…not my style but it shouldn’t be any surprise that he would say something like that…And he has said that same thing probably five other times over the years, especially when speaking about Kurt Cobain, so this isn’t really news…

  19. I’ll say this again, Gene hates quitters. That’s all he’s saying. I’ve experienced Gene one on one, what he did completely changed my life…at first my depression put him off, but he’s a smart guy and he figured it out, and the thing is: no one else in my life, people that I’ve known for years, did. Doug the Red Rocker, take care man….

  20. Kiss was a big reason I even held myself together at all. The concepts that they put across are, and this is the originals, so complex that they have to be presented in a way in which a third grader would understand them. It’s this bursting forth, an opening up where you really find this authenticity within yourself.

  21. It’s kind of sad that people on here equate ‘success’ with numbers, sales numbers, attendance, etc…that’s not what art is about, art is not kitschy. Kiss is such a true art form, though, they are a new beginning, this is always present throughout their power circuits, so the merch, the extraneous endeavors are really a non-issue. Further, too many Kiss fans, instead of being fully disclosed, attempt to dominate the disclosure, so they get tattooed and become obsessed with every minutiae detail…so, they end up being dominated, and believe that they have to like everything Kiss does invariably, which is a distortion of the true Kiss disclosure.

  22. Simmons just needs to see his name somewhere all the time to feed an ego that is beyond measure. He’s the biggest moron in music, if what he does can be called music. He’s all fake, from plastic surgery face to hair plugs.

  23. Hey Brian B, you saw it in Jersey…now you know the B.S. of low attendance and Paul’s voice not there…these people are clowns…..they are bringing it on huge.

  24. You know, there was time when I was younger that I thought Gene Simmons was cool, that he was someone to be emulated for his brutally honest nature. But now, I’ve come to realize he is just a dick that drops loaded soundbites every so often to keep his name in the spotlight and feed his pathetic ego.

  25. I am stunned by anyone defending Gene’s comments. I know nothing of drug abuse but I lived through a clinical depressive episode for almost a year. What caused it I will never know as I am happily married with 3 children and financial stability. I do know that it was the worst thing I have EVER experienced and wanted to die Thankfully I received excellent treatment at the hands of someone that didn’t tell me to just “jump”.Unless you have had depression you will have NO IDEA how terrible it is.People commit suicide because they can’t deal with the pain of living. Anyone who doesn’t have sympathy for this is a pathetic excuse for a human.

  26. That’s it have a psych degree depression is chemical imbalance that the person can’t controll. Gene is a stupid piece of s##t here’s my kiss army card I’m done with em I could care less about a new album or kiss going on forever with different people. Kiss my a## I’ ll just get Ace’s new album.

  27. sent this to

    Dear Gene,
    Please clarify your position on those of us who are depressed, or more accurately, being treated for clinical depression.
    I doubt you even know what it’s like to be Clinically Depressed. It is a legitimate condition – I know, because *I have it*.

    Should I take your advice and jump off a ledge? Should I shoot myself? Let me tell you a little bit of what this condition put me through before I finally got the strength to get help:

    I have been living with and receiving ongoing treatment for Clinical Depression since 2008 when I finally snapped from the pressure of trying to “keep it together” while the world around me got more and more difficult to cope with. I had had it for *years* before I was finally diagnosed with it and I was only diagnosed with it because I finally hit rock bottom. Depression is a wicked thing that only others who have dealt with it can understand. Depression isn’t a lifestyle choice like being an asshole is.

    “Depression makes you feel the NEED to die”
    That is *exactly* the feeling I wrestled with for *years*. I even felt the The Universe was punishing me for being born. I wanted to die, not because I didn’t want to deal with life anymore, but because I was *positive* that my death would bring about all manner of changes for the better for everyone I loved that would be left behind. I never attempted suicide; If I was going to die it was going to be by doing something noble, like saving someone else from a fire, an angry bear – anything. And those opportunities never arose and so I kept living and waiting and suffering while that opportunity to check out with dignity and the knowledge that I helped save a life eluded me. And I waited and suffered and hated myself more and more. I actually called 9-1-1 on myself hoping that they would stick a needle in my butt, toss me in a padded room with nice cozy wrap-around pajamas and forget about me while I lived the rest of my life in a medicated fog. Instead
    I was interviewed, given a prescription for Prozac and referred to a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist for therapy…. I had to walk home on top of it…so much for my master plan of living in the sanitarium!

