judaspriest640 Judas Priest members guitarist Glenn Tipton, guitarist Richie Faulkner, and the one and only Metal God, himself, Rob Halford were guests on Eddie’s Sirius/XM show, Trunk Nation, on April 5th. Listen to interview below.

Judas Priest recently announced that they will be releasing a new album, Redeemer of Souls in the States on July 15th (click here for dates elsewhere).

Redeemer of Souls track listing:

Redeemer Of Souls (listen here)
Halls Of Valhalla
Sword Of Damocles
March Of The Damned
Down In Flames
Hell & Back
Cold Blooded
Secrets Of The Dead
Battle Cry
Beginning Of The End

Bonus tracks:

Tears Of Blood
Bring It On
Never Forget


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  • DC on

    Great interview, Eddie!!! I was cracking up half the time. The vision of Rob being wheeled around by Richie in Times Square was hilarious. Glad to hear Rob is feeling better. Didn’t know he was hurt. Sounds like they are really conflicted about what to do tour-wise. Rob mentioned that there were many things in the pipeline, but I do hope they finally do away with the thought of some sort of Nostradamus-only show. The album is already 6 years old and, frankly, wasn’t well accepted by most Priest fans. I think it would be best to just move on from it.

    I thought Rob’s comments about the band’s privacy and mystery were quite insightful. I’ve always been one of those fans who’s always been irritated by how closed off they’ve always seem to have been to the fans. Anyone who has followed their web site the past 15 years and dealt with Jayne Andrews knows exactly what I’m talking about. They are just very, very guarded. I always HATED that. But when Rob talked about it, I felt my opinion changing. A little.

    I wish Eddie had asked Rob about the Rock-N-Roll fantasy camp that was held in Vegas in February. I was DYING to go, but it was very $$$ and not having KK or Glenn there was a big bummer. I’ve only seen a couple of videos from the “camp” and it seemed to be a bit of a letdown, unlike the camps they previously showed on VH1-C a couple of years ago. I had more questions, but drawing a blank right now. 🙂

    That said, cannot wait for the new album, no mater what. I’m tired of all the fucking naysayers around here. This band deserves way more respect than it gets these days and it really pisses me off.

    • james perkins on

      Hey DC, did I read it wrong or are you saying you thought Nostrodamus at least half way suct? I can relate b/c I don’t know that I listened to it once all the way through & if I did I’ve forgotten it; but let’s go easy on the naysaying. My point to the band (should through some freak occurrence they read any of this) is, play to your remaining strengths, if writing a classic album is no longer one of those strengths, build a tour around albums the fan base still considers sacred. Starbreaker and Never Satisfied for example, were the highlights of the last tour for me; the Nostrodamus material was not. Would I go to a Nostrodamus only show; sure, b/c I’m a Priest freak like probably you and everybody else on this string. Would I prefer the band spend their last touring years playing material that forever kicked my ass; easy yes. I salute them for getting in the studio and trying to crank the engine, but…….if it ain’t a killer, why bother? You’re right, the jury is still out for now ofcourse, but Redeemer of Souls did not prompt me to click “pre-order.” If the rest of the record turns out to be a killer, I’ll be just as candid about that. For now, if saying I’d rather have a tour that featured all of Screaming over another forgettable Priest record makes me a naysayer; I’m on the front row.


  • doug r. on

    love screaming for vengeance, but british steel is my favorite priest album. rapid fire, metal gods, breaking the law, it was also my first priest album. point of entry is another one of my favorites, after all, it has 1 of my favorite songs ever, heading out to the highway!

  • Tyler on

    I’m as big a Priest fan as anybody, but where, when and by who was Rob Halford christened with the title “Metal God”? He even refers to himself that way. So Halford somehow stands at the helm of all things metal? I realize its just a term and maybe I take music too seriously….but give me a break.

    • Dana on


      I gave Rob that title may moons ago, too bad he doesn’t really know me-LOL!!!

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com 🙂

    • staten island clown on

      I have to agree with Tyler on this one. 1) It’s Metal godS, not god, it is supposed to refer to the entire band, Glenn and KK are most definitely axe gods 2) What I always liked about Priest is they don’t use stage names, why? because they are so freaking cool they don’t even need them. Plus, using their real names is an authenticity that conveys that they are, in fact, regular working class guys 3) He gave himself the name. When you get a title, it’s supposed to be from other people giving it to you. 4) He is putting himself above every one else, i.e. L.S.D., hate to say it, but he does suffer from this affliction somewhat, as KK 5) uhhhhh……….

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