zakklespaultrio Guitarist Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne, Pride and Glory) will performing with Les Paul Trio on Monday, June 10th at The Iridium in New York City for a very special performance. In addition to performing with the Les Paul Trio, Wylde will spend the following two nights (June 11-12) on the Iridium stage, as well, with two intimate shows billed as An Evening With Zakk Wylde. Call 212-582-2121 for more information.

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  1. What’s the point? Is he going to shred “How High The Moon?” I never understand these hard rock/metal guys always having to sit in with some blues band or jazz band like this. Les Paul never felt a need to sit in with Led Zeppelin. You don’t see George Benson playing with Metallica. I guess rock guys feel this kind of thing gives them some sort of credibility.

  2. John, what are you talking about, obviously your not very old or you would remember that Les Paul sat in with tons of musicians. How do you think they developed signature series guitars ? Les would pick them, and let me tell you this, the man could shred. he could take 1 chord and tear it apart and make you cry, and he was missing a finger! Some guys just do this stuff for fun, whats wrong with that John? Some guys take flaminco lessons or whatever, who cares! John I suggest you stick to commenting on something you know about, or risk looking like the poser snob you must be
    If its too LOUD, Your too OLD

    1. Don’t use the word “shred” with Les Paul. Yes, he could play very well and fast, but to lump his playing together with “shredders” is insulting Les. Les could create at a high level. He was a real musician. Shredders for the most part just regurgitate runs they’ve spend hours working on.

    2. Les Paul didn’t sit in with any rock musicians that I’m aware of. You need to check your facts. Rock guitarists would trek over to Fat Tuesdays to sit in with Les. Big difference! Les never showed up at a Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses or Bon Jovi show and asked to sit in, but Page, Slash and Sambora all made the trek over to sit in with Les Paul. My basic point is why? I understand Page doing it, but not the others. What’s Zakk going to do – turn up his amp to 10 and show everybody what a heavy player he is? Get real. There’s no point in this other than him needing some sort of validation from non-rock players.

  3. Hey john who cares what you say, its called making music. Because it doesn’t fit your preference then keep your opinion to your self. It’s always great to know that Zakk is still out there bring the music to people an has been for 20 years plus, it would be awesome if he would come to the southwest and do more shows.

  4. Who cares what I say? Obviously you guys do, otherwise you wouldn’t comment. I don’t hear a bit of Les Paul influence in Zakk’s playing. I hear it in Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, so I can understand those guys wanting to sit in a play with Les, or maybe his band, but Zakk? Pul-leaze. I think shredder type players sit in with jazz groups for musical respect, which obviously they don’t feel they get in their rock bands. The set list will be interesting. FYI – I’m about Eddie’s age. I haven’t heard anything worth listening to from Ozzy since Jake E. Lee left. To me Zakk’s input was garbage.

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