buckcherryfyou640 Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd has defended the band’s upcoming Fuck EP, saying: “it’s not just some silly rock record.”

The six-track record’s controversial title was inspired by the movie Scarface, according to Todd, who adds that while it was fun to make, they didn’t set out to offend people.

He tells Yahoo Music, “It’s not just some silly rock record. We put a lot of thought into it and the songs definitely have a lot of dynamics. We set out to make a great product and just have fun with it.

It’s not about offending anybody as much as celebrating the word. There are so many ways to use the word. We wanted to capture that on an EP and not hold back or censor anything.

We’re big fans of the movie Scarface and I remember for a long time the movie had the most fucks of any film and I thought that was so rad.”

Each of the EP’s tracks features the f-word. Included is a cover of Icona Pop’s hit I Love It, renamed as Say Fuck It.

The Fuck EP is released on August 18th.

Fuck EP tracklist:

Somebody Fucked With Me
Say Fuck It
I Don’t Give A Fuck
It’s A Fucking Disaster
Fist Fuck

additional source: classicrockmagazine.com


  1. charlie rains says:

    Very lame Josh. Bring back Jimmy.

  2. Just a really juvenile way to sell records. Kinda pathetic, really.

  3. Tom peters says:

    if you don’t like it don’t f%#$ing
    buy it !! keep rocking BC

  4. Speedking says:

    A movie released on December 9, 1983. That is beloved by idiot gangsta wannabes. What a clown. The 15 Minutes should have been up in 1999. Somehow a fluke occurred in 2006 bringing them back(with another piece of crap) but it’s been over since.

  5. “It’s not some silly rock record”…????? No kidding?

  6. Not best way to sell records, don’t be like hip hop where half the song is censored.

  7. wow some haters here…….these guys have almost single handedly kept real rock n roll alive the past decade or so. Awesome concept and even better tunes, picking my copy up today …F yea!

  8. Haaa!! now that’s HYSTERICAL T!! thank God they’ve saved rock n roll, it was truly dead til ….well, they’ve always gathered attention by using naughty words, like lovin’ cocaine and bitch f’s so good,,, blah blah, one trick ponies..super lame.

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