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Had a great hour episode of TMS with Peter Criss yesterday that will premiere this Saturday on VH1 Classic. We discussed many things and of course got Peter’s take on the HOF. Always good to see Peter who is still clearly excited about being inducted with the band he was a founding member of in a few weeks. When I asked him about not playing his response was; “it’s a shame we couldn’t give the fans 10 minutes on stage together for the 40 years they gave us”. See it all this Saturday night on Wayne’s World… I mean That Metal Show. VH1 Classic’s longest running program and a show so many Kiss fans love and watch! Thank you all for your support and hope you like this one. Also thanks to Richard Christy for playing in the episode. He is a huge Peter Criss fan and was pumped! More soon.


PS: Ace Frehley will be on the show again soon. He had to reschedule since he is now on the W Coast and could not break free from a deadline on his new album.




  1. What is up with Paul? Why would he call it Wayne’s World anyway? Funny how sensitive he is about the original band and talks a game of how Kiss has moved on. Last time I checked, they dress up in the old costumes and play the 70’s music. It would be one thing if they really did move on, but they live in the past with two newer members. I think Bruce and the rest of the “newer” guys are great, but Kiss does not play that stuff anymore since it won’t make them money.

    1. Exactly Joe and as far as I’m concerned if Gene and Paul don’t want to honor the past and get up on stage and play with Ace and Peter ONE MORE TIME!!!! Then I can’t support the “New” Kiss which I have done in last few years….I’M DONE!

  2. Eddie,
    I am looking forward to seeing the Catman on TMS. The Wayne’s World reference by Paul to your show only shows that he closely monitors everything you say about Kiss and is extremely resentful of your friendships with Ace and Peter. I will pass on seeing the fake Kiss tour this summer and am much more interested in whatever new music Ace will be putting out. If you could get Ace and Peter back together for another show like you did at the Hard Rock that would be amazing! Also looking forward to the Alter Bridge show in NYC April 24, will you be there?

    1. Paul has always been consumed with everything everyone says, even if it isn’t accurately quoted most times. 12 years ago he confronted me about something he read on this site. My only issue ever as I have told him to his face is that before reaching conclusions on things he should find out the accuracy of what he thinks someone said. I’ve always been a fan of the guy but he is tough to figure sometimes. Glad to know he watches TMS, I mean how else would he know what to think of it?

      1. Eddie, Big fan of yours for many years…thank you for keeping the music I and so many others love passionately alive and well. I’m a KISS fan since ’76 like yourself. Paul Stanley is a narcissistic blowhard that lives in a Soundbite Bubble. gene is no better, yet I still think Gene has always had more heart than Paul, especially concerning Ace and Peter, but even more concerning what the fans really want. He seems to have taken a backseat to Paul over the years in various ways, however. Cannot wait to see Peter this Saturday, my 12 year old son and I are looking forward to it! On the weekends I have my kids (divorced), we have aritual every Sunday morning when TMS is in season: We let my 15 year old daughter sleep, we pour bowls of Cap’n Crunch, curl up and watch TMS. His favorite segment is Stump The Trunk. Mine too. Love music trivia. In closing, may I say that the both of us, as men that we are, are extremely happy that Jennifer has gotten more air time. She is a goddess. So damn cute. take care and thanks again for being a brother in rock-n-roll arms! Sincerely, Joe Pensanti Stratford, CT

      2. And how do your constant jabs (some subtle, some no – so – subtle) at Paul and Gene help the situation, Trunk? And the funny thing is, you’re not mature enough to admit that you do it.

        1. Constant jabs? Funny how to Kiss fans just discussing a band and having an opinion other than what they are selling at that time is a jab.. To them everything revolves around Kiss. Sorry, I’ll be sure not to give my opinion when asked as to not offend.

