Thanks to all who came to our live show in Philadelphia this past Saturday night at The Troc. Great time and appreciate all the love. Also thanks to Vinnie Moore for being a guest. This Saturday me, Don & Jim hit The Token Lounge in Westland MI by Detroit. Hope you can join us for comedy, Q&A, trivia and much more. I’ll have both of my books for sale as well as T shirts and more. Come hang!

Thanks to Judas Priest for coming by my radio show last night. Good to have Priest back in action with a new album coming in July. We hung out for 90 minutes, took calls, and played a new track. Audio already on Youtube (and my news section on this site) and also On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Thanks to Rob, Richie and Glenn for coming in. Tour coming in the Fall! More from the new album when I can play it.

I am aware that once again Paul Stanley was asked about coming on TMS by a fan at a Jewish center in SF. It was caught on video and once again he gave the Wayne’s World line. I love that his FANS are asking him. But the fans are the bosses right? Seems Paul is much more comfortable on shows like The Talk and others and that’s fine. He doesn’t need our show and we are fine as the longest running show in VH1 history without him. But as proven by the clip his FANS are asking him and he has no real excuse besides “Wayne’s world”? As I said when he called us that on Twitter, I don’t take offense to that. I have jokingly called the show that myself! We don’t take ourselves so serious. Paul is very sensitive as he says himself in his new book. So shows like The Talk and CNN where he will get questions a producer fed the host from a latest bio on exactly what he wants is a perfect fit for him. Many Kiss and rock fans don’t watch those shows but at least he is more comfortable there it seems and that’s fine. Our little “Wayne’s World” was good enough for Maiden, AC/DC, Sabbath, GnR, Paul Rodgers, Sammy Hagar, Metallica, Aerosmith Rush, and many many more. Even the last few bands Kiss worked with Motley and now Def Leppard have all been guests on TMS, embrace the show, and realize the importance of it. So all good by me. Wayne’s World was a hugely popular film, TMS is a popular show around the globe with rock and metal fans. Thanks to TMS fans everywhere for all the support and to Paul for at least watching. I mean you couldn’t reach a conclusion on something without having watched right? As has always been the case our doors remain wide open to discuss ALL aspects of an artists career. Party on!

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  • ACE on

    Well played, ET, well played. I respect you even more for taking it all in stride… [golf clap]

  • DeweyWebber on

    Would be great to have the actual Mike Myers and Dana Carvey on the show as Wayne and Garth….wearing KISS t-shirts.

  • Reg on

    I would not worry. It is not like someone cool like Brian Johnson or Angus Young dissed you.

  • Ken on

    I took my wife and kids to meet Paul Stanley last night at Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver. There were 700 fans there and Paul was incredibly gracious with his time, taking photos and chatting with every single KISS fan. He was classy and professional, dropping to one knee to chat with my kids and compliment them on (my old) Lick It Up and Asylum tour shirts I dressed them up in. Paul can say whatever he wants about TMS, I’m a fan for life.

    • Greg on

      I completely agree. Paul must be doing something right, KISS is still relevant 40 years later. Eddie, I’ll give it to you, you’ve been a KISS supporter through the years, but you say it’s a sham now with Tommy and Eric. Both of you need to sit down and hash it out. You both say things that are ridiculous. KISS is a much better band now with Tommy and Eric and I’m a life long Ace fan. Still am. He and Peter had their part in the band and they moved on. You stop bashing the current line up and maybe he’ll stop bashing TMS. By the way, love the show. KISS Army for life…..

    • Eddie on

      I don’t see what I do as “bashing” Greg! If I am asked what I think I say it. It is an OPINION. FANS want to see them on TMS. If they do things for the FANS then what is the big threat? A guy that truly knows their music and history and all he ever said was he doesn’t like the image of what they do now? THAT is the huge offense? Got news for you, TONS feel that way, but few say it public. Sorry to have one negative opinion out of 31 years of positives..

    • Ryno on

      I’m a fan for life as well. I will also be going to meet him this month at one of the book signings. I will hopefully be able to share with him stories of my son who is a 3rd generation KISS fan. I am sure it will be a great experience but that does not excuse his unwarranted disrespect of TMS. The things that he has said about the show and Eddie are disrespectful to the fans that watch it as well. A lot of them being KISS fans. That is inexcusable. So No, Paul can’t say whatever he wants about TMS.

    • Ken on

      If you are in a band – any band – for 40 years, you can decide what media you want to use and when. My guess is that Paul has nothing personal against Eddie Trunk in any way. But he’d probably prefer not to appear on TMS to spend more than half of the time talking about Ace and Peter -vs- Tommy and Eric. It’s no big deal to me whether or not he wants to appear on TMS.

    • Ryno on

      You do earn certain luxeries when you have been in a band that long. The main reason you get to be in a band so long is because of fans. KISS fans are some of the most abused fans in the world. That earns us certain luxeries as well such as your favorite band appearing on particular outlets and please those fans that sunk thousands of dollars into you and took so much abuse for sticking up for you. To be as dismissive as he has been about TMS is not fair. KISS fans and fans of any band do not care about seeing you on CNN or any other show answering the same 10 questions that we have all known the answers to for 40 years. We want to hear interesting questions and to get closer to the band which is what TMS does. If Paul or Gene simply said hey, right now it’s not in the cards and we can’t make it happen. That woukd be OK. Instead they are dismissive and arrogant. That is insulting most importanly to the fans that have dedicated their lives to the band’s success. Again I am a life long fan and will forever appreciate the impact they have had on my life but arrogance is not cool no matter who you are, what you do and how long you have done it.

    • rob on

      What has Paul said other than calling the show Waynes World?? I think Paul is taking the high road and not really calling Ed or his show what he really thinks. Vh1 classic is not even on most cable networks. Why would Paul or Kiss wanna go on Eds show for a few hundred viewers when they can go on The View and CNN for a few Million viewers. I dont watch any of those shows but i watch the video of that show on KISSONLINE the next day.

    • Eddie on

      Your numbers are WAY off my friend. If we had a few hundred viewers you honestly think we would be on the air? Hysterical! You also forget the impact of the MANY replays and the reach around the globe in S America, Mexico, Australia and more. Rather reach an audience of 100 where 99 are rock fans or an audience of 500 where 5 might be rock fans?

    • Ryno on

      Hit the nail right on the head. At this point in their careers they don’t NEED a bigger audience, the legacy is long past cemented. They should see opportunities to reach KISS and Rock fans. We’re the ones that they listen to right? Also, Rob, I’m sure you read the Rolling Stone interview with Gene when it was first announced that KISS was going into the HOF. TMS was brought up and the response was pretty crappy.

    • Joe on

      Christ “a few HUNDRED viewers”?? Roflmao. Wow it is true…you really can’t teach STUPID!! I alone have “a few hundred” friends that are loyal to That Metal Show. And by the way Eddie ( IMO ) makes TMS not just his show but it’s our show as well. It’s funny how a few certain people get extremely jealous of another’s person success…..great job Ed…seriously God Bless You. Joe in The Cuse

  • Michael on

    I thought Priest were done with touring and were only going to do one-off shows or festivals. Am I wrong or didn’t they say that recently?

    • Dana on


      From what I remember, they said they were done with World tours. In other words, they will not be out on the road for an extended period of time anymore. My guess is they will do select cities.

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com 🙂

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