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Thanks to all who came to our live show in Philadelphia this past Saturday night at The Troc. Great time and appreciate all the love. Also thanks to Vinnie Moore for being a guest. This Saturday me, Don & Jim hit The Token Lounge in Westland MI by Detroit. Hope you can join us for comedy, Q&A, trivia and much more. I’ll have both of my books for sale as well as T shirts and more. Come hang!

Thanks to Judas Priest for coming by my radio show last night. Good to have Priest back in action with a new album coming in July. We hung out for 90 minutes, took calls, and played a new track. Audio already on Youtube (and my news section on this site) and also On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Thanks to Rob, Richie and Glenn for coming in. Tour coming in the Fall! More from the new album when I can play it.

I am aware that once again Paul Stanley was asked about coming on TMS by a fan at a Jewish center in SF. It was caught on video and once again he gave the Wayne’s World line. I love that his FANS are asking him. But the fans are the bosses right? Seems Paul is much more comfortable on shows like The Talk and others and that’s fine. He doesn’t need our show and we are fine as the longest running show in VH1 history without him. But as proven by the clip his FANS are asking him and he has no real excuse besides “Wayne’s world”? As I said when he called us that on Twitter, I don’t take offense to that. I have jokingly called the show that myself! We don’t take ourselves so serious. Paul is very sensitive as he says himself in his new book. So shows like The Talk and CNN where he will get questions a producer fed the host from a latest bio on exactly what he wants is a perfect fit for him. Many Kiss and rock fans don’t watch those shows but at least he is more comfortable there it seems and that’s fine. Our little “Wayne’s World” was good enough for Maiden, AC/DC, Sabbath, GnR, Paul Rodgers, Sammy Hagar, Metallica, Aerosmith Rush, and many many more. Even the last few bands Kiss worked with Motley and now Def Leppard have all been guests on TMS, embrace the show, and realize the importance of it. So all good by me. Wayne’s World was a hugely popular film, TMS is a popular show around the globe with rock and metal fans. Thanks to TMS fans everywhere for all the support and to Paul for at least watching. I mean you couldn’t reach a conclusion on something without having watched right? As has always been the case our doors remain wide open to discuss ALL aspects of an artists career. Party on!


  1. He’s equally as dismissive of the other “Kiss” books referring to them as “Fiction” although i’m sure he’s read all the parts about him.

  2. Respect! You always take the high road, Eddie. Paul is showing his true colors. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! You have supported Kiss for 30 years on the air, were tirelessly campaigning to get the band into the HOF, and this is how he treats you?! Yeah,whatever. How many viewers of the Talk go to Kiss shows or buy Kiss cds? Keep doing what you do, Eddie. Your fans appreciate you.

    1. Hey Jeff, biting the hand that feeds you? Are you on crack? KISS didn’t make any extra money because of someone like Eddie Trunk……even Eddie would be the first to tell you that. KISS were already millionaires long before Eddie Trunk started giving them praise on the airwaves. I actually understand why Gene and Paul wont go on TMS……..it’s because they don’t NEED to. Call them marketing whores all you want and that is fine……..at least their marketing finesse means they don’t have to go on TMS and plug everything that they do…….pay attention to an episode of TMS sometime and you will see exactly what I am talking about. Most artists on the show are on at times when the most exposure will help their careers. Paul and Gene don’t need that kind of help. Anyways, I prefer to enjoy the music and I laugh at most of the stupid high school drama and most of the fans that buy into it and comment about it are usually just looking for attention.

      1. Kiss loves to $ell! TMS sells to rock fans like nothing else on TV. Stats support that. They would be all over TMS if Paul wasn’t so hyper sensitive as he states in his own book he is. Kiss is the only band I have run into in my 31 years in the business that behaves like this. You MUST like ALL they are selling NOW or everything else is wiped away and you are the enemy…

    2. Who buys Kiss cd’s anymore for that matter, right? I like Paul and he seemd to be a nice person but I think Gene’s “assholeness” and “mr. hollywoodness” has rubbed on him, sad.

      1. I actually think Gene was and is more open minded about things than Paul. Gene at least seems gracious about things like having peter and ace at the hall induction

        1. I think Gene finally realized that he would look terrible if he bad-mouthed Ace or Peter on take and did the “good PR” thing. We know his real stance on those guys.

      2. I buy KISS CDs, and love their latest, “Monster”. Eddie is all about the “music”, right? So why does he focus on who is wearing what makeup? Ridiculous. It IS Wayne’s World, which is fine, but I don’t blame Paul at all for not wanting to come on the show. The conversation wouldn’t be about music – it would be about Tommy and Eric wearing the makeup. Who wants to hear that crap? Not this longtime KISS fan.

        1. How do you know what we would talk about. Amazing that everyone discounts all the good things huh? And it is about music, until the people making it start to dress, move, play and act like others that CREATED IT!

    3. It’s stuff like this that affirms the True Reality : there IS NO KISS – what is currently on display is a TRIBUTE BAND…and a half-way decent tribute band at that, with fat-Simmons waddleing around the stage and a Paul Stanley who is in need of retireing as well, wigs and all. But this is what happens when former members are repeatedly attacked in the press. Don’t Gene and Paul realize that Ace Frehley has a rather rabid following of fans and that when the mudslingging at him happens – it hurts the fans as well ??? Especially as Ace is sober now…c’mon Gene and Paul : retire already !!

