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Off to NYC for a live radio show tonight. Originally the show was going to be pre recorded but since the H&H Festival in Mexico was cancelled I’m headed in to do it live. Join me 11P-2A ET tonight on Q104.3 NYC, free stream at www.q1043.com or use the free Iheartradio app. Mark Slaughter will call in to debut a new solo song for charity, Glenn Hughes will call in to debut new music from his new band California Breed as well. SO much new stuff out there or coming that is SO good. Was just sent new music from Joe Holmes new band that is killer! Will play a bunch tonight. This is truly one of the best periods for new music and bands I like in a long time. Truly hope some of it breaks through but it seems harder and harder these days to get it across.


NEW TMS tomorrow with Dee Snider, Glenn Hughes on Skype and Chris Caffery on guitar. 11p ET on VH1C.


Don’t forget I’ll be in Largo FL 3/28 to host Jake E Lee. I’ll also be doing a pre show meet and greet and selling and signing both books. Hope to see you at Cultural Events Center. Then the MOR Cruise!


Kiss & Def Leppard will announce a tour together this Summer on Monday. Look no further for how competitive the touring circuit has become for your dollars when you see bands that once were headliners on their own teaming up like this. Good for fans to get the double bill but the good seats won’t be cheap and any “VIP” stuff very pricey. But the entire music business now revolves around the road and touring, so everything is for sale and all will work to make their package more attractive than others. Plenty of choices this Summer it’s looking like with many more announcements to come. Seems in the rock world there are very few bands left that can truly headline anymore and take out unknown acts to break them as support. Which kind of sucks for new developing artists who once found new fans from these tours. But bands just can’t risk the lack of ticket sales with a lesser known support act and not more of a co headline more and more it seems.


  1. Gotta agree that this is a GREAT time for awesome new bluesy, vintage rock music. I’m discovering more and more killer bands every single day that simply blow my mind with their spring 2014 releases. I look forward to checking my promo inbox daily. Can only imagine how many records you receive monthly for airplay consideration.

    I read today that you gave a nod to George Lynch’s new project KXM; kudos for that, I’m playing “Faith is a Room” on my own radioshow this weekend, I’d groove to this at any and all hours of the day or night. It indeed sounds very killer so far, can’t wait to hear the whole album.

    Have a rocking weekend.


  2. I have been saying this for a couple of years now with the touring package acts – no chance for a young band playing in front of a bigger crowd. My first show in “84 was the Scorpions with a new band from New Jersey touring on their first release – Bon Jovi. Nobody knew who they were (it was in Toledo) and by the end they had the whole arena going nuts and made this young kid go out the next day and buy the Bon Jovi album. One new band (although they have released three albums) that I think has a real good chance of making it is Pop Evil. If you have not checked them out – well worth it.

  3. Eddie, do you think certain bands like Madonna, u2, Metallica, stones, McCartney, or bon jovi will ever need a Co headline / well known support act? Or are they untouchable?

  4. Eddie, curious to know if you think those in our age range (sorry you hit 50 this year, it’s not that bad though, trust me, I’ve got a couple more over you) are still the ones who are primarily going to see Kiss (along with their kids) these days or if the demographics are more those who first adopted Kiss in the 80’s and beyond. For me, I’m trying to understand the motivation for a teen from the 70’s to continue seeing a band (if that’s still the case) that is vocally and physically (energy wise) a shadow of their previous self. For me, “the thrill is gone”, as BB King would say, although I still enjoy revisiting my Kissology dvd’s now and then, reading your Kiss trunk reports/blogs and checking out some of the newer podcasts like Three Sides of the Coin, of which you were a guest not too long ago. Plus the drama of the HOF is interesting to say the least. Also, the Kiss solo books are fun, but no interest in Kiss live in 2014.

    1. There are some fans that will look past anything and continue to go see something just because they feel obligated to. Or they are bringing their kids to see some version of what they loved as a kid

    2. Man I agree with Eddie. I am a life long Kiss fan since 77 and just don’t know why they have this hold over me that I feel obligated to them. Very strange.

    3. Eddie,
      Rich summed up the fan that I am today. Pauls voice is why I have no interest in seeing them live anymore. Listening to him butcher the songs today when I remember what once was is not something I want to do. It doesn’t bother me that it isn’t the original four, it’s the music. I last saw them live in 2003, which in my opinion, was the last year his voice was still strong. I still have my live cd’s and dvd’s to walk down memory lane with.

    4. When I heard about this tour I pretty much flipped out at the chance to see Kiss live. That, along with the fact that I will be able to see them with one of my favorite bands, Def Leppard, makes me more excited for this summer than I have been in a long time.

