Off to NYC for a live radio show tonight. Originally the show was going to be pre recorded but since the H&H Festival in Mexico was cancelled I’m headed in to do it live. Join me 11P-2A ET tonight on Q104.3 NYC, free stream at www.q1043.com or use the free Iheartradio app. Mark Slaughter will call in to debut a new solo song for charity, Glenn Hughes will call in to debut new music from his new band California Breed as well. SO much new stuff out there or coming that is SO good. Was just sent new music from Joe Holmes new band that is killer! Will play a bunch tonight. This is truly one of the best periods for new music and bands I like in a long time. Truly hope some of it breaks through but it seems harder and harder these days to get it across.


NEW TMS tomorrow with Dee Snider, Glenn Hughes on Skype and Chris Caffery on guitar. 11p ET on VH1C.


Don’t forget I’ll be in Largo FL 3/28 to host Jake E Lee. I’ll also be doing a pre show meet and greet and selling and signing both books. Hope to see you at Cultural Events Center. Then the MOR Cruise!


Kiss & Def Leppard will announce a tour together this Summer on Monday. Look no further for how competitive the touring circuit has become for your dollars when you see bands that once were headliners on their own teaming up like this. Good for fans to get the double bill but the good seats won’t be cheap and any “VIP” stuff very pricey. But the entire music business now revolves around the road and touring, so everything is for sale and all will work to make their package more attractive than others. Plenty of choices this Summer it’s looking like with many more announcements to come. Seems in the rock world there are very few bands left that can truly headline anymore and take out unknown acts to break them as support. Which kind of sucks for new developing artists who once found new fans from these tours. But bands just can’t risk the lack of ticket sales with a lesser known support act and not more of a co headline more and more it seems.

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    1. KISS will close every show. More of a production issue because KISS have their huge “Spider” stage.

  1. The problem with ticket prices is not as much to do with the band as it is with EVERYTHING that goes into the shows. The sound company charges $X, the light company charges $x, the trucks, buses, management all get a piece of the action. Additionally, these shows don’t run without stagehand unions, so you can bet they are getting top dollar. Bands are having to generate $1 million per week just to break even.

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