  3. Respect! You always take the high road, Eddie. Paul is showing his true colors. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! You have supported Kiss for 30 years on the air, were tirelessly campaigning to get the band into the HOF, and this is how he treats you?! Yeah,whatever. How many viewers of the Talk go to Kiss shows or buy Kiss cds? Alienating your fans must be the new business model, huh Paul? Keep up the good work, Eddie.

    1. Or do like Conan obrien used to… Get a tv with a pic of Paul with mouth cut out. Then have an impersonator do the mouth movements and voice lol

  4. I took my wife and kids to meet Paul Stanley last night at Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver. There were 700 fans there and Paul was incredibly gracious with his time, taking photos and chatting with every single KISS fan. He was classy and professional, dropping to one knee to chat with my kids and compliment them on (my old) Lick It Up and Asylum tour shirts I dressed them up in. Paul can say whatever he wants about TMS, I’m a fan for life.

    1. I completely agree. Paul must be doing something right, KISS is still relevant 40 years later. Eddie, I’ll give it to you, you’ve been a KISS supporter through the years, but you say it’s a sham now with Tommy and Eric. Both of you need to sit down and hash it out. You both say things that are ridiculous. KISS is a much better band now with Tommy and Eric and I’m a life long Ace fan. Still am. He and Peter had their part in the band and they moved on. You stop bashing the current line up and maybe he’ll stop bashing TMS. By the way, love the show. KISS Army for life…..

      1. I don’t see what I do as “bashing” Greg! If I am asked what I think I say it. It is an OPINION. FANS want to see them on TMS. If they do things for the FANS then what is the big threat? A guy that truly knows their music and history and all he ever said was he doesn’t like the image of what they do now? THAT is the huge offense? Got news for you, TONS feel that way, but few say it public. Sorry to have one negative opinion out of 31 years of positives..

    2. I’m a fan for life as well. I will also be going to meet him this month at one of the book signings. I will hopefully be able to share with him stories of my son who is a 3rd generation KISS fan. I am sure it will be a great experience but that does not excuse his unwarranted disrespect of TMS. The things that he has said about the show and Eddie are disrespectful to the fans that watch it as well. A lot of them being KISS fans. That is inexcusable. So No, Paul can’t say whatever he wants about TMS.

      1. If you are in a band – any band – for 40 years, you can decide what media you want to use and when. My guess is that Paul has nothing personal against Eddie Trunk in any way. But he’d probably prefer not to appear on TMS to spend more than half of the time talking about Ace and Peter -vs- Tommy and Eric. It’s no big deal to me whether or not he wants to appear on TMS.

        1. You do earn certain luxeries when you have been in a band that long. The main reason you get to be in a band so long is because of fans. KISS fans are some of the most abused fans in the world. That earns us certain luxeries as well such as your favorite band appearing on particular outlets and please those fans that sunk thousands of dollars into you and took so much abuse for sticking up for you. To be as dismissive as he has been about TMS is not fair. KISS fans and fans of any band do not care about seeing you on CNN or any other show answering the same 10 questions that we have all known the answers to for 40 years. We want to hear interesting questions and to get closer to the band which is what TMS does. If Paul or Gene simply said hey, right now it’s not in the cards and we can’t make it happen. That woukd be OK. Instead they are dismissive and arrogant. That is insulting most importanly to the fans that have dedicated their lives to the band’s success. Again I am a life long fan and will forever appreciate the impact they have had on my life but arrogance is not cool no matter who you are, what you do and how long you have done it.

      2. Ryno,
        What has Paul said other than calling the show Waynes World?? I think Paul is taking the high road and not really calling Ed or his show what he really thinks. Vh1 classic is not even on most cable networks. Why would Paul or Kiss wanna go on Eds show for a few hundred viewers when they can go on The View and CNN for a few Million viewers. I dont watch any of those shows but i watch the video of that show on KISSONLINE the next day.

        1. Your numbers are WAY off my friend. If we had a few hundred viewers you honestly think we would be on the air? Hysterical! You also forget the impact of the MANY replays and the reach around the globe in S America, Mexico, Australia and more. Rather reach an audience of 100 where 99 are rock fans or an audience of 500 where 5 might be rock fans?

          1. Hit the nail right on the head. At this point in their careers they don’t NEED a bigger audience, the legacy is long past cemented. They should see opportunities to reach KISS and Rock fans. We’re the ones that they listen to right? Also, Rob, I’m sure you read the Rolling Stone interview with Gene when it was first announced that KISS was going into the HOF. TMS was brought up and the response was pretty crappy.

          2. Christ “a few HUNDRED viewers”?? Roflmao. Wow it is true…you really can’t teach STUPID!! I alone have “a few hundred” friends that are loyal to That Metal Show. And by the way Eddie ( IMO ) makes TMS not just his show but it’s our show as well. It’s funny how a few certain people get extremely jealous of another’s person success…..great job Ed…seriously God Bless You. Joe in The Cuse

  5. I thought Priest were done with touring and were only going to do one-off shows or festivals. Am I wrong or didn’t they say that recently?

