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bonjoviband400 Special anniversary editions of the original New Jersey album will be released on July 1st, 2014. Both Deluxe and Super Editions will include the complete remastered original album, plus three bonus tracks, and 13 rare Sons Of Beaches demos: more than one hour of previously unreleased demos from the New Jersey recording sessions, released exclusively for this project. Super Deluxe Edition will also include an additional DVD, Access All Areas: A Rock & Roll Odyssey, of exclusive video footage from the New Jersey era.

Pre-order the New Jersey digital Deluxe Edition today through iTunes and get early access to three never-released demos between now and July 1st.

Homebound Train-Available Now
Full Moon High-Available Now
Diamond Ring – June 24th

Physical Album Amazon Pre-oder:

Original New Jersey Album Remastered (1CD)
New Jersey Deluxe Edition (2CD)
New Jersey Super Deluxe Edition (2CD + 1DVD)



        1. I don’t need an excuse, that’s your opinion and guess what I think of it? LOL!!!

          At least I am open minded enough to realize that Rock can come in different forms. I happen to like old Bon Jovi, and while I know you will disagree, it is much harder edged than the Back Street Boys…puhleez….

          Dana from πŸ™‚

          1. All the low IQ 14-year-old girls with no taste loved Bon Jovi when I was growing up. Says it all.

          2. Hey “Buck,” why don’t you use your real name if you are going to insult someone, big man?

            Also this “girl” with a low IQ, as you called me, has a Master’s Degree. Additionally, my favorite band is, and has always been, Judas Priest. My favorite solo artist has always been John Sykes.

            Finally, this is my last reply to you. Your next snarky response to me will end up in the trash where it belongs. So, Buck off!

            Dana from πŸ™‚

          3. Listen up Bucko, I saw Bon Jovi back in ’87 @ MSG, and there were ALOT more dudes like me there, around 21 at that time, than “Teenage Girls”, Of course at that time maybe some younger women liked Bon Jovi because of their “looks”, but MOST people like myself only cared about the music. Back then Bon Jovi was a real good rock ‘n’ roll band, I couldn’t give a flying fuck about their looks or anybody else’s! It’s all about the music, That says it all!

        2. Hey Butt Fudge, or whatever your name is, you’re really comparing Bon Jovi to those idiots? You must be completely tone-deaf! Grant it, Bon Jovi isn’t the same band they used to be, but they had a real good 10 year run, from ’84 to ’94, IMO they were as good as anybody in that era. That would be like today comparing Godsmack to Justin Beaver! Anyway, it’s Friday the 13th, full moon, and I’m ready to party! Dana, YOU’RE INVITED (BUTT YOUR FRIEND CAN’T COME) πŸ™‚

  1. I was never a die hard fan of theirs but I seen them back in the day and they were good live…today, their music sucks and I have no desire to see to see them live again..

  2. Actually pretty shred move by Jon and his label. Did you see the Led Zeppelin reissues all landed in the top 10 this week. I am quite sure he will sell lost of copies of this and Slippery When Wet. I don’t blame them at all.

  3. Too many experiments, politics, changes. The last 20 years have not been good for Bon Jovi. What happened to songs like, Raise Your Hands, Wild In The Streets, Homebound Train, 99 In The Shade? For me, Keep The Faith was the last good album from Bon Jovi. After that it’s all about soft rock, country duets, and political parties, NO THANKS!

      1. I know, just throwing in my 2 cents about the band these days. Just too bad they couldn’t keep the party going, “the Rock ‘n’ Roll party”! πŸ™‚

  4. Do we really need this?? Bon Jovi was great fun back years ago, but in recent years Jon has become full of himself. New Jersey was a decent album, but other than slippery when wet we don’t really need any other reissues from BJ

  5. Jon kicked Ritchie out becuase he wouldn’t take pedal steel guitar lessons from some guy in Nashville. Ritchie said “Jon I’m a rock guitar player, I like Eric Clapton! I don’t want to go country. Remember, we already tried that 28 years ago when Wanted Dead or Alive came out.”

    1. I always assumed it was Richies alcoholism that lead to his firing. He was the hottest guy in the band..looks pretty damn haggard now days..John probably has had nips and tucks but he still looks amazingly fresh for his age.

      1. Gina,

        I was always partial to Jon myself, but yes, Richie was very popular with the ladies πŸ™‚ However, I agree with you, Jon is aging like a fine wine.

