Had a great hour episode of TMS with Peter Criss yesterday that will premiere this Saturday on VH1 Classic. We discussed many things and of course got Peter’s take on the HOF. Always good to see Peter who is still clearly excited about being inducted with the band he was a founding member of in a few weeks. When I asked him about not playing his response was; “it’s a shame we couldn’t give the fans 10 minutes on stage together for the 40 years they gave us”. See it all this Saturday night on Wayne’s World… I mean That Metal Show. VH1 Classic’s longest running program and a show so many Kiss fans love and watch! Thank you all for your support and hope you like this one. Also thanks to Richard Christy for playing in the episode. He is a huge Peter Criss fan and was pumped! More soon.


PS: Ace Frehley will be on the show again soon. He had to reschedule since he is now on the W Coast and could not break free from a deadline on his new album.



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    • Joe Pensanti on

      Hey Lev, leave.

  • DeO on

    “Wayne’s World” 🙂 That was for you Mr Eisen!

  • Joe on

    What is up with Paul? Why would he call it Wayne’s World anyway? Funny how sensitive he is about the original band and talks a game of how Kiss has moved on. Last time I checked, they dress up in the old costumes and play the 70’s music. It would be one thing if they really did move on, but they live in the past with two newer members. I think Bruce and the rest of the “newer” guys are great, but Kiss does not play that stuff anymore since it won’t make them money.

    • Klaus Baumgarten on

      Also Tommy would not be able to play Bruce’s licks.

    • Rich Reilly on

      Exactly Joe and as far as I’m concerned if Gene and Paul don’t want to honor the past and get up on stage and play with Ace and Peter ONE MORE TIME!!!! Then I can’t support the “New” Kiss which I have done in last few years….I’M DONE!

  • John Jenkins on

    I am looking forward to seeing the Catman on TMS. The Wayne’s World reference by Paul to your show only shows that he closely monitors everything you say about Kiss and is extremely resentful of your friendships with Ace and Peter. I will pass on seeing the fake Kiss tour this summer and am much more interested in whatever new music Ace will be putting out. If you could get Ace and Peter back together for another show like you did at the Hard Rock that would be amazing! Also looking forward to the Alter Bridge show in NYC April 24, will you be there?

    • Eddie on

      Paul has always been consumed with everything everyone says, even if it isn’t accurately quoted most times. 12 years ago he confronted me about something he read on this site. My only issue ever as I have told him to his face is that before reaching conclusions on things he should find out the accuracy of what he thinks someone said. I’ve always been a fan of the guy but he is tough to figure sometimes. Glad to know he watches TMS, I mean how else would he know what to think of it?

    • Joe Pensanti on

      Eddie, Big fan of yours for many years…thank you for keeping the music I and so many others love passionately alive and well. I’m a KISS fan since ’76 like yourself. Paul Stanley is a narcissistic blowhard that lives in a Soundbite Bubble. gene is no better, yet I still think Gene has always had more heart than Paul, especially concerning Ace and Peter, but even more concerning what the fans really want. He seems to have taken a backseat to Paul over the years in various ways, however. Cannot wait to see Peter this Saturday, my 12 year old son and I are looking forward to it! On the weekends I have my kids (divorced), we have aritual every Sunday morning when TMS is in season: We let my 15 year old daughter sleep, we pour bowls of Cap’n Crunch, curl up and watch TMS. His favorite segment is Stump The Trunk. Mine too. Love music trivia. In closing, may I say that the both of us, as men that we are, are extremely happy that Jennifer has gotten more air time. She is a goddess. So damn cute. take care and thanks again for being a brother in rock-n-roll arms! Sincerely, Joe Pensanti Stratford, CT

    • Eddie on

      Thanks Joe, appreciate the kind words!

    • Kiss Comic Book on

      And how do your constant jabs (some subtle, some no – so – subtle) at Paul and Gene help the situation, Trunk? And the funny thing is, you’re not mature enough to admit that you do it.

    • Eddie on

      Constant jabs? Funny how to Kiss fans just discussing a band and having an opinion other than what they are selling at that time is a jab.. To them everything revolves around Kiss. Sorry, I’ll be sure not to give my opinion when asked as to not offend.

    • Leon Sphinx on

      You just proved my point.

  • John on


    Here’s my question…if Peter feels it is such a shame that KISS isn’t playing at the RRHOF, why wouldn’t he and Ace say that Gene and Paul have a point. The band did continue after we left, and we agree that Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr should be included too. Instead of playing it the way they always play things (Peter/Ace/Fans as victims of mean Gene/Paul), it would show them to be magnanimous, without giving credibility to Tommy & Eric in makeup. Doing it this way would have put all of the pressure on Gene and Paul to accept playing with them…if that’s what Ace & Peter really wanted.