    1. Michael,

      From what I remember, they said they were done with World tours. In other words, they will not be out on the road for an extended period of time anymore. My guess is they will do select cities.

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com 🙂

  6. Honestly, this along with much of what has come out of his mouth over the last 3-4 months has been very hurtful as a life long member of the KISS Army. Service as a KISS fan isn’t easy as you know Eddie. I figured that especially towards the end of his involvement with the band which we all know is coming that he would be more appreciative and not so bitter.

  7. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you three on Saturday (and meeting you at the VIP), especially since the Token is only two minutes from my house! Maybe I’ll be able to bribe you into an Eddie vs. Eddie “Stump the Trunk”…

  8. At the risk of being redundant (and I am!), what incentive does Paul have to come on That Metal Show and be asked, “So why do you employ imposters in Ace and Peter’s makeup?”

    I’m not sure I understand the anger from a lot of the commenters. Ed’s made his opinion known. Paul doesn’t like what Ed’s said, and has chosen not to come on.

    It’s called That Metal Show – not That KISS Show. Both Ed and KISS are doing just fine without each other.

    1. RT…I promise you if Paul does relent and come on the show Eddie will not go near that question.
      Hey I watch TMS and listen to Ed’s shows but if cannot ask Ace or Peter hard questions, I doubt he’d go there with Paul. I seriously don’t know what Paul or Gene would have to worry about in that regard. It’d be a cakewalk.

      It’s kinda like Ryno said…he doesn’t approve of Paul dissing TMS but that ain’t going to stop him from going to Paul’s book signing. These people blasting Paul and Gene, if they ever had a chance to meet them they’d be star struck, I guarantee you that.

        1. Luv ya Ed but based on the most recent interviews with Ace and Peter…especially Peter, it was pretty vanilla. Hey, I understand your not there to hammer these guys but to claim that Gene and Paul don’t wanna be asked the hard questions…as one of the reasons they avoid the show, I just don’t get that man. Because you are not asking hard/tough questions of Ace and Peter.

          1. what hard question would you like asked? I have no issue asking anything. Paul wants control. He is admits to being extremely sensitive and by his own book says he has been in therapy since he was a kid. He is entitled to his opinion but he wants interviews with people that won’t really know the bands history and ask anything remotely different than what they now sell. Proof? Turned down many other shows at SiriusXM, didn’t do music based shows in general, didn’t take questions at the HOF. CNN and The Talk are much more where he is comfortable selling whatever the product and pitch is now. The guy can do whatever he wants. He sure doesn’t need me, we are okay without him. But as proven by the recent clip from the Jewish center HIS FANS ask him about TMS. Thanks

          2. Alright Eddie…what about asking Peter why he sold the makeup, If it was all so important to him, why sell it? Now Lydia has flat stated that she told Peter he shouldn’t sell it. Paul and Gene have stated that both Ace and Peter thought they were stupid for wanting to own it. Peter has implied he didn’t know how he lost it. Cleary someone isn’t telling the truth. That’s a straight up questions as a fan. Again, you whine that someone is using your makeup (which I personally don’t like) but yet you sold it. That tells me that it was only important to Peter when money was involved. I watched Pete on your show essentially saying Kiss was everything to him and yet he threw it all away…If I’m asking another question, why quit so easily? Tons of bands have drug and alcohol issues, yet they stuck it out. Why not fight for something that supposedly meant everything to you. I mean it’s pretty well documented he was tanking shows on the Dynasty tour…doesn’t sound like to me he was fighting for his place much less thinking about the fans. Personally as a fan, I’d like to know the answers to those questions instead of a pity party for Peter. As for Ace…simple. Why are you whining about Tommy and being replaced by a tour manager. What gives you the right to complain when you quit…again. So where’s the controversy there. I’ve stated on here many times I don’t like the current version, haven’t seen them since the Farewell and won’t but it’s hard for me to feel sorry for people who knowingly made those choices. Well…those are simple enough questions. I guess it depends on how hard one would won’t to press the issue. Thanks Ed.

    2. But what incentive does anybody have to come on That Metal Show? You can argue someone like Lita Ford needs to get her name out there. But did Rush need to come on? They hardly do any shows that aren’t in Canada. Did Rob Halford or Tony Iommi need to come on? They’re just as accomplished in music as any individual member of KISS is.

      The truth is that Paul and Gene are fine lobbing grenades from forums like Twitter or shows that won’t ask them the hard questions or their books. But when it comes to being on a show full of fans of their music (whom they claim to be all about), it comes down to “Pay me” as it has for KISS since ALIVE went multi-platinum.

  9. And KISS takes yet another step down in my personal hierarchy of opinion. I’ve been a KISS fan since 1975 – damned near all of my life – and the way Mr Eisen and Mr Witz have been behaving over the past few months (the whole RRHOF fiasco) is really turning me off, which makes me very sad. I guess I expect more from the 1st rock band I was ever into …

  10. You mentioned that Paul Stanley was on The Talk and Sharon Osbourne is one of the hosts (I don’t watch it). My feeling is she knows that Gene and Paul like her don’t like you and TMS so it was an opportunity to scoop you. Don’t be surprised if they talked off camera and that Paul knows she keeps Ozzy off TMS as well. Just thinking.

