Had a great hour episode of TMS with Peter Criss yesterday that will premiere this Saturday on VH1 Classic. We discussed many things and of course got Peter’s take on the HOF. Always good to see Peter who is still clearly excited about being inducted with the band he was a founding member of in a few weeks. When I asked him about not playing his response was; “it’s a shame we couldn’t give the fans 10 minutes on stage together for the 40 years they gave us”. See it all this Saturday night on Wayne’s World… I mean That Metal Show. VH1 Classic’s longest running program and a show so many Kiss fans love and watch! Thank you all for your support and hope you like this one. Also thanks to Richard Christy for playing in the episode. He is a huge Peter Criss fan and was pumped! More soon.


PS: Ace Frehley will be on the show again soon. He had to reschedule since he is now on the W Coast and could not break free from a deadline on his new album.



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  • Loren Tenold on

    I think all of us KISS fans should ban together and REFUSE to give KISS once cent of our money ever again. Don’t pay for albums, refuse to buy concert tickets, don’t eat at their restaurant, don’t go see their football team play, etc…. They say they do anything for the fans – no, they do anything for their wallets. By they, I mean Gene and Paul. Well it’s time to let our money talk.

    I’ve been a card carrying member of the KISS Army since 1976. I’ve seen them live 14 times and I have bought all of their albums, comic books, dolls, etc… I’ve invested a lot of into those guys and they have gotten rich off of fans like me.

    Now, they cannot respect the fans enough to walk on stage play 3 songs together, give each other a hug and say “nice to see you again – hope all is well”, and then go back to their lives. I don’t expect them to do another reunion (although I would be happy if they did) but they can at least stop attacking each other in the media, behave like adults, and respect us fans long enough to let us enjoy them getting the award.

    Now I do agree with Paul and Gene that Eric Carr, Eric Singer, and Bruce Kulick should be in as well. I am not sure on Tommy Thayer and I could care less about Vinnie Vincent. Mark Saint John wasn’t in the band long enough to get in. I personally like Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer but I wish they would be themselves instead of pretending to be someone else. Bruce Kulick never tried to be Ace. He was a great player, had his own style, and I respect him. Paul said the new guys have “been in the band for decades” which simply isn’t true. Eric Singer started in the early ’90’s and if you don’t count the reunion tour, he has been in the band for 14 years over two decades. Tommy has only been in the band for a little over 10 years starting in 2002 and that cannot possible be called decades.

    Regardless, all of Fleetwood Mac got in, all of Metallica got in, and all of KISS should get in too. But I understand the R&R HOF’s stand too. When they inducted G’nR, NONE of the new guys got in because no one gives a crap about the new G’nR and no one gives a crap about the new KISS either.

    Also, I do understand why Gene and Paul would not want to have Ace and Peter in the band anymore if in the past, they had so many drug problems, were unreliable, and made being in the band unpleasant. I get it and I don’t fault them for moving on. Then move on, stop pretending to be the old band with new guys.

    But, for one night, put it aside and accept the award together and play 3 songs together even if it is an all star band with everyone who was in KISS together sort of like on the unplugged bit.

    I would try to start an internet thing where we all ban together and refuse to support KISS because they won’t support us but I do not have the skills to do this. The tweet heard around the world or something. It would send a clear message if no one buys tickets to this new KISS/Def Leppard tour and they have to cancel dates for lack of interest. They screwed the fans – now screw them. They will never see 1 cent of my money again. I have full intention of buying the new Ace Frehley album when it comes out though!

    Former KISS fan in Minnesota

    • Joe Pensanti on

      Loren, I am finished with seeing Kiss live. I went to a few tours in 2009 and 2010, and Paul sounded so bad it was equally disheartening and disappointing. Ace and Peter again? Then I will go.

    • pete lytel on

      Hey brother, great post. Btw, I used to live in St. Cloud. Tommy has been a part of Kiss for over 20 years. He was a big creative force, it always “shocks me” so few know this. Kisstory was basically his. He designed it, picked out the pictures, the layout, found and secured the publisher, the printer etc and presented the final product. He also did the Kissology series, he picked out the clips, the designs and much more. These products were great because he was a huge and dedicated fan. In a different world he couldve made a living as an ad executive. A really talented guy. He also did a lot of studio work, road managing, cared for their instruments acted as a tech guy. He did help Ace relearn his solos etc. He’s a really good guy, does a lot in the community, a lot for army vets, especially, elderly ww2 vets and a lot with wounded warriors. He’s a family man and actualky very loving kind to fans. I guess his only fault is wearing Aces make-up, puts him in a shitty position but if it wasnt him it woulda been someone else. Again, nice post man. I miss those great lakes. Have an awesome summer.

  • ziggy star dust on

    “Somtimes the truth hurts” Eddie is keeping it real “my brother”

  • ziggy star dust on

    You know what kiss and def leppard have in common they got rid of their souls! ACE FREHLEY and PETE WILLIS!

  • ziggy star dust on

    Unlike Sabbath who sold their souls for ROCK and Roll. Kiss and def sold their souls for bubble gum music!

  • Loren Tenold on

    But as long as all of fans are stupid enough to keep giving them our money, then they can keep taking advantage of us. We did it to ourselves and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Paul and Gene stopped caring about the fans about 10 years ago. It is about time we realized that and stopped giving them our money.

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