  3. Eddie,

    Here’s my question…if Peter feels it is such a shame that KISS isn’t playing at the RRHOF, why wouldn’t he and Ace say that Gene and Paul have a point. The band did continue after we left, and we agree that Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr should be included too. Instead of playing it the way they always play things (Peter/Ace/Fans as victims of mean Gene/Paul), it would show them to be magnanimous, without giving credibility to Tommy & Eric in makeup. Doing it this way would have put all of the pressure on Gene and Paul to accept playing with them…if that’s what Ace & Peter really wanted.


    1. They DID say if the others were inducted they would understand. But they are not. And they are not going to sit and watch two guys impersonating them NOT being inducted play in the band they founded that IS being inducted. It is pretty simple really. How about Gene and Paul play ONE song with just the four guys going in? You can ask that question as well right?

      1. You can ask, Eddie. As I said, that play changes everything. Saying they would understand is one thing….but, forcing the hand is another thing. I contend that if they played it the way I suggest, that Paul and Gene, and for that matter the RRHOF, would have to approach it differently! In my scenario, they would have put real pressure on Gene & Paul, to play with them…without Tommy/Eric. Secondly, it would have shown the hall for what it is….a joke!

        Because the RRHOF says only the originals, and Ace/Peter play their expected roles, it minimizes everything that happened after Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter…or the other 30 years of KISS. Years that you and I would agree have much value! Those years are obviously important to Gene and Paul. Ace and Peter had to know that Gene and Paul wouldn’t go for that, Eddie. Besides, The RRHOF NEVER wanted them in, yet alone playing. The only way to get them to play, and get Eric Carr and Bruce in, again was for Ace/Peter to concede the originals for induction.

        My two cents.

        1. @John – Gene stated even before they were being inducted (and before knowing it was only the original 4 being inducted) that they would not play with Peter and Ace at the induction, said they f’d up their chances 3x and they’re a cancer.

      2. Ok, I think people are using the word “impersonating” a little too loosely. If Tommy Thayer finished a guitar solo on stage and Paul said, “Ace Frehley, lead guitar,” THAT would be impersonation. Oh you silly little fools wishing you had your full heads of hair and your 32 inch waists back. Maybe you should all click your ruby red slipper heels together and chant, “There’s no time like 1977, There’s no time like 1977.”

          1. ..what does hair and waistlines, or age, for that matter have to do with this? Except for: only their new fans don’t care who wears the costume and plays the songs. What I’m saying is that the new fans should care and so should the present band. So induct every member who has ever been in Kiss, no..that would include Dick Wagner, Alan Schwartzberg, one of their guitar roadies (not Tommy, this was for Unmasked) oh yeah, gotta throw Anton Fig in there, that session bassist they hired to play “I Was Made for Lovin’ You…”…see how ridiculous these fans sound when they mention Mark St. John? OK, so let’s go with: the 4 that started it, Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer (this guy has been working for Kiss for like 30 years) and Vinnie Vincent . When Eric Singer and Tommy accept they say something like “I know I had huge shoes to fill I want to thank Ace (or Peter), etc, etc etc..” .Then the 4 originals play a song, in makeup, a tribute to Eric Carr in an out of makeup, then Singer gets up there with Kulick no makeup, then Tommy replaces Kulick, still no makeup, only because then Gene and Paul would have to get into theirs, and this thing, to make it fair, has be done chronologically; then all of them play Rock and Roll All NIte. Vinnie plays at the end;, he wears his makeup to accept his award, then takes it off for the last song:; all 7 take some kind of lead break in the last song. I think Tommy and Eric should let Ace and Peter wear the makeup out of respect. Kiss compares itsefl to a sports team now…This is their best grounds to support their conclusion for the “new KIss,” which is the great sports teams don’t retire numbers. OK, then. But there should also be a reverence for the path that was laid down by the Wilt Chamberlins, the Magic Johnsons, the Joe Montanas, etc which made those franchises winning organizations. I would never see an organization disrespect those players the way Peter and Ace have been disrespected. This, in my view, is how this thing should be handled, it takes care of the past, and also sets the tone for the future of Kiss.

