joeelliot400 Joe Elliott’s rocking side project Down ‘n’ Outz has crafted a new video for the track Rock ’n’ Roll Queen that Billboard exclusively premiered today (May 29th). Watch it below.

The tune-the single from Down ‘n’ Outz’ album The Further Adventures Of… -is a riff-heavy bit of bad-boy honkey tonk and the Lee Ford-directed video takes us there with live performance footage shot at Sheffield’s Corporation nightclub earlier this month, complete with lusty shots of the audience.

“Shooting a video in a dark, dirty and seedy nightclub in Sheffield brought back some great memories of being at such a club watching bands as a teenager,” said Elliott. “The perfect setting for the D&Os to blast through some fantastic retro rock!”



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  • Bastard on

    This guy looks like a total f-tard. Pull your hair back or do something with it. Doucher….

    • Dana on

      Well, I’ll say this, your screen name seems to suit you. Angry much? Sheesh….

      Dana from 🙂

    • Medved on

      Why even allow a comment like that to be posted Dana? All comments are held for moderation.

    • Dana on


      Although, I clearly don’t agree with it, he is entitled to his opinion. However, if the comments persist with that type of tone in the future, it won’t be tolerated.

      Dana 🙂

    • Mike on

      Lets see a picture of your hair so we can comment on it’s douche-y ness.

  • brian on

    What dose someones hair style have to do with music? Your should judge him on the music this not a head&shoulders commercial. Like the song not to bad could care less about his hair! Odd seeing Joe with a guitar had know idea he played which is pretty cool. Hope Def leppards new CD sound a little bit like this would be nice. Smile all around know time to frown

  • Rick on

    Sorry Joe..not feeling it. In fact, I only have interest in music from Def Leopards first 3 albums. Anything worth listening too from Hysteria and on is very scattered.

  • jerry on

    I like it. Very cool Joe !!!!

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