  11. Honestly, who gives a rip what Paul Stanley has to say? He’s been off-the-wall crazy with his comments these past few months. That Metal Show is an awesome show and we are all grateful to have something like TMS on TV. Paul seems to be a very bitter and cranky old man these days. His band hasn’t been relevant in over 10 years. They can’t sell tickets anymore. Truth be told, the fans were never the boss. They’ve been lying to us for years. The HOF nonsense is proof of they don’t give a rip about the fans. We all wanted to see the original guys perform one last time. Anyway, some people can’t look at themselves in the mirror and laugh at themselves once and a while. They take themselves too seriously – like Paul Stanley seems to do. TMS is perfectly fine without Paul or Gene. Wayne’s World or not, your show is relevant, Kiss isn’t. Rock on Eddie & company!

    1. Its sad to see bcuz ive been a fan for 30+years but Do you really believe that he was being truthful when he said the fans are the boss? Its all bullshit and its done by just about all acts…the band is running on fumes now…touring with def leppard? Blah…whats next, ozzfest? They can share the bill with 20 other bands that cant sell out on their own….I really think the end is near (if not already here) and its disappointing for a lot of reasons but mainly its bcuz they stayed at the party too long…40 years is a long time/good run….”hang it up, hang it up, oooh ooooh ooooh…its only right now”…

  12. Im a KISS fan all around but lately with Gene and Paul on the warpath against their own fans on the HoF and some other opinions, ive kinda dialed back. Especially on Gene. I think a fan of yours was right when he tweeted that Paul is treating TMS like the HoF treated KISS. (Still think Paul just didnt want to play with Ace and Pete but thats over). Still a KISS fan but they are falling short lately. Having your opinion is one thing, being an idiot about it is another.

  13. Ken. That’s cool. Glad you had a great experience! But To play devils advocate, I wonder how gracious and accommodating old Paul would’ve been if you weren’t buying his book?

    1. If you’ve ever been to book signings, the author usually sits behind a desk, quickly signs your book and sends you on your way. Despite the fact that there were 700 people waiting in line, Paul never even took a seat at the desk. He told the staff he’s going to take pictures with everyone, stood and chatted with every KISS fan and was charming and gracious with everyone there. It was a fantastic event.

  14. When u have guests that come on and talk about going w/o a shower for months, that turns people off. As well as talking about throwing literal pieces of crap from a toilet. When the latter was discussed uou could see the excitement in Eddie’s face. This is when I stopped watching. Obviously the waynes world comparison is a great comparison.

  15. First off, I miss KK Downing but it appears he doesn’t have the desire to tour or perform anymore. That being said, I am still a Priest fan. Richie Faulkner is an able replacement. They have been known for having numerous drummers, I still miss Les Binks, I just hope they don’t lose anymore core members. On April 26 I attended an LA Kiss game. Paul Stanley was at the pregame for the purpose of signing his book. I expected an assembly line of give book to person who shoves it in front of Paul for a quick signature before it is quickly removed by another person and returned to the owner. I was pleasantly surprised that he was standing by himself ( except for three cheerleaders) behind the signing table. He greeted everyone individually, took his time to sign a legible autograph and even took a photo with you if you wanted. He was very gracious. As far as TMS is concerned. You don’t need Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons or any number of rockers who refuse to appear. The show does well without them. It is that “Wayne’s World” atmosphere that makes it more appealing to me. It is not slick. It is entertaining and provides great information on not just new music, but “old school” performers also. Keep up the good work Eddie, Don and Jim.

  16. Eddie, you provide a service that is hugely valued by a mass amount of people. Thank you for that, it seems as if PS and GS have zero value for a fan base that has stood by them for so long. Although I am only 18 and have only seen New Kiss perform (5 times), I still feel like a Kiss Army member. And with everything that PS and GS have done in the past year alone makes it hard to passionate about the band. I doubt I will ever spend another cent on anything Kiss related. Then again, I did already give Kiss hundreds of dollars in tickets and merch sales, so I guess they win and I am left here like a pile of dirt.

    1. Dont feel so bad….im 42 and been listening to kiss sice 1975-76….I imagine I spent a few more dollars than you have over the years….lol..

    2. Why would you feel bad Cole? Either “you” like Kiss or you don’t. Why let someone else influence “your” opinion of what you deem is enjoyable. That’s kinda the whole point of being a fan. You’ve seen them 5 times…did you enjoy it? I’m assuming you did or you wouldn’t have gone back 4 other times so why let something someone said bias your opinion. In the big scheme of things…who cares if Kiss is on the TMS show…Eddie doesn’t need them and Kiss doesn’t need Eddie. Hey, it’d be great if it all worked out but like life, it hasn’t. And like life there’s plenty of room to enjoy both. I don’t always agree with what any of the guys in Kiss say, nor do I always agree with ET’s viewpoint but I’m a fan of both.

  17. It’s funny when Gene and Paul were asked the question about preforming at RRHOF with Ace in Peter they answered about “That was the past ” but most the resent TV shows I see them preform the songs are always from the PAST!! If it all about now and the Future as Gene always says. Why don’t they preform only the NEW songs and see how that works out!

