Amazing response to the season premiere of new TMS episode with Newsted. Great to be back on with new shows! Most people loved the new coat of paint on the show and the many new features. Please understand it was VH1’s decision to incorporate new features after 100 episodes. The show has always slowly evolved over the years but this was no doubt our biggest leap forward with a new set and tons of new stuff. Obviously you can not keep adding stuff without resting some stuff. The Throwdown topics were getting kind of thin, so that is rested for this season. The Top 5 (amazing how much feedback about this!) IS in this season in 2 of the next 7 new episodes! Again, we needed to change stuff up and do some new things, but you will see two Top 5 battles coming! Every feature is not in every show. Origins is in 6 of the 8 new shows for example. You will see as it all plays out. I also agree 100% on the single guest format being the best, however we only have single guests this week and this Saturday with Corey & Josh from Stone Sour, after that the remaining 6 shows are two different bands. That interaction is fun too, but I always love the extra interview time. We will see how we handle this going forward after this season. Finally many made note of my comments on the lack of HD broadcast still. As you can see I share the same frustration about that, but I do not own the network! The shows are shot HD so when the NETWORK finally upgrades their channel you can see it that way. Finally as I have stated before I have NO control over if/when the show airs outside the USA. We of course wish it was on EVERYWHERE! I have nothing to do with that or where the stream can be accessed. All comes down to clearance issues with the networks. Really great to have new shows on and appreciate all the support and amazing feedback. ALL NEW again this Saturday at 11P ET. Spread the word and let’s keep it going for another 100 episodes! Thanks.

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  • Chris on

    Good start to the new season and I liked the new segments. Only thing I supremely miss is “Miss Box of Junk.” Not enough of her, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Anyway, keep it up!

    • Eddie on

      I love Jen and she will be in the show plenty going forward, but man are the TMS viewers one horny group! LOL. No wonder why the world roots against me on STT!

    • Ryan on

      Since I was on the road until Monday night and unable to watch the new episode until last night, I wondered if Jen was back. I almost tried to get through on your Sirius show to ask that very question! I was probably wondering more about that than what this new set was going to be all about, lol . Enjoy both shows Eddie and thanks for what you do, man. It makes my truck driving type job a helluva lot easier for at least 4 hours a week.

  • Tom on

    Eddie, Love the desk/table Charlie Rose type-setting. I think it’ll make the guests more comfortable not having to worry what to do with their hands and legs during the discussions. Also like the skype-type updates, great way to get more guests and catch-up without costly travel or scheduling conflicts. Great changes for the better. I agree with the decision to rest the throwdowns for a while. Also love to hear the “What are you listening to now”, type questions from the guests.
    Take Care

  • Kevin on

    The new show was a good shock to the system! Change is always a good thing a it will take time for us Metal Heads to adapt…But Hey! Jason Newsted was the perfect HIGH ENERGY guest to launch the new season!!! And of course I miss Jen too! ROCK ON!

    • Eddie on

      Miss Jen? She was in the show and it was one episode. See what happens going forward. Thanks

  • Dewey Webber on

    Eddie – since you don’t really wield much control over how VH1 handles TMS, maybe you can start to push to get your radio show or segments on it filmed and accessible on Roku?

  • Carlos on

    Saw the episode and liked it, the new features are great. Metal Modem is a great way to get guests who otherwise would either not fly in to do the show or just to catch up. The show is definitely expanding. The editing seemed a bit off, as in the pace of the show with Stump The Trunk being last. Other than that it was great; The applause for Jen was nice when she came out, what a beautiful girl. The set is missing a NASA Spaceship just to go with those colors lol. Love the show and beyond glad its finally back on!!!

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