  5. Def Leppard was the first concert I ever saw back in summer ’88, Pyromania was the fist cassette tape I ever got, and I have really enjoyed seeing them again several recent summers. It’s unfortunate they’re touring with my all time favorite band, whom I refuse to see live because of the Imposters. See, Ed, it didn’t take long for the grenades to start flying after the mention of Kiss 🙂

  6. Maybe if these bands would lower their ticket prices they could headline on their own and sellout shows. Ticket prices have gotten way out of hand. What used to cost $10 in the 1970’s is now $150. That is ridiculous. I know how to fix this problem real fast. Boycott the shows. If fans quit going, the prices will drop pronto. It should not cost $50-$70 an hour to see a show.

    1. I agree 100% but it’ll never happen. I near too many nutcases that say “I’d pay $500 to see ‘insert band here’.” But yeah, the fans could speak with their wallets – it’s the only language bands understand.

  7. The only downer with these tours is the reduced setlists…so I wonder if its really worth tht $$.. been a kiss fan my whole life (im 41) but they suck now…seen DF last year, not impressed in the least (I left 3 songs in)…Eddie, the next time u talk to lita, tell her she was the reason I went to DF show in the first place…poison is good live but to see lita rock a 6 song set was awesome! But I honestly think its time for kiss to hang it up…but its evident that there arent any new bands coming up to push the old bands, such as kiss, aside….isnt that evident by mtv’s decision to stop playing music and focus more on shows about prego teens?

  8. AC/DC can fill any arena in the world…and they will again in 2014. Hope you can get Brian on…obviously he likes what you do so keep calling, texting, trying. He’ll do it for you.

    Mexico is a shithole. Have been there on road trips and cruises, and I’m not going back. Blowflies must consider it a vacation destination. Be happy that it was cancelled.

    Looking forward to TMS tomorrow, and also MOR Cruise. See you on the boat!

  9. Rush, Metallica, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Guns ‘n Roses and maybe a couple other still touring hard rock bands can still play arenas without having a proven special guest in the opening slot. It’s certainly an elite group of bands. Fans definitely want more for their concert dollars so multiple bands on the bill is the model that seems to work. I like hitting two or three birds with one stone.

    1. Like Tool I saw the other night, they are not on Itunes they are not on the radio they don’t do interviews and they don’t promote themselves and they sell out every where and they can play like mad men

  10. Eddie, I agree but the times have changed. Those new bands are now getting plenty of exposure through social media and outlets like you. Back then in the era of corded phones we saw those bands on tour with the big guys. Now we only have to search the net for “new rock bands” and we get a list to choose to listen to. And as far as spreading the word, if we went to a show back then and saw a new band how many friends could we tell? Now one person can spread the word for a new band to thousands of people. It’s the apathy and complacent of people that have hurt the rock scene.

  11. Def Leppard & Kiss are calling their tour “The Heroes Tour” to greatly help Our Troops and their Families. Kudos to Elliott, Savage, Allen, Collen, Campbell, Simmons,Stanley, Thayer and Singer.

  12. You could pay for my ticket and I wouldn’t ever go see Kiss again. The magic is long gone. Long gone. Would love to see Def Lep on their own sometime. Would love to see them perform the High N Dry & Pyromania albums in their entirety. Open the show with Let It Go & close with Billy’s Got A Gun! That’s what I’m talking about!

  13. Hello Eddie, did any band ever take an unknown band and break them as support? I can’t think of one over the last 30 years. Most bands like Ozzy, Kiss, Motley Crue and Iron Maiden took bands that were already platinum on the road with them.

    1. Like you said, haven’t heard of a whole lot over the past 30 years, but in the 1960s/70s and early 80s it happened all the time. In many cases, the support would crush the headliner!

      A few legendary ones:

      Iron Butterfly with Led Zeppelin opening. Black Sabbath with Ted Nugent/(1976) Black Sabbath with Van Halen (1978.) Heart blew off a lot of headliners around ’76/’77 then got outdone by John Cougar in 1982. I know UFO gave a lot of headliners a run for their money in the late 70s/early 80s. Billy Squire opened for Foreigner and many fans liked him better. Van Halen opened for the Stones in New Orleans in 1978 – they made a lot of fans then. The list is endless.

      1. Remember seeing Queensryche (Mindcrime) open for Def Leppard on Hysteria tour …Odd pairing but great show all the way around and Def Leppard fans actually responded pretty favorably to Queenryche. Was cool seeing Queenryche in the round.