  18. Eddie, your writeup at top page says it all. TMS is the show all us hard rock and metal fans wish we had back in the day. What we got force fed was Headbanger’s Ball playing the same Bon Jovi videos you could see during the day. TMS is a mainstay on my dvr. I recently tried to lower my satellite TV bill and found that by changing packages, I’d lose TMS. No way. It’s worth every penny. As for Paul Stanley, if TMS is Wayn’s World, that’s a whole lot better than being half a tribute band with a singer that sounds awful, charging full price to boot. He should be ashamed of himself.

    1. Jeff,
      All those bands you mentioned are LUCKY if they could open for KISS today!!
      Besides VH1 ripped off a show on The Fuse network called Talking Metal.
      That show was on TV in 2007. Long Before TMS. 2 guys hosted and did the exact same things as TMS.
      Even had guitar players playing into and out of the tv commercials.

      1. And I suppose that ripped off Headbangers Ball? Is the talk show concept really unique? There was this guy named Johnny Carson too… And for the record I know the guys that did that show. It was an extension of their Podcast. Nobody is reinventing the wheel here. TMS is over five years old and more than 100 episodes. I’d say we are doing something right

  19. Why are you letting it get to you Eddie? TMS dishes it out to Gene and Paul all the time, is Paul not allowed to jab back? It’s only fair

    It’s only rock and roll. I have room in my world for KISS and TMS

    1. Who said it’s getting to me? Did you even read my post? I LOVE that my fans and Kiss fans are asking him! I have nothing to do with it but will surely comment if asked! Love that Paul watches the show and I have no problem with his opinion. We are all entitled.

  20. Wtf is The Talk? Would be cool to see the other 2 original members of Kiss on TMS, but, their loss. Many other greatful bands are on anyway. Ace an Peter are the ones I wanted to see anyway!!!

    1. Since I am a woman, I know the answer to this question.

      The Talk is essentially CBS’s version of The View. It features CBS head Les Moonves’ wife Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, comediennes Aisha Tyler (who used to host Talk Soup) and Sheryl Underwood along with actress Sara Gilbert who used to be on Roseanne.

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com 🙂

  21. I think the issue Stanley has with you, Eddie, is that you didn’t go along with the program. Just like Peter & Ace didn’t back in the day. So they made them miserable and forced them out by making them miserable and then called them slackers. How dare you not like everything he and Gene are doing.

    1. So they held Ace and Peter down…made one an alcoholic and the other a drug addict? And sent them both scurrying for cover.

      Hmm…well, Peter considers himself a badass so I doubt either Gene or Paul could forcibly make him an addict. And pretty sure Ace has basically never been seen in his early days without a bottle in his hands. I mean god forbid Ace have to give up his $20,000 custom made touring case for just his liquor on all those tours.

      Sounds like Gene and Paul basically let those two do whatever they wanted until they couldn’t function anymore just to keep them in the band instead of telling both of them to take a hike in the early days every timed they whined or threatened to quit.

  22. Like most of us on here I am a HUGE KISS fan and have seen them 17 times, Ace three times and got to shake his hand along with my wife on my Birthday 1995:) I use to want to meet Gene and Paul (Im Jewish too ) But the one person in the Metal World that I want to meet now is YOU Eddie:) Me and my wife love TMS and NEVER miss it. I think like the other guys that said ” Look at all the stuff you have done for Kiss” over the years..They treat you wrong Bro..You are the God Father of Metal and we in Canton Ohio love you bro:) I hope to shake your hand one day!

  23. Hate to keep repeating myself in regards to Paul….BUT…..that interview absoutly basically sums up what I have basically been saying. BUT….I still give credit where credit is do. Paul calls it as it is, I did get pissed because he referred TMS to Wayne’s World. The problem with that comment is Wayne’s World was a fictional movie whereas TMS is REAL. And TMS represents what everyone of us loves. And just because Gene Simmons (which I believe would do TMS) & Paul Stanley feel TMS isn’t what they believe it is, there are many very important high profile musicians that do feel how important TMS is. And I along with every1 of you feel that TMS is extremely important……Joe in The Cuse. Dana I think JoJo wants to go play ball for Alabama. He doesn’t want to go where I played, Penn State. Hmmm….wonder why…..hmmmm

  24. Eddie, if VH1 Classic was available in enough homes to actually get ratings, then maybe Paul Stanley would make an appearance. One more thing, you say the mainstream shows know nothing about hard rock and metal and only read the bands bio. That’s kinda funny considering when you get mentioned in the same mainstream media, you MARK OUT big time…posting links on Twitter and Facebook and mentioning it in your Trunk Report.

  25. Eddie,

    I have a new idea fir the next season of TMS. You could play a clip of any question asked of Paul Stanley during a national TV interview , then ask the audience to guess the Paul Stanley canned sound bite response. Watching that interview at the Jewish Center was painful. Paul couldn’t wait to rip off his patented sound bite answers. It’s becoming as predictable as the fake KISS set list. Sheesh…

  26. I see a lot of posts that say KISS can’t sell tickets anymore. I live in the small city of Tulsa, OK and they have already sold 16,000 seats for a show that isn’t until Aug. 29. They came here in 2009, by themselves, and sold out. Came through the last time with the Crue and sold out. I’m sure this one coming up with Def Leopard will sell out as well. Some of you people act like they are playing House of Blues and casinos. What’s wrong with seeing two well known acts together on the same night? Beats seeing a warm up band that nobody cares about.