    I learned what my triggers were, I learned how to detect when a trigger was tripped by how I felt and how to ride out the wave, or redirect the energy somewhere else. There are so many people who have not had been fortunate enough to be in a position where they are diagnosed and given the tools they need to recognize and cope with the issues, and they turn to the the things that shut that chaos out (drugs, booze,sex, money-making) and help them feel better about themselves. I am very lucky.

    Depression isn’t just “I feel terrible and I want to die”.

    It’s also ” I feel awful and in pain and I think I’m going to find some selfish abusive asshole to share this pain with and show them what helpless and scared truly is” I know there were times if I had been properly motivated, there would be people lying in bloody heaps in my wake if Depression Rage had kicked in…but luckily, most of my episodes were retreat and hide with my self-loathing.

    And all of this was and is due to a chemical imbalance in my brain exacerbated by outside stimulus.

    I am very glad that you Mother survived the concentration camps and has shown an upbeat and uplifting sense of vitality in spite of the horrors she saw.
    It’s not for you to brag about it though, or wave it in the face of others – especially those who are suffering from Mental Illness!
    I don’t feel motivated by your “My Mom survived The Holocaust, what have *you* done lately!?” line of thought I feel sick that you can use the suffering of millions to promote your attitude.
    How many people who survived The Holocaust ended up committing suicide?

    According to this article, survivors are 3 times as likely to attempt suicide! here’s a direct quote from the article; “We’ve learned that religious people in Auschwitz and other camps made formal applications to rabbis in the camps seeking permission to commit suicide.”

    There’s only two things you are good at Mr Simmons; 1) Playing in a band 2) Making money. I suggest you stick to those two since you are coming perilously close to losing a whole lot of fans who struggle with Depression and who also have spent money they really couldn’t spare buying your CD’s and merchandise (and concert tickets) because they believed in the magic! The magic you seem very intent on killing!.

    Good Luck!


      1. The article concerning holocaust survivors committing suicide actually bolsters Gene’s statement. His defiance has even more credibility. But goodness Patrick you make a loose interpretation of Gene’s statement, as do alot of you, and your very vivid thoughts of hurting others, and it’s this aimless aggression, you don’t even have a specific target, just some random “selfish abusive a-hole, ” is kind of alarming. Or is it Gene? And you sent this to him? He’s probably in his back yard with his shot gun right now. Patrick actually lays out the pathological human condition that our culture breeds now pretty nicely. I understand how you got there Patrick, and it isn’t your fault, but life isn’t bad, it’s good. Just walk outside and feel the air hit you in the face, really experience that…..that’s what life really is, it isn’t all this other shit. It isn’t, as Sartre said, “Hell is other people.” It’s only when others throw their two bits in that life sucks, but life itself, is not the problem.

        1. I find your “loose interpretation” remark hilarious, since Gene, himself likes to interpret things loosely and then turn around and claim those things to be written in stone as The Law of Gene.

          You know nothing about Clinical Depression,clown. Let’s hope you never find out. You wouldn’t be going on and on about pathological human condition bred by culture blah-blah-blah if the Depression Monster had ever visited you. And there’s only one way to truly understand it, and that’s to have it.

          1. Patrick,

            I commend you for being so brutally honest, and putting yourself in such a vulnerable, by sharing your experiences. I wish you nothing but health and happiness going forward.

            All my best,
            Dana from 🙂

          2. Patrick, I understand that when you are depressed the world gets very confining, and when things are going good, the world is wide open. Believe it or not, you aren’t the only one dealing with life. This world chews people up and spits them out, so yes, it breeds pathology. I deal with depression differently than you, and I would even suggest that your severe depression is a side effect of some great thinking that is inside you.

          3. Patrick, forgive me, but you did post that, so all I am saying is that the world is messed up, and you have an adverse reaction, so, then, perhaps it is you that is normal and not these people that take to it like a fish to water?

          4. why isn’t Bozo at the circus instead of showing support to this creep in which we need less of? I hate to think Gene can be anybody to be looked up to now. He should be ashamed

  28. This is my second post here in regards to this topic.

    So Gene Simmons said to those who are drug addicts and depressed: “F**k you! Kill yourself!”

    My first reaction to this was what an A**HOLE!!! How could he possibly say those things? What a JERK!!!

    I was reminded of his song A**HOLE, where he sings, “How does it feel, to be a real…a**hole!” How fitting I thought. He really lived up to his name.