      3. I agree there as Ace and Peter wouldn’t go with the idea of playing with Tommy and Eric in their makeups unless they got inducted. This induction is about the original lineup and celebrating its foundation as Ace pointed out few months ago and the HoF had the same viewpoint.

        1. So by your logic artists must continue to tour and make music what, until they are dead? Why is it hard to understand that a 68 year old man maybe DOESN’T want to tour and record? Why so he can and you can rip him for being old and out of touch?

    1. Ace is recording his new CD, How was he supposed to get to New York?
      Ace has been very quite for the most part and taken the high road, more than I can say for Gene and Paul.

  4. Dear TMS watchers, I am the President of VH1 Classic. In light of Mr. Paul Stanley’s recent Twitter post calling what was once That Metal Show, “Wayne’s World”, despite TMS being the longest running show ever on VH1 Classic, we have decided to bow to his majesty and feel the need to formally announce the change in name immediately to Wayne’s World following this seasons very last episode of TMS. Additionally, Eddie Trunk will be whisked by Gene Simmons entourage to City Hall where he will submit an application to have his name formally changed to Wayne for the following season. Don will become Garth effective immediately and we will figure out Jim’s new name with all due respect to Paul’s future coments and suggestions on Twitter. In light of Paul’s recent criticisms with regards to the Hall of Fame induction, we realize that what Paul wants, Paul must receive, else my job may be at risk due to his perseverance and endless childhood tantrums. I am sorry but he just won’t shut up and move on until he gets what he wants. Thank you. Oh, and Eddie will donate all future earnings from TMS to help support those who cannot afford a Meet and Greet ticket to all future Kiss concerts on the upcoming tour – per Paul’s request. Thank you again.

  5. Since the original lineup of Kiss can’t get their shit together hopefully some of them will participate in the “all-star” jam. Frankly, that’s the LEAST they can do for their FANS! That said, I look forward to hearing what Pete has to say about this pathetic debacle.

  6. I am looking so forward to seeing this. Glad to know he will be at the induction. I bet at least he and Ace will get up there for an evening ending all star jam.

    Although I understand Paul’s issue with the Hall as of late by way of his recent posts, as it does make sense, there would be nothing more honorable to the fans than doing a quick, make-less jam with the two guys who’s ideas also helped create the band. Looking at some old photos of them, I noticed how Peter and Ace, both created make-up characters, well before Paul decided to go that way…..

  7. Paul called tms Wayne’s world??? That’s all this old plastic surgery hack could muster up???? What a weirdo! If he hates the show so much and criticizes it why is he constantly talking and giving attention to it?????????? Paul should be focusing on correcting his horrendous vocals instead of trolling eddie trunk for having one of the best shows on television.

  8. If paul really has a problem with the hall inducting only the originals, then during his speech he should give the hall the middle finger…if not then he should just shut up about it…

      1. The problem with that, Eddie, is it has to be one of the bands that the Hall respects. Whether she deserves the credibility or not is a different matter, but if Debbie Harry or Dave Grohl didn’t show because the Hall was unfair, that would carry weight. I frankly don’t think the Hall could give a shit less if Paul Stanley didn’t show up. I think in their minds it would only justify what they did.

        Actually, that is an idea right there: someone should get with Dave, who likes and respects music history. If he stood at the podium and said “it’s a crying f—ing shame and a travesty that Chad Chapman was even CONSIDERED for induction, and Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick were not.”

  9. I totally love KISS 2014. Monster and Sonic Boom are great records. That being said, Paul and Gene should absolutely perform for a few songs with Ace and Peter. I think Paul thinks it will cause fans to demand another reunion and that’s not what Paul wants. Don’t worry Paul no one has forgotten how mediocre Psycho Circus was. Ace and Peter should definitely show up and perform with whatever all star lineup is their.