  14. Nobody should be surprised at a co-headlining tour and all these package deals. It’s the same as in the 1980s and onward when we saw package deals of Motown bands and 1950/60s groups – some featured ZERO original or pivotal members. This is a natural part of the aging and impending death of a musical genre for all intents and purposes. Our generation thought we were so much better or more special than the be-boppers, big-band generation and fans of do-wop and 50s music. It’s exactly the same. Their music has died down to a “remnant level” and ours will too. The great stuff will live on – Beatles, Zep, Pink Floyd and a few others, just like people today still are aware of Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Elvis, Frank Sinatra et. al.

  15. The last part of your Blog is all too true…we’ve seen Manson/Zombie, KISS/Crue, and Crue w/ Alice, and now KISS/Def Lep, among others…this has been a trend for some time, however. Yes, it does give the concert-goer “bang for bux”, but those ticket prices are completely out of control. And, if we factor in parking, a t-shirt (or other merch), and food/beverages, an average person can easily drop $300-500 for just one show, not including “VIP experience”, which can run hundreds or even thousands more… That’s out of control.

  16. Rush managed to pull off a successful tour in 2012-2013 with no other acts. Too bad KISS can’t pull the same without using def leppard or Mötley Crüe as a crutch.

  17. None of these shows are affordable. Queen with Adam Lambert – $300…cheapest ticket is 75. Are they reviving Freddie Mercury for these prices? Boston and Cheap Trick – $70-100. Foreigner and Styx the same price. Dream Theater at least has somewhat reasonable prices plus they are doing a 3 hour show this tour. Best show coming up for the price is Steel Panther – $30. Great performance and energy and the price can’t be beat.

    1. Bands charge what they think they can get. Simple as that. Many shows heavily skewed toward high price VIP packages and front rows. That is steep for Queen I think. DT is a theater act, everyone charges what they can get. Panther is a spoof, and it amazes me how many don’t get that to be the case. Not saying not entertaining, but can’t comprehend how people put them in the same catagory..

      1. Panther, although they are definitely a comedy act, can’t be denied how good they sound and tight they are live. I think most people recognize them to be a goof/put on, but the musicianship is top notch. You replace their lyrics with ordinary ones and they are no different from any other 80’s sounding rock band. They are heavy, they have “anthem” like songs and I’d rather listen to them over most bands out there now.

      1. Obviously you have a job and money, because that is all you say. I have a job and money and I invest in bands that give my Moines worth. I don’t need to over pay to see bands who way past there time, has anyone heard Vince Neil sing recently, I wouldn’t brag about seeing them no matter how money you have brother.

  18. Really? Kiss has to co-headline with def leppard? Since when have they headlined on their own and drawn 40,000???? Oh that’s right!!!!! The reunion. This is just a sad way to get people to show up. If kiss was still big on their own they wouldn’t have to share the bill with leppard. Simple!

  19. Don’t see kiss this year and don’t support the la kiss football team. These mfers need to retire already. This sh#t should have ended in 2002! Instead we have two bad albums, wigs, reality tv shows, $3,500 books, football teams, fake frehley and fake criss! How much will kiss fans really take? Can’t you see this has just been a giant marketing scheme by gene & paul???? It’s painfully obvious.

  20. Only with originals can Kiss pull a no big support Thanx for answer . Do you think Kiss will change their minds or is it hopeless On line gene and Paul just retweet people who support. The diehards they still have been blocked or no answer. They put only ones of fans that are crazy or not fans saying stupid things. Word on street there will be backlash. Kiss fans have new fans and still have some old and then the original kiss fans have left. The diehards that are left are very unhappy. They don’t like treatment of ace n Pete . Also we feel it week not to perform. If you are mad at RRHOF and marsh what better way then to take it out on stage and blow it up. No one remembers a no show,just a implosion. Ttyl. Jr

  21. Eddie I have a very important question. Knowing that Gene & Paul really don’t care to much about Ace & Peter anymore do you think the tension between the 4 of them will be bad?? I’m just thinking of all of these possible scenerios that could go very bad or very good. I can see Gene & Paul being all “buisness” while Ace & Peter being very happy & thankful. Thanks Ed. Joe in The Cuse

  22. Steel Panther rules! Of course it’s a spoof, but it’s more fun than anything else out there…plus those guys can play circles around just about any band around.

    1. I agree. That’s what I was driving at in my earlier post. Their musicianship is up there with the best of them. Even Corey Taylor said on TMS that his new favorite band out there is Steel Panther. I don’t think anyone denies the band is a comedy show. They sound great, the music is great and the energy is higher than just about any band I’ve seen and I’ve seen a ton of A list bands. Nothing wrong with mixing comedy and metal and I’m glad to see SP are getting bigger every year.

