joeelliot400 Joe Elliott’s rocking side project Down ‘n’ Outz has crafted a new video for the track Rock ’n’ Roll Queen that Billboard exclusively premiered today (May 29th). Watch it below.

The tune-the single from Down ‘n’ Outz’ album The Further Adventures Of… -is a riff-heavy bit of bad-boy honkey tonk and the Lee Ford-directed video takes us there with live performance footage shot at Sheffield’s Corporation nightclub earlier this month, complete with lusty shots of the audience.

“Shooting a video in a dark, dirty and seedy nightclub in Sheffield brought back some great memories of being at such a club watching bands as a teenager,” said Elliott. “The perfect setting for the D&Os to blast through some fantastic retro rock!”




  1. Bastard says:

    This guy looks like a total f-tard. Pull your hair back or do something with it. Doucher….

  2. What dose someones hair style have to do with music? Your should judge him on the music this not a head&shoulders commercial. Like the song not to bad could care less about his hair! Odd seeing Joe with a guitar had know idea he played which is pretty cool. Hope Def leppards new CD sound a little bit like this would be nice. Smile all around know time to frown

  3. Sorry Joe..not feeling it. In fact, I only have interest in music from Def Leopards first 3 albums. Anything worth listening too from Hysteria and on is very scattered.

  4. Leppard..oops

  5. I like it. Very cool Joe !!!!

  6. A doo like that (the Aniston thing ’95) makes your round face narrower.

  7. Bastard says:

    Dana, lol. No doubt that the music is most important element, but I had to comment on the hair… just douchey.

    • milkmoney says:

      The guy can sing you freaking moron. You’re douchey. Keep your asinine comments to yourself. What is a f-tard? Have you ever even kissed a girl? What are you like 30 years old? I’m so sick of the stupid f’s who come on this site and disrespect great musicians. Get a life you f-tard. If you got something to say, I’m in Middletown, NY and you make your move.

  8. Hope everyone knows this is a Mott the Hoople song. Type in Mott 1971 or 72 on youtube . Great band. Queen opened for them on their first US tour.

  9. bastard says:

    milkman, its on, bitch. i will meet you at alto music at noon on sunday! hopefully u can get out from your shift at taco bell.

    • Dearest Mr. Bastard and Mr. Milkman, does not condone violence or threats of any kind. Please consider yourselves on notice. The next time, your comments will be deleted.

      Can’t we all just along, please? :)

      Thank you in advance of your cooperation,

      Dana from :)

  10. bastard says:

    cya in 85 min at alto

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