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Amazing response to the season premiere of new TMS episode with Newsted. Great to be back on with new shows! Most people loved the new coat of paint on the show and the many new features. Please understand it was VH1’s decision to incorporate new features after 100 episodes. The show has always slowly evolved over the years but this was no doubt our biggest leap forward with a new set and tons of new stuff. Obviously you can not keep adding stuff without resting some stuff. The Throwdown topics were getting kind of thin, so that is rested for this season. The Top 5 (amazing how much feedback about this!) IS in this season in 2 of the next 7 new episodes! Again, we needed to change stuff up and do some new things, but you will see two Top 5 battles coming! Every feature is not in every show. Origins is in 6 of the 8 new shows for example. You will see as it all plays out. I also agree 100% on the single guest format being the best, however we only have single guests this week and this Saturday with Corey & Josh from Stone Sour, after that the remaining 6 shows are two different bands. That interaction is fun too, but I always love the extra interview time. We will see how we handle this going forward after this season. Finally many made note of my comments on the lack of HD broadcast still. As you can see I share the same frustration about that, but I do not own the network! The shows are shot HD so when the NETWORK finally upgrades their channel you can see it that way. Finally as I have stated before I have NO control over if/when the show airs outside the USA. We of course wish it was on EVERYWHERE! I have nothing to do with that or where the stream can be accessed. All comes down to clearance issues with the networks. Really great to have new shows on and appreciate all the support and amazing feedback. ALL NEW again this Saturday at 11P ET. Spread the word and let’s keep it going for another 100 episodes! Thanks.


  1. Love the show.miss older segments,like some of the new ones.cant say im diggin the table seems kind of corporate.all in all,thanks for dragging metal out of the closet.just don’t

  2. Eddie, the new format is great, the new studio is great. Just being able to see new shows is great. I appreciate all the work you put into lining up the guest.
    All the new features are pretty cool and nixing some is also cool. You have to change things up otherwise the show would get boring. I personally don’t miss the top five, it was my least favorite part of the show. Listening to you, Don and Jim argue when clearly your list is the only list that is correct and listening to them crying that their list is better is a complete waste of precious air time. 🙂
    I appreciate the new shows and following your work on twitter is so cool, it’s like being there with you while you work. And when you reply to my tweets that really kicks ass! My wife hates hearing me say,”guess who tweeted me”, and she always says its either Ripper Owens or Eddie Trunk, lol.
    So, keep up the good work and I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way about the new shows and the enjoyment of following you on twitter!
    Sincerely, @bigbsvo Bryan Russell

  3. Bummer that that Jen’s role has been so cut back this season. Not just because she’s so attractive, but I think she’s always added an upbeat presence to the show, and was the only consistent female representative consistently in front of the camera.

    1. Agreed, could use more Jen! Expand the Stump The Trunk segment.
      How about adding viewer submitted questions for the next season?
      Didn’t care for the Metal Modem segment. I cannot stand herky jerky skype video. Makes the SD look even shittier. It’s 2013, come on VH1, spring for a satellite hookup!
      Eddie, keep up the great work!

  4. As usual the show is always entertaining and informative. Definitely missed the top 5, but glad to hear it is on a couple of the episodes!! Looking forward to the guys from Stone Sour this Saturday. Corey Taylor is always interesting to listen too. Keep up the good work Ed!!

  5. Love the show, as I have since day one, and hope it continues giving us metal fans a voice for years to come….
    However, I too, missed Jen. And yeah, not just because shes hot. Shes become a welcome member of the cast that needs to be on more, as in previous seasons.
    I also miss the old set, with its metal knick knacks and casual feel. The new set looks like it belongs at ESPN and you guys should be talking about the NFL draft, not Jim and Don trying to convince Eddie Ghost is a cool band 😉
    And its criminal that Dime’s guitar is nowhere to be seen…
    But all in all, those are minor complaints. I love this show, never ever miss it. Thank you, Eddie, and Don and Jim as well, for the good times.