  23. 1st Off, Night Ranger is opening for Def Leppard/Kiss and people this is a “Special” type of tour to help our Troops (Wounded Warriors, etc…) – so enough of the childish comments about co-headlining. Both Legendary Bands are going to be greatly helping the troops and their families that will last for years.

    Btw, Def Leppard w/out question should have gotten into the R & R Hall of Fame years ago, it is beyond comprehension why they are not in. DL was incredibly influential, their song catalog is 2nd to none in Hard Rock and Music Overall, Incredible Sales, 2 Diamond Albums and great guys. Eddie I think you mustagree and realize they are way more deserving than many bands in the hall.

      1. I can’t believe I share a 1st name with you. They were The 1st BIG Hard Rock Band of The 80’s and due to their Songs, Sounds, Videos & Album Sales, a flood of other bands came after thru the 80’s, the 90’s & the 2k’s who have stated that DL was influential to them. Get your hearing checked son.

      2. I agree with you, also another band who sounds like crap once again Joe Elliott can’t sing his own songs these bands have to stop playing their music, get a cover band to do it at least they will sound better and cheaper to see.

  24. I’m surprised at a still diehard Kiss not playing I think if they jammed at end it would help their public relations n tour. They are protecting their tour n Kruise. Sad after 40 years. Still people pulled for them to get. They are gonna blow a opportunity by not playing to make it all cool. 2 songs would be fine. They just needed to do a new song with tommy &eric and RRHOF with all.would if been cool and historic. No make and all in DTK john varvatos suit. O yeah 100 bombs at end n a fy to RRHOF n marsh. They’ll be in their rockers instead. Holding out for tommy & Eric. Those 2 should be telling them to do it. They blew it. How much longer they gonna tour. There’s nothing to prove. Thx jr

  25. A lot of bands give to the troops and charity. Its commendable that Kiss/Lep are doing that, but we all know they’re also using that gesture to sell tix, just like they are by playing together. This has been talked about to the point that it’s obvious that these bands can’t fill arena’s/sheds anymore on their own. Do you really think Gene/Paul want to share a bill if they don’t have to? They were struggling during Psycho Circus, and even a few of the Farewell shows I hit weren’t sold out . It’s nothing to be ashamed of in this time. Paul’s interviews are what are shameful!

    1. I have seen Def Leppard many times over the past few years. They have not had any problem selling tickets in the large ampitheaters and arenas here in North Carolina. There are still a lot of Lep fans around willing to go see their show. It may not be like it was in the 80’s, but still very respectable.

  26. Eddie,I enjoy your show and your views are usually right…I have a question? you mentioned on TMS that *BLACKMORE wont discuss *Deep Purple or *Rainbow (the latter I have seen 4 times)…you mentioned something regarding albums/songs and rights plus management can you elaborate on this and do you think *BLACKMORE will ever Rock again? thanks.

