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lAfter a long absence, it seems that former OZZY OSBOURNE and BADLANDS guitarist Jake E. Lee is poised to return to making new music.  According to Michael Toney, author of the book “TALES FROM THE STAGE VOL 1,” Jake is currently in the studio recording new music for an album that should hopefully come out later this year.

Jake’s new project will be called JAKE E. LEE’S RED DRAGON CARTEL and will feature Ronnie Mancuso (Beggars and Thieves) on bass and Jonas Fairley (Black Betty) on drums.  While a permanent vocalist is yet to be announced, the album will include appearances by several guest vocalists, including Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Sass Jordan (S.U.N), and possibly original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul DiAnno.

Jake gave Michael Toney a sneak preview of what’s to come.  According to Toney:  “The two new tracks that I have heard are very impressive, and are incredibly fresh sounding – but not really in the same family as [Jake’s] work with Badlands or Ozzy. It’s still hard rock, but perhaps a bit more melodic.”

We’ll certainly keep an eye on this here at eddietrunk.com and will give you updates as we get more information.  We’ll look to get the low-down from Jake himself in the coming months!

Michael Toney’s book TALES FROM THE STAGE VOLUME 1 features exclusive interviews with several artists and music industry insiders, including Tim “Ripper” Owens, Bruce Kulick, Brian Tichy, and our own Eddie Trunk.  Check it out HERE!

29 thoughts on “JAKE E. LEE TALKS NEW BAND, NEW MUSIC FOR 2013.

    1. No kidding! Now why doesn’t he shoot himself in the foot before he even gets out of the gate by giving the band a 5 word name that no one can remember?

  1. Please get in touch with Magnus Eckwall former singer of the Quill! It is like the ghost of Ray Gillen inhabits this amazing singer. He would be able to sing anything Jake can come up with and any Badlands tune

  2. I’ve always felt like Badlands was a band that I knew about, that I had to turn all my friends onto because the world failed them, they never received the recognition they deserved. Seriously, the band and the music was so special to me in the 90’s, so raw, bluesy and honest. I hope Jake gets the recognition he deserves and there’s a new generation that discovers his genius.

  3. Sounds like Eddie has been giving them some creative advice so it should be awesome. You have to remember Jake E was originally in Ratt and his work with Ozzy was really good. There has to be a real learning curve as far as technology and the whole business end from the 90’s to now. I was a guitar nut back in the day and I am amazed at some of the new stuff out there. If he has been laying low all these years I am sure he has a lot of catching up to do, of course if he’s been keeping up the chops is all that will matter.

    1. I’m listening to some stuff and helping where I can but I am not a direct part of the production team or working for them at all. Just giving my 2 cents when they ask and making suggestions

  4. Jake is Great! Badlands music is fantastic! I just wish there was a different singer! RG sucked in my opinion and struggled through all those simple notes. And live , forget about it! I believe RG destroyed the albums and held back the rest off the band. And so gay by the way. I hope the new vocalist is nothing like that guy! Go Jake!

  5. Hell Yeah, It’s about time, always have been a huge Jake fan, One of the most under rated guitarists of the 80’s. Started playing Jackson Charvel guitars because of him. Can’t wait to hear this.

  6. I saw Jake with Eddie last fall at a GnR show and Id be more worried about Jakes health and apperance than music right now. I dont care what youre selling , if doesnt look good youre screwd. Im a huge Jake fan , but I wouldnt get your hopes to high. Whatever happened between Jake and the Ozzy camp took a huge toll on him in more ways than one.

  7. hey me, are you deaf or just an idiot ! Ray was as important to Badlands as the rest of the members. and as far as live he was one of the few singers ive seen that was flawless live, ronnie james dio, phil moog also. best of luck to jake. ray was one in a million.

  8. Jake E. welcome back!!!! You left a huge hole in rock n roll when you left us and we have all been praying for you to get well and awaiting your return to music. We are all rooting for you and applaud your courage and talent. Hope you get out there in the guitar community and give some great interviews and signature gear! would love to buy a cool instructional DVD teaching us all how you play your great songs and riffs etc. Also, hope we see a really accurate Charvel Artist model repro of your famous white and black Charvel/Fender guitar with the that super cool 70’s fender bolt neck! One of the coolest looking guitars of all time! Go Jake E Lee!!!!!!

  9. I have always thought it cool that Jake has enough self-confidence that money was never his single motivator, as I’d be first in-line to buy an OZZY/JAKE reunion ticket or download (does anyone buy CD’s anymore?) myself. He still gets maligned a bit in some forums, not sure why, but he don’t care, yet while I like all of Ozzy’s gutarist – yes even Joe Holmes and I am a huge Gillis fan – Jake had by and far the best stage presence in my opinion.

  10. If he’s so washed up, why are you posting here? Jake is awesome!! Sure he doesn’t look the way he did when he was with Ozzy. It’s been 30 freakin’ years. He just looks so “shockingly” different because he hasn’t been seen in all these years. Look at a young vs. old side by side pic of anyone who has remained in the public eye for the past 30 years. Trust me, they’ve aged. You just haven’t noticed how much because they have remained in the public eye.

  11. I was really happy to see Jake on the show. I never knew what had happened to him and I read about what went down with Ozzy and couldn’t believe it..,you could see the hurt in eyes when talking about it.
    Eddie if you ever talk to him again tell him I wish much all the good luck with his new band and all the happines in evething else.

  12. Eddie would you ask Jake if he would come to M3 rock feat in Maryland we would love to see him.
    Also how do I call into your show? When will Jake E Lee be on your show?

  13. Hey folks! The website jakeelee.com does not seem to be the official site for Jake. Does anyone know where his official online presence is and share a list?

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