    1. I disagree I think Monster and Sonic boom were very average and forgettable CD’s .
      To me they were all filler and nothing to remember. Maybe they just can’t write anymore or Paul can’t produce I’m not sure but it was disappointing to me.

    2. Scott: Psycho Circus was mediocre because Ace and Peter were on the record for about 3 minutes each. Not to mention it was produced by Bruce “I ruin great bands but they sell a lot of records and that’s all that counts” Fairbairn.

  10. All of this back and forth between the 4 Kiss guys…really who should be inducted are: Paul, Gene, Peter, Ace, Bill Aucoin, Sean Delaney, and Neil Bogart. Neil who told Warner Bros. to shove their distribution deal because they had sent out a memo not to promote the first 2 Kiss records, this move cost Bogart a million dollars to get out of his contract. That’s called believing in your band. He produced Kiss’s third record. What Bill and Sean did for Kiss has been well documented. This band that came up in the shadow of the rock giants, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Who, and so were lambasted by the press. You watch their old stuff now on youtube..2/18/77, this show, the very definition of kick ass. It makes Motley Crue and Wasp look like 2nd stringers. . Nobody just goes balls to the wall like that onstage, they were competing with the Who.

  11. Eddie your the best . it’s a shame that young for hard kiss fans like me will never see the REAL kiss instead of the KISS cover band of themselves they have become . If Ace and Peter toured and played se
    Of the hits plus there own tunes ( mainline, rocket ride) if be the first to buy a ticket . Can’t wait till Saturday . God bless

  12. You know, if they were going to play, I dunno, Room Service and Plaster Caster, then yeah, I’d be excited and hopeful and pissed and all that. But do we really need to hear RNR All Nite and Detroit Rock City again? No. I don’t care if the Pope’s playing kazoo.

  13. How pathetic. Time to give credit where credit is due. Ace and Peter are KISS. I absolutely hated Monster. Sonic Boom was average at best. No one is picking up a guitar due to Tommy Thayer. Let’s be honest… the reunion tour made Gene and Paul a ton of dough and had them playing sold out shows in North America again. Now? Def Leppard? Seriously? Wow… feel sorry for the suckers who will buy tickets to that debacle. To hear the same stale setlist again??? No thanks. And to bring up a point Eddie has spoke on… There are still casual KISS fans who think it is Ace and Peter still in the band. I went to the show here in Canada last summer. I was one of the guilty ones who wanted their kids to see the KISS spectacle. Hated the show. Just sickening seeing the two fakes. Anyway, the nect day I was chatting with some women who went as well. They were gushing how great Ace was. No lie. They looked at me like I was the dope when I said it’s not Ace. It’s just ridiculous that Gene and Paul won’t do a few songs for the fans.

    1. Craig: It took almost a year for my son to stop accidentally calling Tommy Ace whenever he’d see footage or a photo of Tommy. I don’t begrudge Tommy at all, by the way. He’s a great player and a nice person. My son and I just prefer the original 4. Now Eric Singer singing Beth in concert, that is just a big bowl o’ wrong…

  14. Eddie, you are a very good journalist., so it’s a cross between Wayne’s World and Siskel and Ebert….. And another thing: if Paul and Gene want to keep themselves young, more power to ’em, whatever it takes for them to do what they have to do. They’re not average people, so the peanut gallery has to make these personal comments. I have serious issues with their re-telling of Kisstory, all 4 screwed up KIss, but no issue as far as: that they wear sport coats, or are great businessmen. That doesn’t diminish their rock and roll acumen. Taking that position is classic ad hominem fallacy. Ace and Peter use these fallacies to attack Paul and Gene, and Paul and Gene use smoke screens, and straw man fallacies to attack Ace and Peter. Both camps don’t make logical arguments against each other; it’s so funny to have to sit here and watch them say this stuff that”s so full of holes.