        Dana from πŸ™‚

  6. Does the rock world really have to endure a Bon Jovi deluxe edition? Who cares what they do nowadays to keep themselves in the rock scene, I just know I ain’t gonna buy this crap.

  7. I remember seeing Bon Jovi open for Judas Priest in Calgary on July 16, 1986. Jon said “We’re gonna try a new one out on ya – it’s called “You Give Love A Bad Name”. It sounded pretty good and they were pretty cool. Then a couple of months later, the new album Slippery When Wet went huge and that was that. I had the first album and Slippery and then it was kind of ruined for me when the masses all jumped on board. I haven’t been into them since and now it would be embarrassing to be caught at a Bon Jovi show with all of the soccer Moms singing and dancing along.

  8. It always cracks me up to see people chime in with garbage to say just for the sake of being a part of the conversation (John A., George, Buck Futt). Don’t care about a New Jersey reissue? Good, don’t buy it! You think Bon Jovi sucks now? Good for you, now move along and spend your time commenting on articles you actually care about so you have something worthwhile to add to the conversation.

    For fans of the Slippery/Jersey era of Bon Jovi, the Deluxe Edition could be the next best thing to getting a new album from the band that sounds like they did back in the day. It’s true that they aren’t the same band they were in the 80’s and early 90’s, but I’m sure if every album sounded like this one, people would whine about that too.

    1. Thank you Jason!

      I have been saying that for almost half a year now. If you don’t like something, why bother to read it, let alone taking the time to comment? I think it just boils down to the simple fact is that they are nothing more than internet trolls who get off on complaining and creating dissension.

      Dana from πŸ™‚

      1. Well, as much as I hate the role of Captain Obvious, I’m far too compelled to speak out when I see such useless comments being made. I just pity those trolls for the lives they must live, having nothing better to do with their time than jump around making ignorant remarks, like that fly that buzzes you constantly while you’re eating.

        Kudos to you, Dana, for dealing with people like Buck F. and the dude that has like 50 usernames and keeping this site classy (as much as possible)!

  9. I think it’s ok to do some complaining. Bon Jovi is irrelevant to metal and rock fans at this point.
    His crowd is the 40+ soccer Moms now. Maybe they’ll shell out 50 bucks for this cash grab, but most rock fans I know definitely won’t. People ragging on stuff and praising others gives Dana and Eddie a feel of what people are digging these days.

    1. Leslie,

      Conductive criticism is fine, but some posters on here are down right rude. As I have stated on here before, anyone can be insulting and be nasty, but to communicate ones displeasure in a mature and intelligent way, takes real finesse.

      Dana from πŸ™‚

      PS-I am NOT a soccer mom and the last time I saw Bon Jovi was in 2010 at the opening of Met Life Stadium in New Jersey. I am honest enough to admit that I was very disappointed, and slightly bored, with their set list as it mainly consisted of new material. I was hoping that he would have done either In and Out of Love or Tokyo Road from 7800 Fahrenheit, but no such luck. While I am not sure I would see the band again (maybe?), for some posters to suggest that Bon Jovi, especially the old material which I love, is on the same level as the Backstreet Boys or Justin Beiber, is a bit of an exaggeration and an overstatement.

      1. Leslie – Sure, it’s “OK” to complain about anything, such as this reissue of their last great album (because you say they’re irrelevant to everyone but Soccer Moms), but what’s being accomplished? What purpose is served to come here and inject a negative attitude about a band that you probably don’t even follow anymore? It’s a self-fulfilling gesture that just demonstrates a need to feel included in the conversation while alienating yourself from anyone who does care.
        There are hundreds/thousands of bands out there who I don’t listen to, don’t follow, don’t care about at all, so why would I want to waste my time posting in a thread about their latest album or tour just to say how much I didn’t care about it? That’s the point I was making in my comment above that Dana and I were talking about.

        Besides that, do you (or anyone) really think that a bunch of haters spouting off about this band or that band will lead to Eddie or Dana no longer posting news about them? If that’s the case, no more KISS articles!

  10. Bon Jovi Has sold more than 130 million Albums Global and top touring band as well, I am so excited for the reissue . For anyone that thinks that Bon Jovi is not Rock and Roll then you are wrong . When Bon jovi puts on a show they give 110% . I have been to every show in jersey since 1989 and Bon jovi fans are not just soccer moms there are men woman and children of all ages . The difference between Bon jovi and the other bands that started in the same era is Jon and the boys grew up and they see whats important in the world, and they care about there fans. If Jon was so heartless and self centered he would not give back the way he does . Jon and the boys are all heart and the #1 band in the world .

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