  27. So I just read a tweet on this site from @MusicMost that said “Stanley is right TMS is a shitty show hosted by two posers and Don” Is this post a joke or is some one who has nothing better to do with his/her life following Trunk just to make rude comments? Sounds like that person is the poser. What a douche bag.

  28. As big of a fan as I am of Paul Stanley he wouldn’t fare very well on TMS. He doesn’t answer questions and Doesn’t speak honestly without hiding behind the same handful of idiotic platitudes that he always uses. How man times did he have the same pat answers to what seemed like a select handful of questions. Kiss is the bitter pill the hall of fame had to swallow. His oliver stone autobiography, ” the words I hear most often to describe my book is inspiring” or comparing most rock books to toilet paper. Would hate to see you have to dumb down the questions that much. He’s a smart guy but he no longer HSS a clue about speaking to the press or addressing an audiancehis stage banter resembles that of a grandmother from queens as much as his wig does. What the hell did living in California do to him? I love what he once was. Not sure who or what he is now.

  29. I’ve always been a rock/metal fan and started listening to Eddie about 6 years ago now when I first got XM radio.
    I was also never a big KISS fan until I started listening to Eddie and got to know more of the KISStory. I knew who they were and some of their songs but they were before my time so to speak.
    I saw KISS for the first time last year and it was a good show and I’ve been to quite a few different concerts by top bands.
    I just also read Peter’s book recently and plan to read Paul’s and Ace’s too. KISS is a fascinating band really and I think the RRHOF did the right thing by just inducting the four original members in this case.
    The point is that Eddie Trunk on XM and on TMS is a very real and credible show that delivers what fans of rock and metal want and can’t get anywhere else.
    I became a bigger KISS fan because of Eddie.

  30. For folks that could care less if KISS papers on TMS you all sure do talk about it enough. Been a Kiss fan for 35 years and my kids grew up loving the current lineup. I had hoped this hating on Kiss would stop once the Hall was over but it keeps being brought up. Usually in the form of passive aggressive whining and cheap pop shots at the guys who have been KISS ALL 41 yrs..if you don’t find enjoyment from the albums and tours anymore…don’t go and please do us all a favor and stop making fun of Paul and Gene. I grew up being picked on and defending Kiss to the outside world and I never envisioned a day when I would have to defend them to other so called fans. The army in my family and thousands more still love and defend Kiss. Do u remember what it felt like to have others put down Kiss? End the Kiss civil war. It’s gotten way out of hand. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are rock royalty and Kiss is still my favorite band and many others agree. Those that dont like them fine…just move on and let us that enjoy alone.

    1. Amazing…P/G do nothing but bash ace and peter, but as soon as someone bashes p/g we have to stop making fun of them..lol..this is just too funny…everybody out there that disagrees with p/g please quit bullying..lol…maybe they can license a kiss binky so paul can suck on it..lol

      1. I guess Eric, it’d be different if the small minority would hold Ace and Peter accountable the same way they do Paul and Gene. And again, don’t kid yourself…it is a small minority of the Kiss camp that has the dividing lines. The fact is…and it’s well documented, this bashing has been going on for quite awhile. And it’s not simply from Paul and Gene’s side…Peter and Ace are just as guilty. Hey i’d be great if they all just shut their mouth because they are guilty of bashing each other.

  31. I’ll bet if you manage to get Jimmy Page on TMS (or even Robert Plant) Paul will change his tune. Maybe now that Jimmy is re-releasing the Led Zep catalogue again he might want to come on to ‘promote’ it. I’m sure Eddie and the show have already asked.

  32. you are and always have been a class act eddie.i have know you 20 plus years now,and every now and again i get to say hello,thanks for being such a pro,see you a bonzo bash 2nd row !!!!

  33. Gotta echo Jeff and a few others, Eddie. No matter how much crap Gene and Paul throw at you (and I’m like you and others here, I’m almost 50 and listening to Kiss since ’74-’75…), you are still loyal to the band (for the most part). That’s awesome! Personally, I think that this “The fans are the boss…We do it for the fans….It’s what the fans want…We do what they/you want…” bullshit is a screwed up sympathy ploy to sell more stuff and more tickets. If they really did what the fans wanted (and not meaning this in a bullying type way..), they would have sucked it up and did one or two songs with Ace and Peter (even with no make up and have Bruce, Vinny, Eric & Tommy join in later…) at HOF (…nobody said that they had to follow up the induction with a tour!!…well…maybe Gene would have suggested a lunchbox and action figures to commemorate the event…and a bowling ball too!!) They would go on TMS and clear things. They would accept the invite to your radio show and take calls from the fans. I honestly think that you would stand a better chance with getting Gene than Paul. Also respect to Ace and Peter. They have proven they have nothing to hide. That they were ready to put crap aside for the fans for one night. But when push came to shove….

    Anyways..that’s it for the verbal dump….love TMS…..you and Don & Jim are awesome. Keep it up!