    His comments helped me make up my mind about the KISS concert that I had been on the fence about attending. I decided not to go. I didn’t want to give him one more cent of my money! Ironically, I ended up watching the show on YouTube and semi-regretted not going, but that’s another story.

    As Gene’s comments stewed around in my brain, I had a major insight. I realized that I say those SAME EXACT things to myself!!! From time to time I literally look in the mirror, give myself the finger and say, “F**k you!!! You should kill yourself!!!” How does that make me any different than him? How does that not make me an even bigger a**hole than him?

    Now imagine if I looked in the mirror and instead of seeing my own reflection, I saw Gene Simmons reflection and he was saying those words to me. Would I be offended? Yes. Would I be angry? Yes. Would I be shocked that Gene Simmons was in my mirror? Yes. My point is that I wouldn’t take that kind of crap from him! But wait a minute…I take that kind of crap from myself! If I truly loved myself I wouldn’t say such destructive things to myself. I’d say good things; encouraging things. Things like I love myself, I accept myself for who I am, I’m a good person, I’m ok and everything is going to be okay, etc….something along those lines. I would stop playing the victim and turn out the lights on my never ending pity party. I would make better use of my time and talents. I would try to make the world a better place.

    So to my dismay, I actually want to say thank you to Gene for making those heartless, ignorant comments. Though I think he needs to learn how to have compassion for those who are suffering from addiction and depression and not say such terrible things, he did get me thinking about how cruel I am towards myself. How I need to make major changes in my life. How I need to start having some love and compassion FOR MYSELF!!!

  29. Going to work with Lady GaGa huh? Keep in mind Gene that she is an addict herself and has had several run-ins with depression and anxiety and uses drugs to calm her nerves and take a “break” from it all. She’s not shy about telling the world that she does drugs, drinks and parties before during and after her shows. You say your only drug is rock and roll, well wake up buddy! You are a huge hypocrite if you are willing to collaborate and share the stage with someone like GaGa! Yet you’ll collaborate with her and defend her!? Now that’s just SAD for you, you ignorant prick!

  30. Pompous jackass! I don’t even have the words to describe how disgusted I am by his statement. Before he opens his big mouth he should read up about addiction and depression. I hope he never has to see his kids go thru addiction or depression. His lack of understanding or sympathy might find him burying one of them.

  31. There is no cure for depression. As you all know Robin Willams had it all: fame, money, family and friends. Hell, he just completed 4 movies, slated to do Mrs Doubtfire 2. When you are not happy nothing matters. Not money, fame, sex, owning a 100,000,000 homes and cars, even friends can’t help because in your mind you’re alone. There is no pill, no drink and no f-ing cure for it. If there was, Robin would be alive and happy. Gene, like always, is misinformed and that is sad. Ace and Peter have not taken drugs for a long time. Yet, Gene keeps bringing it up, just to put them down, because he knows without them, there would be no Kiss. No cold gin, no beth, no parasite, no money. Gene should be happy because without ace and Peter he’d be broke .. lol

  32. Why the public even gives this guy a voice is beyond me. The dude is a 65 year old has been. Do not confuse this elderly man with a font of homegrown wisdom. He’s your hateful dementia-ridden grandfather sitting at the Thanksgiving table cursing about the problems of the world in between filling his Depends.

  33. Let me try to put this in proper context: Anybody ever see the movie “Lean On Me” featuring Morgan Freeman? In the movie, Joe Clark (played by Freeman), confronts a drug adled teenager who is trying to plead his case to get back into the school after Joe Clark kicked out all the drug users and sellers in the school in an effort to clean it up. He takes the kid to the roof of the building (this is based on a true story) and says if he wants to kill himself he should jump off the building. The kid starts to cry saying he doesn’t want to kill himself. Joe Clark asks if he does drugs. Kid says yes. Joe Clark says if you do drugs you’re killing yourself. He says if you want to kill yourself ‘don’t fuck around with it, do it expeditiously!’ and again tells the kid to jump, and again the kid refuses. Eventually he concedes to let the kid back in the school and the kid does really well. Bottom line Joe Clark didn’t really want the kid to jump off the building, but was showing him that by taking drugs he was killing himself, and the only difference is he’s doing it slow with drugs rather than ‘expeditiously’ by jumping. GREAT movie. But that was the point Gene was trying to make. Love you, Gene. God bless.

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