  6. Good start to the new season and I liked the new segments. Only thing I supremely miss is “Miss Box of Junk.” Not enough of her, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Anyway, keep it up!

      1. Since I was on the road until Monday night and unable to watch the new episode until last night, I wondered if Jen was back. I almost tried to get through on your Sirius show to ask that very question! I was probably wondering more about that than what this new set was going to be all about, lol . Enjoy both shows Eddie and thanks for what you do, man. It makes my truck driving type job a helluva lot easier for at least 4 hours a week.

  7. Eddie, Love the desk/table Charlie Rose type-setting. I think it’ll make the guests more comfortable not having to worry what to do with their hands and legs during the discussions. Also like the skype-type updates, great way to get more guests and catch-up without costly travel or scheduling conflicts. Great changes for the better. I agree with the decision to rest the throwdowns for a while. Also love to hear the “What are you listening to now”, type questions from the guests.
    Take Care

  8. The new show was a good shock to the system! Change is always a good thing a it will take time for us Metal Heads to adapt…But Hey! Jason Newsted was the perfect HIGH ENERGY guest to launch the new season!!! And of course I miss Jen too! ROCK ON!

  9. Eddie – since you don’t really wield much control over how VH1 handles TMS, maybe you can start to push to get your radio show or segments on it filmed and accessible on Roku?

  10. Saw the episode and liked it, the new features are great. Metal Modem is a great way to get guests who otherwise would either not fly in to do the show or just to catch up. The show is definitely expanding. The editing seemed a bit off, as in the pace of the show with Stump The Trunk being last. Other than that it was great; The applause for Jen was nice when she came out, what a beautiful girl. The set is missing a NASA Spaceship just to go with those colors lol. Love the show and beyond glad its finally back on!!!

  11. Hi Eddie,

    ‘That Metal Show’ supplies me with entertainment I cannot receive anywhere else, specifically the interaction between you three guys. I love the show and have seen every episode. My feedback is I was not thrilled with the first show of the new season. The old set had personality while the new set seems ‘designed’. I watch the show for Jim, Don and you. The ‘Top 5’ , ‘Stump The Trunk’ and ‘The Throwdown’ are great segments because they allow you guys to be yourselves. The show is successful not only because it focuses on metal but because WHO IT IS focusing on the metal!

  12. Eddie -I am a long time veiwer and fan of the show. 8 have to say that i am dissapionted in the new format of the show. I dont like it at all. It looks like you guys made heavy metal corporate now. Where are all the guitars in the bacckround? Glass tables… really? That aint metal! Looks like your on Peirs Morgan not he metal show! Make the metal show metal again. It feels like you guys should be wearing suits, not t shirts. I just cant see Lemmy sitting at that glass table with the monitors and tvs arounds him. Just saying…
    still a fan

    1. While I respect all opinions I honestly couldn’t care less about the cosmetics of a set! I am doing a heavy metal talk show on national TV that was just the highest rated program of the year for the network. I’ll do it sitting on a cardboard box if they want me to AS LONG AS I’M DOING IT! Thanks for watching. And if CNN wants me to do it on their sets I will too! Haha

        1. Totally agree with you Steve. I do love the show, but the set is a part of the viewing enjoyment. It’s not the biggest part of enjoying the show, but still a part of it.

          Eddie – with that line of thinking…why worry about what your website looks like, why worry about the cover for your book, why do bands worry about what the packaging for their CD/album looks like? People enjoy looking at things that have a good look to them. How many albums were purchased by people back in the day (myself included) based solely on the album cover? I know I bought quite a few. I will for sure continue to watch the show. I think it’s cool that there are some new segments to freshen things up. Just thought the old set was perfect for what you guys do. I really do appreciate you doing the show and having all the great guests on!!!!! Just wanted to let you know my opinion on why I think so many people have commented on the set change. : ) Keep up the great work!

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