    1. Actually Neil I agree with the general sentiment. However if it’s really all for the fans then Ace and Peter are just as guilty as Gene and Paul. Why didn’t Ace and Peter hold up their end of the bargain? Afterall they were fired or quit several times. When Paul was giving a 100%…why didn’t Ace or Peter.

      Peter claims Kiss was his life…then why did he throw it all away? Why sell the rights to his makeup. Why surround yourself and your life with bad things…those were HIS choices. If it’s “for the fans” why was Ace tanked nearly every night of the Reunion tour…is that giving 100% to us? I don’t think so.

      At the end of the day I hold Ace and Peter accountable for their actions as I do Gene and Paul…but at the end of the day, two stayed and fought it out and two left because they didn’t respect what they had.

      1. OK, but how would you feel if you were equal partners in a band with two guys, and you only got maybe one or two songs per album, after you had scored the only top 10 hit the band ever had? You think Gene and Paul were Mr. Congeniality? Plus they worked too much in those first five years, they should’ve taken a sabbatical and regrouped. Same with the reunion, they worked Ace and Peter into the ground, they were making, when you factor in the merchandising, 10 times more on those reunion tours, and they treated Ace and Peter like they were the hired help. Now they have exactly what they want, to guys who will only speak when spoken to, sit over there, shut up, heel, roll over…and I really like the two albums they did with Eric and Tommy, alot.

        1. Staten….lots of bands with equal partners but few bands have all contribute to the musical pie. Take Motley…the majority is Nikki, so does that mean the rest of the guys just whine and quit. Aerosmith…who’s the backbone there? Same story. Great Peter helped write a huge hit…so you want the rest of the songs heading down that path. Ace wrote some fantastic songs but when given a larger role in the band we get Torpedo Girl…you want a whole album of that? Well guess what, Ace gave us solo albums and none sold in the same league as Kiss’s albums. Sorry but the band had the proper balance for most of the early run in the 70’s…anything different and we aren’t talking about them 40 years later.

          Of course they worked to much in those early years…that’s hard to blame on Paul and Gene though. That was controlled by the label…and it’s really the only way the band survived in the early years. And frankly, why they finally broke big. Was hard let off the gas at that point.

          When they did take somewhat of a break in during the solo albums, they came back with Dynasty and the entire musical climate had changed. So would a sabbatical have helped? IMO no…had they taken a long break people would have found other things even quicker.

          As for the Reunion…it’s funny you claim they worked Ace and Peter into the ground but what about Gene or Paul? Hard work didn’t seem to bother them. Besides…given the Reunion tours circumstances, you milk that for all it’s worth. Absolutely the right move. As for the money on that tour…sorry, when you quit or were fired 15 years earlier and are given a second chance to make bank (which Ace and Peter did…2 mill apiece ain’t chump change) then you either accept the terms or you don’t. They accepted the terms, their choice, so why whine about afterwards. That’s the consistent message with Ace and Peter, they make choices that bite them in the ass and then whine about it. Well, don’t make those choices. Think about it Staten…these guys could barely sell tickets to a small club with dwindling bank accounts. A year later they are playing sold out arena’s, 5 star hotels, private jets, room service, 10 people ready to do whatever you say, limos, 1st class where they go, 18k screaming fans every show, 2 mill in the bank and there’s a problem with that? Every struggling musician that’s dreamed about that would give their left nutt to have that experience just once for a single day. Ace and Peter got it for a second time and still complained. Nope I don’t understand that.

          Btw/ I could care less about Monster or Boom. I personally don’t think they’ve put out anything worth buying since Revenge and I haven’t seen them since the Farewell Tour and won’t. I don’t like what they do now but I respect their right to do it.

          1. It starts off good, the first two songs are OK, but then it lags, “Into the Void,” is irritating, it’s almost a good song. Then you get that horrible Gin Blossoms whatever that is of “We Are One.” The proverbial side 2 kicks off with a bad imitation of Crue’s “KIckstart My Heart,” with some really dumbo Disneyland narrative, then you get another almost good song from Paul, …another one that’s pretty good they got sued over, “Dreamin’,” and I actually like the last song, a cool Gene song, he has one of the coolest singing voices. But, it sounds like they were searching for a direction …like they were looking everywhere, in the closet, the garage, under the mattress, under the car seat, for an idea. It baffles me, because they got their undisputed World Championship belt back and you’d think that they would just put out a raw Kiss record, side 4 of Alive II, in my mind, the best Kiss sounded in the studio (and please guys..I know Bob played on three songs). I almost forgot, that ballad, you can hear Paul singing behind him the whole time, you can practically hear Peter’s psyche getting beat into submission, it’s beyond comprehension, that record. So, thumbs down on this side of the aisle, Eddie.

          2. Actually it’s more of a SuperFriends thing than Disneyland…I like that chorus, I just can’t stand the verses. Gene’s Saturday Morning Cartoon influence is one of the coolest aspects of Kiss’s music. That whole Yosemite Sam, my pants are on fire, thing he’s got going.