  15. I actually agree with the HOF that only the four originals should be in HOF the rest were paid employees and had very little say or contribution in the band with maybe the exception of Bruce at the very end he did write quite a few songs(but was never a equal member, only a contract employee). Vinnie wrote songs too but his time was short and had no real say in the direction of the band(contract employee). KISS was a foursome then threesome and now a DUO. Why would they want to induct anyone else? ACDC Brian Jones is part of the band and contributes in all aspects so did Hagar in VH big difference compared to Eric, Tommy and others. On Psychco Circus Ace and Peter were contract employees they had NO say in the direction of the CD or anything else.

  16. Peter is his own worst enemy.
    I, like many others on this board, think Paul and Gene are self absorbed dicks but how many chances have they given Peter?! IMO – TOO MANY.

  17. To me its real simple .you the fans wanna really send a message just simply dont support the current lineup anymore .pretty simple. . Dont support this tour this yr. Thats the real mrssage we want ace peter paul gene… anyways cant wait to see peter this week on tms. ..eddie your great keep up the good work n lets just pray for the best outcome on rnrhof

  18. I just wish Pete and Ace would do some shows together playing all the songs they had vocals on and record for a cd/dvd. That would be the ultimate ” thank you” to the fans .
    While they are able

        1. Rob, and you call that inane warbling that sounds like a komodo dragon being sodomized singing, meaning Paul’s voice in recent years? The man is finished, yet still bilks the public. It’s really sad when you take your kids to a Kiss show and the first thing your 9 year old says in the car afterward is “Why did Paul sound so bad?” Peter plays from the heart. You can take your technically proficient wannabe catman Singer and file him under Dime A Dozen.

        1. Never said I was a victim and it is your issue that you interpret every single thing I say or write and relate it to Kiss. There are MANY other bands out there..And I don’t JAB, I say what I THINK! How many times would you like me to say my thoughts about current Kiss?? Do I need to repeat it again so you can once again say I am piling on and stirring the pot? Amazing..

          1. Actually Ed…as much as I respect what you do, you really don’t say what you think all the time. You infer and insinuate. If you’re really going to “say what you think”, then name names. Lay it out there i.e. who’s about to croak on stage. Steven Tyler, Stanley…who? Lets hear it.

          2. Apparently you never listen to my radio shows.TV has MAJOR time constraints as proven by how much was cut from Peter’s show. I prefer in TV to let people hear more from the artists than me. I am not the one being interviewed and time is short

      1. Hey Eddie
        I wanted to get back on your post but i’ve been out of town .
        The key word is ” some ” shows. Of course I knew Pete isnt going to go out on the road . Or even Ace for that matter. Anomaly he only went out for a handful of dates .
        How about just one show then ? And maybe a dvd shoot w/ it ? For the fans and for themselves…
        Especially after hearing Pete on TMS wishing the performance would have been longer, missed playing so much, etc. You dont think he would be interested in one show ?
        Could you please ask him or Ace next time you talk ? Thanks Ed

  19. Hey Eddie, it just occurred to me that it may be that RuPaul is saying the things he’s saying, in an attempt to piss off the HOF people so much, that they refuse to have KISS there at all? Or to somehow, keep the four guys from being on stage for anything. It seems something other than the whole “team player” bullshit, He/she and the douche bag demon have been spewing, has really hit the mark with RuPaul. Do you think something in Ace or Peters book may have been a little too close to the mark with He/she. It seems he’s trying to be as obnoxious and belligerent as he can be, so the HOF people refuse to have him there. That way he can say those people caused this not me. I hope Ace and Peter show up and Money bags and RuPaul hit the local bar with their tribute band. Those two are disgusting and make me wanna puke! Rock on Eddie, swwwwwingggggg! LOL. \m/ up the irons!