  27. I wish ‘KISS’ would not do any shows for the rest of 2014 …get Ace back in the group …record a real ‘KISS’ album (3/4 ‘KISS’) with all 3 members doing 3-4 tracks …Eric Singer on Drums as I know Peter Criss would never happen for many reasons (understandable) and maybe get Eddie Kramer as a Producer if possible ? I believe if they did this the demand to see them would be much greater as IMO they have over-toured in the past 10 years with pretty much the same show & songlist too. They could start the ’40’th Anniversary Tour next year in 2015 and maybe call it ‘The Final Tour’ or ‘Bring Your Grandma Too’ ! Tour’ …whatever ? Also I would definately go see them if Ace was brought back !! I saw them last year in July in Victoria,B.C. and just like 4 yrs earlier in Vancouver I could not stand to watch Tommy Thayer impersonate Ace , his guitar licks, his stage persona,the effects,etc. ! (that concert was ‘ok’ gave it 6.5/10 !) BTW my buddy took pics of Shannon(Tweed) as she was around 15ft away from our group of friends !! …to be honest I didn’t pay alot of attention to Eric Singer either … I focused on Gene,Paul and sadly all the explosions & special effects which didn’t quite fill the ‘Ace & Peter void’ back to the Victoria ‘KISS’ show experience …I took 2 girlfriends who are the same age as me (46+) and both had never seen ‘KISS’ before …I told them about all the times I had seen ‘KISS’ starting back in 79′ when I was 10yrs old , at The Dynasty Tour with the original memebers ,(Pacific Coleseum) (‘Loverboy’ opened)(got booed too!) then The Animize Tour , the Asylum Tour , Hot In The Shade Tour, The Revenge Tour, The Reunion Tour , The Psycho Circus Tour , The Farewell Tour and that 1 from 09′ (BTW after the 1 in Vancouver 09′ I decided not to go see them for following shows in Abbottsford & Kelowna as I had originally planned because the Vancouver concert wasn’t that good )…anyways I told my 2 gf’s how great it was going to be for weeks before the show ! as we were there 1st stop on the Canadian Tour to boot !! I had ‘KISS’ playing non-stop for the 90min drive to Victoria (selectively I mite add) …well …during the show I felt embarrassed and wondered if my 2 gf’s were really were enjoying the concert at all ?I asked them periodically if they were havin a good time ? (thank god they served alcohol (No Cold Gin though ‘LoL’)…I sang along and we were on our feet for the majority of the concert …with the exeption of when Tommy did a lame guitar solo (utter crap!!) ,thats when i sat down & zoned out for 7-10mins or so …I made up excuses for Paul & Gene’s singing & lack of energy during the concert as they barely moved from where they were standing …Pauls voice was somewhat shot too , he couldn’t carry or did he try to carry those high notes on HOF,etc, etc …(was obvious the party was long over soon after they started to play !! …ok Paul bent down ,played the guitar between his legs & as usual spit guitar picks at people in a disgusting mannner IMO !! Obvious insecurities and still in desperate need of attention, recognition & validation as a sex’god lead singer ,etc,etc. (I think Paul is still jellous of Mr. Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Tyler & Joe Elliot cuz of all their hitsongs that brought & gave them a more female friendly fanbase oposed to all the guys like me who were once young & very impressionable &who were in need of Superhero’s when Batman & Superman weren’t enough ‘LoL’ ) and of course Paul took the swing-rope to the middle of the arena to the small stage and sang’ LoveGun’ to awl’ da’ giwrls’…as usual and Gene walked (paced) the stage a little bit being ‘The Demon’ (which for the most part he’s still good at !) …spit blood ,blew fire, but sang my 2 faverate Gene songs ‘God Of Thunder’ & ‘Unholy’ “terribly” as his voice (due to age & not physically in good shape due to eating habits & Im sure he’s not an exercise kinda guy either !) just cant cut’tit no more !!etc…wish I was farther away from the stage as he looked like a wrinkle-dog in makeup and the Big Screens don’t do them justice either in this reguard …again I was making excuses for them …reminding them how old they were, hip replacements & knee surgery’s ,all the extensive touring they do ,how those cosumes & boots are heavy ,etc “LoL”Bottom line..it was lame !! (unless yur 12&under) , with all Paul’s stage banter(1/2was selling , promoting or bragging about something) …well, the group could have played 2 more songs instead ! I think they only did 15 songs ,didn’t count or care to remember afterwords ? I didn’t really care for the Spider Stage either but I’m guessing the fans who brought there kids & grandkids …( future fans ?) enjoyed it ? …and one of a few reasons that Gene & Paul are still doing this I believe …1)greed$$ 2)future fans & there legacy 3)marketing ,cant but football teams & restaraunts & sell merchandise as well if yur not out there saturating the market & promoting your ventures & merch. ,etc. …If Ace doesn’t get invited back for a future tour with ‘KISS’ ,I’m not sure I’ll go see them ,well maybe, because I havn’t seen Def Leppard(1st saw the Pyromania Tour 83′ Pacific Coliseum,Vancouver,B.C. )since 93’94’? I hope’n’pray The one&only “Spaceman” Mr.Ace Frehely tours with or without ‘KISS’ and comes to Vancouver ,Victoria or both as I’ll travel to see him ! “KARL”

    1. Welcome to the light. Unfortunately, there are still wallets out there to mine the cash out of that want to see “the KISS show”. Gene and Paul are just dreadful up there now. Tommy got promoted to lead guitar … probably got a trophy too. You know that both of those guys (Eric & Tommy) have got to be getting pretty tired of reading and hearing us bitch. BTW, just for fun … look them both up on Celebrity Net Worth.
      For real.

  28. I worry that all these co-headline tours will be just a ‘greatest hits’ package from each band; if I attend any of them it will be the Crue with Alice Cooper – because the Coop still keeps things interesting!

    I also want to note that when I saw Aerosmith with Cheap Trick last year – the Tricksters played several obscure songs from their various records – and the crowd loved it!!! Robin Zander can still hit the high notes perfectly and did not come across as being bored out of his skull like Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley frequently do.

  29. The problem with ticket prices is not as much to do with the band as it is with EVERYTHING that goes into the shows. The sound company charges $X, the light company charges $x, the trucks, buses, management all get a piece of the action. Additionally, these shows don’t run without stagehand unions, so you can bet they are getting top dollar. Bands are having to generate $1 million per week just to break even.

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