    2. And the thing is, if Paul and Gene did let Eric and Tommy take the ball and run with it as it were, really let them come into their own as personas of Kiss, the response would be, “OK..now where’s Gene and Paul?” Contrast that with Ace and Peter, the response is just affirmation. And Paul and Gene know this, so they can have Eric and Tommy in the band, and they don’t HAVE TO be so dictatorial; by being more prominent, they are giving the fans what they want in this context. Again, much different than with Ace and Peter. I remember them selling out Tiger Stadium in under an hour, the added shows…and they could have kept it going, but Paul and Gene over saturated the market. Hence the ploy of the “Farewell” tour to sell tickets. I also remember that guitar solos became cool repellent, they were practically extinct, they were as cool as wearing a leisure suit. Who made them cool again? And who only could have at that time? Tommy likes to bitch about how he had to teach Ace his own solos, well, Joe Walsh went through the same thing, it is a completely natural thing to happen to an artist.

      1. The Reunion tour was orchestrated to perfection. The problem was Psycho Circus and following tour being so close on the heels of the Reunion. The moment Kiss reunited it ended any hope of them being a valid band in terms of new albums. Sure, you’ll get the diehards but in reality the fans only want the old stuff. Circus just diluted that. Every single old band out there goes through the same thing and it’s why few of the legendary bands…VH, Kiss, Journey, Motley, Leppard…even Aerosmith sell big numbers with albums anymore. It’s why Kiss plays what people want to hear and every other band does the same.

        Perhaps without Psycho Circus then we might not have had the Farewell Tour…and I agree, that ploy absolutely helped sell tickets. However clearly fans weren’t ready to put Kiss to bed because they continue on. So maybe here in America that 18k they sold with Peter and Ace is only 12k with a few sold out shows in between. Maybe they gotta package with another band ala Leppard, Motley, Smith…so what. IMO it wouldn’t be any different with Ace and Peter still in the band and further doubtful Kiss would still be operating with them in the band under the best of circumstances. There are only a handful of bands that can tour now without a strong package, even Eddie has made that point.

        1. JB..you bring alot of very good points. I will just counter with, 1.) They were marketed to us as the Beatles, they don’t have a front man. (Sorry Ed, but Paul is not a front man any more than Gene, or even Ace..) Kiss was a 4 wheel drive band. 2).They should have taken a sabbatical between the solo albums and 1980..and put out a very strong record. Every rock band on the planet seemed to know what was on the horizon except Kiss: Back In Black (even with their singer dying), British Steel, Heaven and Hell, ..this was one of the strongest years in the history of hard rock..the first Maiden..Scorpions were coming on (and we can’t forget UFO) what does Kiss do? They don’t take time to regroup, a two year wait would’ve been perfect, no they rush to put out Dynasty because everyone was saying that they were breaking up, and further, pulled the most desperation move ever, that disco song just has ‘we’re panic-ing’ written all over it. Or, for that matter, they could’ve have taken two years off, 77-79 and nixed the solo albums. Take the best 10 from those four…that is one hell of a Kiss record. In any case, the subsequent Dynasty tour killed Kiss.
          3)The Reunion: the problem was that ‘lost cities’ tour..then they did a lost cities tour of Europe! they probably went to Alaska. They did over 200 freaking shows! That’s sheer insanity. I know Peter and Ace made alot of money, but that’s not the point. It’s relative. When you are up there busting your balls and sweating and the places are packed because of you and the guy next to you is making 10 times more…that would get under anybody’s skin. And they sucked it up and did it anyway. It was only after the tour when they said that they wanted to re-negotiate. I think Paul and Gene were being curmudgeonly, like a sports team owner, they were raking it in! And you think “well, we could get someone else for less money..” that’s what they thought. I’m not saying Ace and Peter should have been equals, but more equal. Where they came from is irrelevant. That’s a false dilemma. In other words, you are prescribing two choices as if those are the only ones available.It’s like saying be glad you are eating fast food when you could be eating instant noodles. Anyway, I really respect your musical acumen, I liked a lot of what you had to say, especially your take on how great they were in the 70s. PS. That Dana Strum thing I just happened to come across because I pulled up some old Vinnie Vincent footage. I wasn’t investigating Paul Stanley!

  34. my guest wishlist for TMS, #5 joan jett, #4 pat benatar/neil geraldo, #3 van halen/roth, #2 nikki sixx, #1 steven tyler, no paul stanley, I know he’s too busy looking for wayne’s world! party on paul!

  35. It’s very common for someone who has been bullied, as Paul, to be very sensitive and not very eager to be put on the spot. Furthermore I’ve found that bullied persons always have a mean line in store in case someone attacks them.

    I enjoyed the interview with Paul and in particular his views on the RNR Hall of Shame. I mean here in Sweden NOBODY cares about it. I don’t know how the RNRHOF managed to trick Americans into believing that it’s something special.

  36. Jimmy Page,Robert Plant,Eddie Van Halen not a chance on TMS. Sebastian Bach for months hyping his now dead upon release new awful CD is more of a guest. I was one of 700 who met Paul monday, he was class all the way.

    1. Eddie VH also turned down Letterman and Rolling Stone. Do you see Plant and Page doing much TV? Plant won’t go near anything with metal in the title. Guess we just have to “settle” for AC/DC, Metallica, Rush, Sabbath…

  37. Eddie the way I look at it is as long as plant, Roth, gene and Paul, among others don’t come on the show that just means more seasons of that metal show!

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