  20. Eddie, I hate to hear Paul’s words about the best show on TV. Like you, Kiss changed everything for me when I was growing up. I was completely obsessed with Kiss, and had posters and pictures from Circus magazine all over my walls (along with some Maiden, Priest, ACDC). Paul needs to understand that if not for TMS, not many people talk about the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. Keep your head up Ed, and keep on Keeping the Faith!!!!

    1. All good by me Dave! It’s laughable to me when you consider the guys OWN FANS love TMS! We have more Kiss shirts in our audience than anything and when you have AC/DC, Metallica, Sabbath, Rush, GnR, Aerosmith and countless others coming on, he can call it what he wants. Guess it’s good enough for them!

  21. The album Alive I made Kiss what it is/was. Those who love rock/metal for the music love that album because of Ace and Peter, they made that album. Someone had to sing and Paul did a good job. Gene was not too bad of a singer either. But the players on the HOF album which is their greatest album by far were Ace and Peter. Thanks guys for making Paul and Gene the financial success that they are.

  22. I’m starting to arrive at the conclusion that if you’re a REAL fan, you don’t need 10 minutes on the RnRHoF stage to vindicate your belief in the band. I also think you wouldn’t resort to cheap soundbite tactics of criticizing Paul’s voice (up until this year, he was top three of hard rock vocalists that have kept their voices relatively intact) or criticizing Gene’s business acumen. If it shocks you in 2014 that Gene and Paul care about the business aspect of their enteprise, you haven’t been paying attention since 1976.

    I’m also starting to think that Peter is one of the luckiest men in rock and roll history.

    1. Peter is lucky. An average skinsman at best that complained the whole time he was supposedly living the dream. All fame did to Peter was make it easy on him to bring out all the bitterness inside. People really need to read Lydia’s book as well as his own. I mean did Gene and Paul shove drugs into Pete’s system? Did Gene and Paul make his already limited drumming capabilities deteriorate even further to the point he couldn’t even play on the last two albums. Afterall, this is the member that threatened to quit the band on the eve of the concert that brought them Bill Aucoin. At some point, regardless of one’s feelings for Gene or Paul or even the band itself…you have to acknowledge that Peter could have appreciated his position in the band, he could have limited his drug intake (many artists have), he could have continued his development as a player and remained in the band. But he didn’t and that is Peter Criss’s fault.

  23. http://www.kissonline.com/news/article/id/39719

    “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame continues to attempt to restore its questionable credibility and glimpses behind the facade with nonsense and half truths.

    The truth is Joel Peresman and the rest of the decision makers refused to consider the induction of ANY former KISS members and specifically the late Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick who were both in the band through multi platinum albums and worldwide tours and DIDN’T wear makeup.

    There is no getting around the reality that the Hall of Fame’s favoritism and preferential treatment towards artists they like goes as far as ASKING the Grateful Dead how many members THEY wanted the hall to induct and following their directive while also including a songwriter who was never in the actual band.

    Let’s just accept the truth as it is and move on.

    – Paul Stanley”

    No mention of brand, of money, of “replacements”, of anything other than calling out the HOF on their nonsense. There are a ton of comments here about people saying that we need a big name to call them on their bullshit, and now that one is, he’s being lambasted for it. “Fans”. :/

  24. Hey Ed its joey vitello from the old days. Thank you so much for all this kiss talk you know what a big time fan of kiss i am, and its awesome to see and hear the different takes on all this stuff. How weird i am a huge springsteen fan as well, and the e street band is also going in that night! Thanks again, and be well!

      1. Hey sir lets go for a nice steak together at the strip house like the old days! My music store is right down the street! That would be awesome! Take care dude!

    1. Have played them both on my radio show! How about that? The enemy to some but still the ONLY one that actually plays the bands catalog on the radio! As for what I think, Boom was much better than Monster, but both average at best in my opinion

        1. Eddie; I think Sonic Boom and Monster are the Two Best LP’s the Current band has ever Made!!! Compared to All the Kiss LPs I’d put them on par with Crazy Nights and Asylum.

