Hope everyone had a good weekend. Live show tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. It will be a busy one featuring live interviews with Chris Jericho, Gilby Clarke and Jeff LaBar who has debut solo music to play. Plenty of your calls and new and classic music as well.

Thanks to all for the great response to this weeks podcast with Blitz. New Overkill out tomorrow. New podcast with guest TBA posted this Thursday, be sure to sign up!

Getting a tremendous amount of email from people asking me about new episodes of That Metal Show. I can tell you VH1C has picked up the option to do more shows. That’s the good news. The bad is that they are likely not going to be shooting them for a while. Possibly not before early next year. You must understand this is as frustrating for me as it is for you. Almost EVERY request I get from fans about TMS is the same thing I want. But I do not own the channel and make those decisions. It is hard for many to comprehend but all I can tell you is VH1 CLASSIC is not VH1 or MTV. They have tiny operating budgets by comparison. It is why in 2014 it is still not an HD channel. It is why our episodes are so sparse as far as new shows. I have been a proud part of this channel’s history as a host since 2002. It has grown but in baby steps for sure. I would LOVE to be doing new shows weekly, daily even. And would love to make happen all the things you guys ask for and bring out all the opportunity I am presented with. But I do not own the show or the network. I’m being as honest as I can about all of this. The great news is the show is continuing. The bad news is not quite at the pace many would like. I am so appreciative of the support around the world for this show that was very much my baby, but we all have a boss and I can’t force them to spend more money and do more episodes until they are ready. So when VH1C decides it’s time to do more shows of course I will do them and let you guys know where and when. Like I said, it IS happening and the show WILL continue. Just going to be seeing repeats for a while longer until the network has the funds and ability to do the new ones. In the meantime I will continue to do my best to connect with all of you weekly through my two radio shows, my podcast, and some other new projects I will soon pursue to keep the music and artists we love alive best I can. Thanks for your support and when I have word when and where we tape TMS next I’ll let you all know.

PS: Me, Don & Jim are hosting a show this Friday in Lincoln CA at Thunder Valley with Anthrax, Living Colour, Corey Taylor and Burned Halo. This is NOT a TMS taping. NO upcoming events and appearances are TMS tapings that we do on the road. Thanks.

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  • Jason on

    Just wondering with all the overseas festivals, why isn’t there a Gigantic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal festival here. We have the venue…..WOODSTOCK!!!!! Centrally located for all the North East. Bands could fly into NYC and then come straight up the Thruway!!!! 60 or so bands over 3 days. Headliners could be AEROSMITH, KISS, BON JOVI, METALLICA. I know there would be a huge demand. A mix of old and new. HALESTORM, JETTBLACK (from the UK). Always looking to making something like this happen in the US.

    • David C on

      Lol, because the northeast [stinks].

  • charlie rains on

    Eddie: Thx for commenting on ticket prices for Priest @Nokia in LA. There is no meet n greet. Orchestra seats have e face value of $600.-$800.! I’m sure they will be giving them away as the show gets closer because no one is gonna pay that.

  • Andrew Rupprcht on

    Eddie – You going to the Queen + Adam Lambert show tonight at the IZOD center. Will be there (won tix from your old stomping ground WDHA) and would love to hear your opinion of the show if you go. Saw them with Paul Rogers last tour, but actually think Adam Lambert is a much better fit.


  • T on

    Sorry to go off topic, but what’s the story on the new David Lee Roth album coming out with John 5, that I just heard about? Supposed to sound like early VH, Eddie can’t be happy about that.

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