Judas Priest will release their new album, Redeemer Of Souls in the States on July 8th through Epic/Columbia (see below for other release dates).

The title track can be streamed below.

On Tuesday, April 29th, Redeemer Of Souls will be available for purchase via iTunes and other digital service providers.

Guitarist Glenn Tipton said that fans should not expect wild experimentation. “Sometimes in the past we may have come under fire for being too adventurous musically – so we have listened,” he said. “From start to finish, Redeemer Of Souls is 18 songs of pure classic Priest metal.”

Other Redeemer Of Souls release dates:

July 8th:


Friday, July 11th:

New Zealand

Monday, July 14th:

Asia (excluding Japan)
Czech Republic
South Africa

Tuesday, July 15th:

Latin America

Wednesday, July 16th:




  1. The Priest is back! This single reminds me a lot of “Hell Patrol”! Cannot believe there are 18 songs! Very excited to hear the remainder.

  2. Hope Eddie plays the NEW track tonight on his radio show.

  3. Excited is the best word to describe how I feel! Great song!

  4. metalmania says:

    First let me say I’m happy there is new music from Judas Priest coming. That they are still producing new music at this stage of their career/lives is a testament to their passion for metal music and impressive that they can still do it. They could have called it a career after the Epitaph tour, and I’m sure they don’t need to continue putting material out to retire comfortably. Having said that, I’m not all that excited with this first song. Glenn Tipton may have said not to expect wild experimentation, but I’m afraid this song sounds like a formulaic repeat of not only other Priest matierial but a dozen other metal bands – and not a rehash of their best either. I’ll keep an open mind for the full album though and look forward to its release.

  5. I’m a huge Judas Priest fan. However, this doesn’t excite me like it did when I heard songs from the last 2 albums. Now I don’t wish to start a “They’re not the same without K.K Downing” argument, but I’m sorry, if this is anything to go by, then they’re not the same without K.K Downing.

    The band was also not quite the same without Rob Halford. However, the Tipton/Downing axis was still there and some of the most brutal Priest riffs were written in that time. (I mean, who would have ever thought that Priest would down-tune the guitars like they did on Jugulator?)

    Something is missing here. There’s not the same bite that there has been on the other Priest albums. For me this doesn’t grab you (or me) in the first few bars like the others do. Admittedly, this is only one song and I will give the others a listen before making a final judgement. However, if this song is anything to go by, then I think that my time as a Priest fan has come to an end, which is a real shame.

    • flashrockinman says:

      What’s missing is the opening riff. The rhythm guitar is too low in the mix. Classic Priest would have a huge memorable opening riff that’s repeated throughout the song. The guitars would also be more upfront. I like it but maybe they’ll remix it 😉

  6. randyrock says:

    I hope they tour this summer in nj. its what i live for.summer tours and nj shore..

  7. Sorry, this song is boring and sounds like filler material on a great Priest cd. Give it up Priest, it’ over. There are so many bands out there who really have to hang it up and go out in style. Retire with pride, most new music I hear today is recycled music from my youth. No excitement anymore.

    • pete lytel says:

      Give it up after 40 years? Based on one song? Harsh man.

      • Nostradamus was garbage, and I thought the 2 ripper owen cds were better than angel of retribution. they need to get back to british steel or screaming for vengeance for a great hook or riff. I saw them the angel tour also, and saw they 4 times previous, and halford is not what he once was.

  8. Ben Dover says:

    I like it.

  9. I’ve been a Priest fan for 30+ years, and I think it’s a pretty darn good song.

  10. Jeff Hawkins says:

    WOW!! I dig this! I’m so happy to have a brand-spanking-new Priest song to listen to on my way to work tomarow morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad that Priest did’nt try & change the classic metal sound that they are known for!! If it aint broke…

  11. Good stuff. Cant wait to hear the rest of the 18 songs!! 18, are you kidding me! That’s awesome! Just wish KK was still around.

  12. Bring back KK.

  13. I like it. this is what judas frikkin’ priest is supposed to sound like! if they were to miraculously have another hit single, this would be it.

  14. john tison says:

    I was really hoping that since this might be their last album that they would put out like a modern day screaming for vengence but this song sounds like a crappy left over from pain killer so I prey that there will be some gems on it but I’m sure that’s wishful thinking and for god sakes put love bites or heads are gonna roll back into the setlist!!!!

  15. Listen to the song a few more times and do see what some are talking about there are a few parts of this song that are kinda borrowed but as a whole it’s a okay song. The guys have been around long enough that they can steal a lick or two considering they other bands have been borrowing there sound for a long time now.Look at Sabbath 13 most of the album sounds like old songs and the album was a major success. What a band dose there is always haters that will take issue with every single band out there and hate all kinds of people at that. So you just have to take life with a grain of salt and a open mind.

  16. Probably will not be 18 songs Would be awesome if that’s true, but I think that was a typo by Blabbermouth. Saw the same quote from Glenn on Rolling Stone and That one said 13 songs. So I guess we’ll see. I like the title track but hoping for faster, heavier stuff!

  17. charlie rains says:

    Priest is totally washed up. Only KK has common sense.

  18. I like the single ROS. It basic Battlecry Priest. We all have to wait till July. I give it an A. Its not an A+ like PainKiller/YGATC but its still great. One thing I love about Priest is that they really know how to construct a song. Its like even if you don’t like it. They really do construct songs very well. I can feel the construction on their song like looking at a motor bike.

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