Had a great hour episode of TMS with Peter Criss yesterday that will premiere this Saturday on VH1 Classic. We discussed many things and of course got Peter’s take on the HOF. Always good to see Peter who is still clearly excited about being inducted with the band he was a founding member of in a few weeks. When I asked him about not playing his response was; “it’s a shame we couldn’t give the fans 10 minutes on stage together for the 40 years they gave us”. See it all this Saturday night on Wayne’s World… I mean That Metal Show. VH1 Classic’s longest running program and a show so many Kiss fans love and watch! Thank you all for your support and hope you like this one. Also thanks to Richard Christy for playing in the episode. He is a huge Peter Criss fan and was pumped! More soon.


PS: Ace Frehley will be on the show again soon. He had to reschedule since he is now on the W Coast and could not break free from a deadline on his new album.



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  1. I personally have no problem with the current Kiss Ace and Peter signed away their rights to the Makeup years ago for money so no reason to bitch about it. as far as the Rock and roll hall of fame if there is any playing Ace and Peter should be up there playing with Gene and Paul. without them KISS would not be here period. but As we know Kiss has evolved over the years with Vinnie Vincent,Mark St. John, Bruce Kulick and The Best Drummer Kiss has ever had. Eric Carr. they all need a nod also. I really hope all parties involved will be able to work it out. If Gene and Paul REALLY care about their fans they will put aside their differences and Celebrate KISS! ( I think the Monster Album is great!) keep up the great work Eddie!

  2. To All the People Saying it doesn’t matter who’s in the make up now. I’d like to see how many shows would be Sold Out if Kiss just took the Make up off and Played one tour like that.
    Gene and Paul are lucky Ace and Peter sold Their Make Up designs to them otherwise Kiss would be playing Auditoriums for 400 people now.

  3. Hey Pete – Saint Cloud is in my backyard – I’m from Anoka. Good points but let’s put some thing into perspective:

    I know all about Tommy’s involvement with KISS over the years. I even know that when Ace was too drunk to record Psycho Circus, Tommy filled in for him in the studio. But at one point or another, so did Rick Derringer, Bob Kulick, and Vinnie Vincent and they are not being inducted into the R&RHOF with KISS. And, managers, roadies, advertising and marketing directors, and instrument techs don’t generally get inducted with the band either otherwise people would be asking why Bill Aucoin, Doc McGhee, Neal Bogart, and Bob Ezrin aren’t being inducted with KISS. And why not – because they weren’t in the band. And Tommy wasn’t “in the band” until 2004 either. KISS is not being inducted because they wrote a great history book. They are being inducted for pioneering the theatrical based rock and roll mega show.

    I just personally find it insulting that Gene and Paul refuse to play with Ace and Peter because Tommy and Eric aren’t being inducted too. If they feel that strongly about it, then decline to be inducted like Axle did and don’t go to the ceremony. And why won’t they, because they want to be inducted and they don’t have enough respect for their fans anymore to at least tell us the truth. They would rather behave like spoiled brats and blame the R&RHOF for it. Gene and Paul – suck it up and play 2 songs with your old bandmates. How hard can it be? If you cared about the fans, like you say you do, you’d just do it. Actions speak louder than words and you are being loud and clear!

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