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Hope everyone had a good weekend. Live show tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. It will be a busy one featuring live interviews with Chris Jericho, Gilby Clarke and Jeff LaBar who has debut solo music to play. Plenty of your calls and new and classic music as well.

Thanks to all for the great response to this weeks podcast with Blitz. New Overkill out tomorrow. New podcast with guest TBA posted this Thursday, be sure to sign up!

Getting a tremendous amount of email from people asking me about new episodes of That Metal Show. I can tell you VH1C has picked up the option to do more shows. That’s the good news. The bad is that they are likely not going to be shooting them for a while. Possibly not before early next year. You must understand this is as frustrating for me as it is for you. Almost EVERY request I get from fans about TMS is the same thing I want. But I do not own the channel and make those decisions. It is hard for many to comprehend but all I can tell you is VH1 CLASSIC is not VH1 or MTV. They have tiny operating budgets by comparison. It is why in 2014 it is still not an HD channel. It is why our episodes are so sparse as far as new shows. I have been a proud part of this channel’s history as a host since 2002. It has grown but in baby steps for sure. I would LOVE to be doing new shows weekly, daily even. And would love to make happen all the things you guys ask for and bring out all the opportunity I am presented with. But I do not own the show or the network. I’m being as honest as I can about all of this. The great news is the show is continuing. The bad news is not quite at the pace many would like. I am so appreciative of the support around the world for this show that was very much my baby, but we all have a boss and I can’t force them to spend more money and do more episodes until they are ready. So when VH1C decides it’s time to do more shows of course I will do them and let you guys know where and when. Like I said, it IS happening and the show WILL continue. Just going to be seeing repeats for a while longer until the network has the funds and ability to do the new ones. In the meantime I will continue to do my best to connect with all of you weekly through my two radio shows, my podcast, and some other new projects I will soon pursue to keep the music and artists we love alive best I can. Thanks for your support and when I have word when and where we tape TMS next I’ll let you all know.

PS: Me, Don & Jim are hosting a show this Friday in Lincoln CA at Thunder Valley with Anthrax, Living Colour, Corey Taylor and Burned Halo. This is NOT a TMS taping. NO upcoming events and appearances are TMS tapings that we do on the road. Thanks.


  1. Thanks for your honesty Ed, that really does answer all my questions!
    BTW, anybody see the last episode of Counting Cars W/ Judas Priest on The History Channel? What a F’N awesome guitar the guys had done for Richie! I want that guitar! There’s a replay of the episode on tonight at 11:03PM (weird start time) on History Ch., if you haven’t seen the episode yet, you should really check it out. My only question is, where was Glenn? 🙂

  2. Ed,

    Glad to hear TMS is still going!

    The people at VH1 classic need to better people handling the programing and figure out what they want the station to be….besides TMS the programming and occasional concert films it is terrible!

    One night I turn it on and Saturday night live re- runs ,Married with children re-runs or some crappy movie…that alone will cause bad ratings! and bring in advertising money to operate!

    I mean come on what the hell is the station comedy,music ,old crappy movies??

    just venting Ed I know its not your job

    1. Well said Gerry! I enjoy Married with Children and SNL, but what the Hell do either of those shows have to do with music? That WILL hurt the channel’s ratings, and ultimately advertising dollars. Bunch of pinheads running the channel.

      TMS fans, vent your frustrations on social media! Go straight to the source. Blow up VH1C twitter feed and fb page. Tell THEM you’re tired of the SNL and Married with Children reruns, and you want more NEW episodes of TMS!

  3. Is there any possibility of rebranding the show and changing networks? I think you’ve proven there is an audience for this. Any interested parties other than VH1 classic?

    1. You find the network I’ll take the call. Anything is possible I assume.. But again, VH1C does plan to do more shows just to be clear. But I am open to everything and anything additionally.

  4. Has there been a thought of Sirius maybe sponsoring TMS considering your relationship with Sirius. I’m kinda surprised Axs tv hasn’t been trying to get you guys. You and the boyz do great job on TMS and it shows with people asking so much about it.

  5. Eddie, you could do a video podcast that would be more successful that TMS. There would be no country limitations that VH1C has to contend with. Viewership would explode in places where VH1C can’t reach via TV or web. You grew up old school and are stuck in that rut. Creating your own channel on youtube with advertising could be an simple start Think about it.

    1. I really like this idea.

      This way the show would be interviews from wherever… Artists would not be tied down to a studio in a particular city. Eddie and the guys could get em anywhere they can find them.

      Alot of youtubers make good money nowadays as well

  6. Its great that the show will continue…….. I was thinking about it today ….. and I thought, wouldn’t it be fun and funny to have a mini “Rock Star” movie reunion…. Zakk Wylde, Jeff Pilson and Jason Bonham all on at the same time and then bring out Mark Walburg… And let them all rip the movie apart !! Yay or Nay ?

  7. Eddie, I appreciate the TMS update. I do sense that you are as frustrated as everyone, and I understand that you are not obligated to give out details of your contract with Viacom. I also realize that FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. are not viable outlets for your show…I think we all do. People do pitch show ideas all the time however, and cable is a fantastic thing. You have a track record, and perhaps some other outlet such as Mark Cuban’s AXS TV (which has an investment in music shows already) or Audience Network (DirecTV) would be interested in a successful person such as yourself having a presence on their network. Would it be easy? No, but I’m sure they would listen.