    • Eddie on

      They DID say if the others were inducted they would understand. But they are not. And they are not going to sit and watch two guys impersonating them NOT being inducted play in the band they founded that IS being inducted. It is pretty simple really. How about Gene and Paul play ONE song with just the four guys going in? You can ask that question as well right?

    • John on

      You can ask, Eddie. As I said, that play changes everything. Saying they would understand is one thing….but, forcing the hand is another thing. I contend that if they played it the way I suggest, that Paul and Gene, and for that matter the RRHOF, would have to approach it differently! In my scenario, they would have put real pressure on Gene & Paul, to play with them…without Tommy/Eric. Secondly, it would have shown the hall for what it is….a joke!

      Because the RRHOF says only the originals, and Ace/Peter play their expected roles, it minimizes everything that happened after Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter…or the other 30 years of KISS. Years that you and I would agree have much value! Those years are obviously important to Gene and Paul. Ace and Peter had to know that Gene and Paul wouldn’t go for that, Eddie. Besides, The RRHOF NEVER wanted them in, yet alone playing. The only way to get them to play, and get Eric Carr and Bruce in, again was for Ace/Peter to concede the originals for induction.

      My two cents.

    • dean cramer on

      The Hall is a complete joke and Peter and Ace did this to themselves. End of story. Moving on…

    • Jason Kentros on

      @John – Gene stated even before they were being inducted (and before knowing it was only the original 4 being inducted) that they would not play with Peter and Ace at the induction, said they f’d up their chances 3x and they’re a cancer.

    • Crimson Harpoon on

      Ok, I think people are using the word “impersonating” a little too loosely. If Tommy Thayer finished a guitar solo on stage and Paul said, “Ace Frehley, lead guitar,” THAT would be impersonation. Oh you silly little fools wishing you had your full heads of hair and your 32 inch waists back. Maybe you should all click your ruby red slipper heels together and chant, “There’s no time like 1977, There’s no time like 1977.”

    • Eddie on

      Incredible that you can possibly spin what they do as anything but impersonating what someone else created. Wow, just wow.. Summer is coming, the Kool Aid should be extra frosty.

    • shannon patrick mehaffey on

      ..what does hair and waistlines, or age, for that matter have to do with this? Except for: only their new fans don’t care who wears the costume and plays the songs. What I’m saying is that the new fans should care and so should the present band. So induct every member who has ever been in Kiss, no..that would include Dick Wagner, Alan Schwartzberg, one of their guitar roadies (not Tommy, this was for Unmasked) oh yeah, gotta throw Anton Fig in there, that session bassist they hired to play “I Was Made for Lovin’ You…”…see how ridiculous these fans sound when they mention Mark St. John? OK, so let’s go with: the 4 that started it, Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer (this guy has been working for Kiss for like 30 years) and Vinnie Vincent . When Eric Singer and Tommy accept they say something like “I know I had huge shoes to fill I want to thank Ace (or Peter), etc, etc etc..” .Then the 4 originals play a song, in makeup, a tribute to Eric Carr in an out of makeup, then Singer gets up there with Kulick no makeup, then Tommy replaces Kulick, still no makeup, only because then Gene and Paul would have to get into theirs, and this thing, to make it fair, has be done chronologically; then all of them play Rock and Roll All NIte. Vinnie plays at the end;, he wears his makeup to accept his award, then takes it off for the last song:; all 7 take some kind of lead break in the last song. I think Tommy and Eric should let Ace and Peter wear the makeup out of respect. Kiss compares itsefl to a sports team now…This is their best grounds to support their conclusion for the “new KIss,” which is the great sports teams don’t retire numbers. OK, then. But there should also be a reverence for the path that was laid down by the Wilt Chamberlins, the Magic Johnsons, the Joe Montanas, etc which made those franchises winning organizations. I would never see an organization disrespect those players the way Peter and Ace have been disrespected. This, in my view, is how this thing should be handled, it takes care of the past, and also sets the tone for the future of Kiss.

    • Van on

      I agree there as Ace and Peter wouldn’t go with the idea of playing with Tommy and Eric in their makeups unless they got inducted. This induction is about the original lineup and celebrating its foundation as Ace pointed out few months ago and the HoF had the same viewpoint.

    • shannon patrick mehaffey on

      I should clarify that a bit. not so much the way I think it should be, but rather, could be handled

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