Thanks to all who came to our live show in Philadelphia this past Saturday night at The Troc. Great time and appreciate all the love. Also thanks to Vinnie Moore for being a guest. This Saturday me, Don & Jim hit The Token Lounge in Westland MI by Detroit. Hope you can join us for comedy, Q&A, trivia and much more. I’ll have both of my books for sale as well as T shirts and more. Come hang!

Thanks to Judas Priest for coming by my radio show last night. Good to have Priest back in action with a new album coming in July. We hung out for 90 minutes, took calls, and played a new track. Audio already on Youtube (and my news section on this site) and also On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Thanks to Rob, Richie and Glenn for coming in. Tour coming in the Fall! More from the new album when I can play it.

I am aware that once again Paul Stanley was asked about coming on TMS by a fan at a Jewish center in SF. It was caught on video and once again he gave the Wayne’s World line. I love that his FANS are asking him. But the fans are the bosses right? Seems Paul is much more comfortable on shows like The Talk and others and that’s fine. He doesn’t need our show and we are fine as the longest running show in VH1 history without him. But as proven by the clip his FANS are asking him and he has no real excuse besides “Wayne’s world”? As I said when he called us that on Twitter, I don’t take offense to that. I have jokingly called the show that myself! We don’t take ourselves so serious. Paul is very sensitive as he says himself in his new book. So shows like The Talk and CNN where he will get questions a producer fed the host from a latest bio on exactly what he wants is a perfect fit for him. Many Kiss and rock fans don’t watch those shows but at least he is more comfortable there it seems and that’s fine. Our little “Wayne’s World” was good enough for Maiden, AC/DC, Sabbath, GnR, Paul Rodgers, Sammy Hagar, Metallica, Aerosmith Rush, and many many more. Even the last few bands Kiss worked with Motley and now Def Leppard have all been guests on TMS, embrace the show, and realize the importance of it. So all good by me. Wayne’s World was a hugely popular film, TMS is a popular show around the globe with rock and metal fans. Thanks to TMS fans everywhere for all the support and to Paul for at least watching. I mean you couldn’t reach a conclusion on something without having watched right? As has always been the case our doors remain wide open to discuss ALL aspects of an artists career. Party on!

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  1. Rhino bucket! Beat to death like a dog..You guys wanna rock,listen to this song,screw the kiss drama and check this song out.Love the show Eddie.

  2. What a joke ! Wayne’s world if kiss was selling 1000 tix a nite he would be on TMS in a heartbeat , vh1 is the only station as well as yours radion104.3 and Before satellite was the only ones playing Kiss,
    What the hell is Paul talking about?

  3. Paul is very vocal on his own these days. Between the book, the interviews he is doing alone, and his negative attitude toward Ace and Peter at the RRHOF, he comes off as very bitter and talking himself way too serious. Lighten the fuck up Paul. Everybody in the Hard Rock\Metal world that matters has been on TMS and it seems like you’re the only one who hasn’t (mainly because you just don’t get it). Paul…enjoy this little bit of time you have left because you’re window of viability is closing fast. Your voice sounds like shit these days, and after this tour, the world will catch on that you are done and over. Time to call it quits because you’re ripping the fans off.

    1. sean, not only do i agree with you, but your first sentence is funny, intentional or not.

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