          1. They are the only 2 albums the current band has made. I respectfully disagree and it has NOTHING to do with who played on them. Songs on Monster were weak in my view for the most part and Paul’s vocal issues are even showing in the studio album. Asylum is a good record. Crazy Nights some good songs but a bit too polished. All the 80’s and 90’s stuff very up and down outside of Creatures to me. I actually like some stuff on COS.

  25. Easiest thing would have been to do a few songs no make-up maybe 1 or 2 with Ace/Peter and then allow Tommy/Eric/Bruce to join for a jam like they did at MTV Unplugged (Nothing to Lose from that session was just good rock n roll) . If anything it would show first and foremost the music did matter.

    Just celebrate the music and the history and the contributions of all.

    Too much water under the bridge, too many tell-all books (and one coming) out there for it to be reasonable to expect any of that at this point.

  26. I am starting to think that putting the makeup back on, or having the makeup on in the first place is where the problem lies in my opinion. I really think it is the spectacle that is Kiss, and not necessarily the music that justifies Kiss being considered for the HOF in the first place. I know that is somewhat irrelevant at this point considering they are being inducted, but all of this nonsense regarding the HOF is past the point of childish. If Gene and Paul have such an issue with the HOF, they should just stay at home on induction night. I personally would enjoy having Gene and Paul send a letter to the HOF like the Sex Pistols or Axel Rose did.

  27. I think all of us KISS fans should ban together and REFUSE to give KISS once cent of our money ever again. Don’t pay for albums, refuse to buy concert tickets, don’t eat at their restaurant, don’t go see their football team play, etc…. They say they do anything for the fans – no, they do anything for their wallets. By they, I mean Gene and Paul. Well it’s time to let our money talk.

    I’ve been a card carrying member of the KISS Army since 1976. I’ve seen them live 14 times and I have bought all of their albums, comic books, dolls, etc… I’ve invested a lot of into those guys and they have gotten rich off of fans like me.

    Now, they cannot respect the fans enough to walk on stage play 3 songs together, give each other a hug and say “nice to see you again – hope all is well”, and then go back to their lives. I don’t expect them to do another reunion (although I would be happy if they did) but they can at least stop attacking each other in the media, behave like adults, and respect us fans long enough to let us enjoy them getting the award.

    Now I do agree with Paul and Gene that Eric Carr, Eric Singer, and Bruce Kulick should be in as well. I am not sure on Tommy Thayer and I could care less about Vinnie Vincent. Mark Saint John wasn’t in the band long enough to get in. I personally like Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer but I wish they would be themselves instead of pretending to be someone else. Bruce Kulick never tried to be Ace. He was a great player, had his own style, and I respect him. Paul said the new guys have “been in the band for decades” which simply isn’t true. Eric Singer started in the early ’90’s and if you don’t count the reunion tour, he has been in the band for 14 years over two decades. Tommy has only been in the band for a little over 10 years starting in 2002 and that cannot possible be called decades.

    Regardless, all of Fleetwood Mac got in, all of Metallica got in, and all of KISS should get in too. But I understand the R&R HOF’s stand too. When they inducted G’nR, NONE of the new guys got in because no one gives a crap about the new G’nR and no one gives a crap about the new KISS either.

    Also, I do understand why Gene and Paul would not want to have Ace and Peter in the band anymore if in the past, they had so many drug problems, were unreliable, and made being in the band unpleasant. I get it and I don’t fault them for moving on. Then move on, stop pretending to be the old band with new guys.

    But, for one night, put it aside and accept the award together and play 3 songs together even if it is an all star band with everyone who was in KISS together sort of like on the unplugged bit.

    I would try to start an internet thing where we all ban together and refuse to support KISS because they won’t support us but I do not have the skills to do this. The tweet heard around the world or something. It would send a clear message if no one buys tickets to this new KISS/Def Leppard tour and they have to cancel dates for lack of interest. They screwed the fans – now screw them. They will never see 1 cent of my money again. I have full intention of buying the new Ace Frehley album when it comes out though!

