buckcherryfyou640 Buckcherry are to release the radio unfriendly Fuck EP on August 19th – with each of the six tracks featuring the four-letter word in the title.

It includes a cover version of Icona Pop’s I Love It, which Buckcherry have renamed Say Fuck It.

The EP is the band’s first release since 2013’s album Confessions.

Singer Josh Todd says: “I’m a huge fan of EPs and I had a lot of them when I was a kid, so it’s going to be fun to put this one out. It’s nasty and it’s raw and it’s quintessential Buckcherry.

It was a lot of fun writing it and it was great to do this EP for me after doing Confessions, because Confessions was so heavy and deep and this EP is just reckless and fun. It’s probably one of my most fun little projects to do.”

Fuck tracklist:

1. Somebody Fucked With Me
2. Say Fuck It
3. Motherfucker
4. I Don’t Give A Fuck
5. It’s A Fucking Disaster
6. Fist Fuck

source: classicrockmagazine.com

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  • Josh on

    “buckcherry suck cause they put an album out and didn’t cuss. buckcherry suck cause they put an EP out called f” haha buckcherry does whatever the f buckcherry wants to do now go listen to your imagine dragons.

  • tim yoder on

    Its actually the best thing they’ve done in a while overall!
    Good old fashioned punk driven power punched good time fuck you Cd.
    Approprietely titled to the attitude of rock n roll and all its rebellion and to all those bitching about it.
    Tongue n cheek slap to yall for judging without even apparently listening to it yet.
    Good job Buck. Fuck em!!!

  • JC on

    All this hate, why? I still dig the Buckcherry. They were a LARGE force in keeping Hard Rock alive in the 90’s. Still valid today. Kinda analogous to their name sake – Chuck Berry…

  • Porksteak Ted on

    Has nobody thought of temporarily renaming the band ” #FUCKCHERRY”?

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