Been going non stop on the road last 6 weeks. Just home from M3. Another great year of many killer 80’s bands. Like most festivals I don’t get to see all the bands. Some I only see a song or two. These are working events for me and I get pulled in many directions, but that’s why I’m there. Was an honor to host again and of the bands I did see all truly sounded good. Night Ranger continues to be a killer dual guitar live band. Tesla sounded great and played a new song called MP3. They remain one of my all time favorite bands from the 80’s and are still one of the very best. Also saw some of Winger, Queensryche, Red Dragon Cartel, LA Guns and Kix. The highlight for me was seeing Extreme, simply because they had not played a proper US live show for five years. The band was incredible and Nuno is as brilliant as ever. Amazing to watch this guy play and see how strong the entire band is playing and vocal wise, awesome! Look forward to seeing them again at Rocklahoma. Most of the other bands that played I simply didn’t see because of other commitments on site. M3 will be back in 2015. Thanks to all the great fans I met and to those that sold out my books at my signings. If you didn’t get one you can order signed personalized copies on this site.

Also had a great time hosting the Golden Gods in LA. This show airs on VH1C May 24th at 8PM ET. I’ve seen many comments about the sound quality of some of the acts. Very hard to judge from a stream or bootleg video. What I heard on stage was strong from most. Let’s hear what the TV mix sounds like when it airs. I am also aware of the Jani Lane error in the memorial segment. I did not have anything to do with the production of this show. Was simply one of the hosts. So I can not speak for what happened there. There were also some curious decisions on who won some awards. But again, I have no control over that at all and do not run this or have any influence. It was a fun night and a star studded turn out for sure, but lets be honest, any awards is really just a huge party for the most part. And I can tell you this was a party backstage before and after!

I broke the news about Stephen Pearcy leaving Ratt Thursday when he texted me his statement on the way to LAX airport. Both the Ratt camp and Stephen have reached out to me to come on the radio and discuss and I will let both do that when the opportunity comes up in my schedule. It’s unfortunate this has happened as I have always said Ratt was and still is a great band. We will see what the next events are soon..

So much more to tell you but want to spend a bit of time with my kids before hitting the road yet again. I’ll be live on SiriusXM 39 tomorrow 6-10P ET. M Shadows will call in live. I’ll be hosting Avenged Sevenfold, Hellyeah, Adrenaline Mob at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood FL this Wed! My book signing/selling starts at 6 outside the venue entrance. Me, Don and Jim will be live on stage this Saturday at The Troc in Philly. Again these are NOT TMS tapings but live stand up shows. Hope to see you there. Books for sale then as well.

Much more to come when I get time. Follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk

Happy birthday ACE FREHLEY!

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  • Randy Ladd on

    Awesome comments on Extreme Eddie! One of THE most underrated bands of all time. Biggest fan. I remember being so pissed at the Freddie Mercury Tribute because they played all these songs that I had never heard of… little did I know I was becoming a Queen fan that very moment. Incredible!

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