    Former KISS fan in Minnesota

    1. Loren, I am finished with seeing Kiss live. I went to a few tours in 2009 and 2010, and Paul sounded so bad it was equally disheartening and disappointing. Ace and Peter again? Then I will go.

    2. Hey brother, great post. Btw, I used to live in St. Cloud. Tommy has been a part of Kiss for over 20 years. He was a big creative force, it always “shocks me” so few know this. Kisstory was basically his. He designed it, picked out the pictures, the layout, found and secured the publisher, the printer etc and presented the final product. He also did the Kissology series, he picked out the clips, the designs and much more. These products were great because he was a huge and dedicated fan. In a different world he couldve made a living as an ad executive. A really talented guy. He also did a lot of studio work, road managing, cared for their instruments acted as a tech guy. He did help Ace relearn his solos etc. He’s a really good guy, does a lot in the community, a lot for army vets, especially, elderly ww2 vets and a lot with wounded warriors. He’s a family man and actualky very loving kind to fans. I guess his only fault is wearing Aces make-up, puts him in a shitty position but if it wasnt him it woulda been someone else. Again, nice post man. I miss those great lakes. Have an awesome summer.

  28. But as long as all of fans are stupid enough to keep giving them our money, then they can keep taking advantage of us. We did it to ourselves and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Paul and Gene stopped caring about the fans about 10 years ago. It is about time we realized that and stopped giving them our money.

  29. I personally have no problem with the current Kiss Ace and Peter signed away their rights to the Makeup years ago for money so no reason to bitch about it. as far as the Rock and roll hall of fame if there is any playing Ace and Peter should be up there playing with Gene and Paul. without them KISS would not be here period. but As we know Kiss has evolved over the years with Vinnie Vincent,Mark St. John, Bruce Kulick and The Best Drummer Kiss has ever had. Eric Carr. they all need a nod also. I really hope all parties involved will be able to work it out. If Gene and Paul REALLY care about their fans they will put aside their differences and Celebrate KISS! ( I think the Monster Album is great!) keep up the great work Eddie!

  30. To All the People Saying it doesn’t matter who’s in the make up now. I’d like to see how many shows would be Sold Out if Kiss just took the Make up off and Played one tour like that.
    Gene and Paul are lucky Ace and Peter sold Their Make Up designs to them otherwise Kiss would be playing Auditoriums for 400 people now.

  31. Hey Pete – Saint Cloud is in my backyard – I’m from Anoka. Good points but let’s put some thing into perspective:

    I know all about Tommy’s involvement with KISS over the years. I even know that when Ace was too drunk to record Psycho Circus, Tommy filled in for him in the studio. But at one point or another, so did Rick Derringer, Bob Kulick, and Vinnie Vincent and they are not being inducted into the R&RHOF with KISS. And, managers, roadies, advertising and marketing directors, and instrument techs don’t generally get inducted with the band either otherwise people would be asking why Bill Aucoin, Doc McGhee, Neal Bogart, and Bob Ezrin aren’t being inducted with KISS. And why not – because they weren’t in the band. And Tommy wasn’t “in the band” until 2004 either. KISS is not being inducted because they wrote a great history book. They are being inducted for pioneering the theatrical based rock and roll mega show.

    I just personally find it insulting that Gene and Paul refuse to play with Ace and Peter because Tommy and Eric aren’t being inducted too. If they feel that strongly about it, then decline to be inducted like Axle did and don’t go to the ceremony. And why won’t they, because they want to be inducted and they don’t have enough respect for their fans anymore to at least tell us the truth. They would rather behave like spoiled brats and blame the R&RHOF for it. Gene and Paul – suck it up and play 2 songs with your old bandmates. How hard can it be? If you cared about the fans, like you say you do, you’d just do it. Actions speak louder than words and you are being loud and clear!

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