judaspriest640 On Monday, June 9th, Judas Priest released a preview of the song Dragonaut from the band’s forthcoming album Redeemer of Souls. The band has now released the tune in its entirety and it can be heard below.

In the past several weeks, Judas Priest have been previewing and streaming many of the songs from Redeemer of Souls. Click on the highlighted titles below to hear the corresponding song.

Redeemer of Souls
March of the Damned
Halls Of Valhalla

Redeemer of Souls will be released in the States on July 8th through Epic/Columbia.



  1. Big balls sound! One of those songs that will give you whip lash! Hope the whole CD sounds like this

  2. doug r. says:

    ABSOFUCKINGLUTLEY!! Just the kick in the ass I needed to get through the rest of the day, that made my day!! Dana, is it too early to start comparing Redeemer to Screaming? Just kidding :)

    • doug r. says:

      Just listened to Dragonaut for the 6th time today & it just keeps getting better! My CD tray is ready & waiting for this album, I just hope I don’t blow out my BOSE speakers! I am so looking forward to the full album, and a full six pack of Coors Light to go along with it! It’s going to be very difficult to sleep on the night of July 7th. :) Cheers :)

  3. Louis W says:

    Thanks Dana!! I love the different sounds of all the songs so far! T minus a month or so!

  4. Why doesn’t the band just release the whole thing for 5 dollars?

  5. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! THIS CRUSHES!!!!!

  6. sorry guys but to me it sounds like painkiller leftovers!

  7. No……

  8. John N. says:

    This is what I wanted to hear from them. Amazing!! I just keep replaying it over and over. I think I read it’s available for download on Monday.

  9. If you are going to write a metal song in 2014 and you want to retain a “classic” sound what better idea than to create a Metallica song from “Master of Puppets,” and that bridge is clearly the pre-chorus from “No Remorse,:” “you will be dying 1,000 deaths.” You would think these guys might decide to address the current state of the world, which they predicted as far back as 1982 was going to happen. But no, we get the same old cliches…again. As they say in the Shark Tank: “I”m out.”

  10. These guys set very high standards, hence my harsh criticism.

  11. Glenn Tipton is the most underrated guitarist in history…

  12. I.E. that is one hell of lead break there, Glenn

  13. Painkiller on steroids. Too bad the radio industry sucks so the airplay will be poor. If this were ’88 it would be big play on the FM dial.

  14. GREAT! I can’t wait for the new album! 40+ years and they still show how metal should be played. I have to admit, because I’ve been a diehard Priest fan since 1980, I’m still getting used to KK not being in the band. Glenn and KK will forever be the definitive twin ax attack in metal that all others are judged by. That being said, they definitely found the perfect guy to take KK’s place. Ritchie has breathed new life into the band.

  15. Sorry, that’s the pre-chorus to “Seek and Destroy.”

  16. I LIKE IT!!!!!! As i always say,the world is a better with some new priest!!!!!

  17. Without Priest, there would be no Metallica. Priest is doing what they do best. Metallica are stretching their artistic boundaries. Cant argue with the results.

  18. Jimi Hendrix Jr says:

    not bad, a good guitar solo in there but the mixing is weird. Halford’s voice sounds too loud and the guitars sound too low. This reminds of something off of the Painkiller album as someone had mentioned. Painkiller is a half-an-album, brilliant first half and the wheels come off like I’ve never seen on album before or since, as it degrades into generic metal schlock. Also missing is the KK/Tipton psychic link which provided flawless and seamless double guitar solos. It will be impossible to get that back. I like the heavy approach to this album. I will check out the rest of it.

  19. metalmania says:

    Solid track. Priest (and Maiden, and Metallica, etc.) aren’t going to blow our minds with anything unlike we’ve ever heard before at this stage of their careers. If they just give us solid stuff that “sounds like they’re supposed to” then I’m fairly satisfied these days. This sounds like Judas Priest should sound – cliche lyrics, recycled riffs and all. I’m not saying that as a put down – I am a long time Priest fan and am looking forward to this album. They tried to be different with “Nostradamus” and it got thrown back in their faces – a shame because although it’s not my favorite Priest album by a long shot it was huge, ambitious, and showed how deeply creative this band can be. So they’ve gone back to what people said they want from them – straight up classic style metal. And that’s exactly what this song sounds like: textbook Priest classic metal. I have no problem with that.

    I agree on the comments about Glenn Tipton – hugely underrated (and KK of course as well). I think the guitar solo “duel” in “The Sentinel” is one of the finest examples ever recorded of a twin guitar attack in a metal song. Epic.

  20. Steven M says:

    Judas Priest has never put out a bad album with Halford. Their is a reason he is a metal god. He could make a country song metal. This is just a band that has great chemistry and their musicianship compliments each other. Can’t wait to get the full version of this CD

  21. Arthur Fonzarelli says:

    Judas Priest are legends. They don’t need to borrow from Metallica – the most overrated band ever.

  22. Ready to Rock to some New Priest. I Feel blessed to Still have Rob Halford Still Thrashing with Priest. Been rocking to Judas since High School. will be 50 in july. God is Good.

  23. Johnny Truman says:

    Nice to see and hear Judas Priest making new music and it sounds solid.
    They can do no wrong at this point in my book, great band, great guys.

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