    Thank you and keep up the great work.

  8. Eddie, what college fund type site can you create for your fans to donate to for your kids if you will instruct Dana to stop posting Gene Simmons related articles? Thanks in advance.

  9. Eddie-
    Totally random story that I’ve been meaning to tell you for awhile, but being a UFO fan I hope you’ll appreciate it. Back in the early 80’s I saw UFO supporting Triumph in Beaumont, Texas. Earlier in the day, Phil Mogg had broken his arm but still did the show wearing a brand new cast. During the show Phil was absolutely obliterated on painkillers–a local radio station had sent their mascot out to the show, and in his slightly altered state, Phil spent most of his time away from the mic pointing at the mascot and giggling–still, UFO put the smackdown on Triumph that night. Very cool band.

  10. The fuck was THAT bullshit from Jehrico (you didn’t say shit) about Adam Lambert’s sexual stuff? As if any of us who got out of school during the 1970’s were expecting Freddie Mercury Jr. We all knew Bowie was bi, Halford was gay and so was Elton John-we didn’t care, it was how WE were raised. We wanted MUSIC- a SHOW!! Joan Jett, Billy Squire, so may we stay OUT of peoples sex lives and ROCK IT!?

  11. ET, not to worry. while we all await your announcement of new TMS with baited breath, we know you are agitating every chance you get. Maybe all of the people who nag you should just go ahead and nag VH1 Classic via social media, email, calls, etc. ? Hell,send a postcard, even? In the meantime, let’s hang in there until we DO get some new TMS to chew on.

    Hope to see you this weekend in NorCal at Thunder Valley!

  12. Back 2 last Trunk report when I asked Eddie’s opinion on the ridiculous price for Priest tix @Nokia in LA. ($97.00-$611.00) Some foolio commented LOL, “Da Eddie doesn’t pay for tix.”No shit clown. Eddie everybody out here doesn’t get comps. I refuse to sit in bad seats. Any comment on these gauged prices?

    1. I am unaware of the prices but the $600 seat has to be some meet & greet VIP deal? That is a small venue. Here in NJ/NY they are playing two arenas which will be likely curtained in half and be far less. All supply and demand and everyone does it. Up to you what you will pay..

  13. TMS is all we have and I know you do the best you can. I’ll take it. I would like to see a cooking segment added though “Metal meals in minutes” 😉

  14. VH1C should show reruns of Headbangers Ball! Get rid of yo mtv raps, Married With Children, (what the hell does either one have to do with classic rock or metal anyway) and get rid of some of the other shit, and listen to us, the viewers! Headbangers Ball was a great show, some might be embarrassed about the hair & clothes, but there’s nothing wrong with a good laugh & good music! VH1C, bring back the good times, Friday & Saturday nights would be a great time to show the classic series Headbangers Ball! 😉

    1. Good point however the problem is music clearance. People keep forgetting it costs money to play music. Video, radio, streams. You need a waiver to play those videos and many have expired. You need a waiver for the music behind the interviews. It is not as easy as just loading in a tape.

      1. You’re right Ed, once again, thanks for the explanation. I do forget sometimes things aren’t as simple as they used to be. Sucks that everything has to be so complicated nowadays. Money, waivers, clearances, 2014, who knew? On the bright side, we still have Metal Mania, Rock Fest, TMS, and eventually new episodes of TMS! Cheers 🙂

  15. Eddie,
    Just wondering with all the overseas festivals, why isn’t there a Gigantic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal festival here. We have the venue…..WOODSTOCK!!!!! Centrally located for all the North East. Bands could fly into NYC and then come straight up the Thruway!!!! 60 or so bands over 3 days. Headliners could be AEROSMITH, KISS, BON JOVI, METALLICA. I know there would be a huge demand. A mix of old and new. HALESTORM, JETTBLACK (from the UK). Always looking to making something like this happen in the US.

  16. Eddie: Thx for commenting on ticket prices for Priest @Nokia in LA. There is no meet n greet. Orchestra seats have e face value of $600.-$800.! I’m sure they will be giving them away as the show gets closer because no one is gonna pay that.

  17. Eddie – You going to the Queen + Adam Lambert show tonight at the IZOD center. Will be there (won tix from your old stomping ground WDHA) and would love to hear your opinion of the show if you go. Saw them with Paul Rogers last tour, but actually think Adam Lambert is a much better fit.


  18. Sorry to go off topic, but what’s the story on the new David Lee Roth album coming out with John 5, that I just heard about? Supposed to sound like early VH, Eddie can’t be happy about that.

  19. Eddie – Just listened to your newest podcast with the Night Ranger interview and it was great. Also, your comments at the beginning of the podcast about the state of the music industry and record sales was spot on. One other area that is having a significant impact on record sales that you didn’t talk about is the advent of music streaming services such as Spotify and Rdio. There are many people that listen to new music exclusively through these services and rarely or no longer buy new albums. I am a Spotify subscriber and find myself guilty of this sometimes with bands that I am not necessarily a huge fan of. I will listen to their new albums on Spotify instead of buying the albums which I probably would have done in the past. I still buy cd’s of my favorite bands though.


  20. Podcast with Night Ranger was a blast. It just keeps getting better every week. First Priest, then Bobby Blitz from Overkill. Next week’s podcast with King Diamond ought to be very interesting, coming off the drama with the parting of bassist Hal Patino. I’m sure Eddie and The King will dive into that.

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