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BEST OF 2My year in review radio special with a ton of music from 2012 premiered on Q104.3 NYC show 12/28. Here is my personal list of my favorite albums of 2012. Lot’s of great new music in 2012 and was tough to narrow down, but this is what truly made my ears the most excited the last 12 months:


An incredible, relentless, pounding thrash metal album that may be my favorite from this highly underrated band since Taking Over. Overkill have made a string of solid albums lately, but this is just next level. It is uncompromising speed metal at it’s finest. Production and mix are incredible, the riffing just builds and builds, great songs, great playing. The total package. If you are looking for a new but old school thrash sounding album this is it. Get a neck brace because it kicks your ass from top to bottom. Instant metal classic.


aerosmithanotherdimensioncover4002: AEROSMITH – MUSIC FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION

I hear much about the amount of ballads on this album, but nobody says it also has 15 songs on the standard edition. So even if you take out 4 ballads it’s still 11 rocking tunes. It is not a perfect album, but it is damn good. The production is warm and not over compressed. You hear everything. All the band members (still original) write and contribute. Many different sides and stuff that hints at classic Aerosmith. “Street Jesus”, “Luv XXX”, “Beautiful”, “Out Go The Lights”, “Oh Yeah”, all just vintage sounding Aerosmith. Having seen three live shows so far on the tour, the band STILL gets it done on stage too. Great accomplishment for a band at this stage in their career and after waiting so long for it they delivered.amazon



I loved the last Slash album, and my favorite songs were the ones with Myles Kennedy singing. So I was thrilled that the live band he had on that tour now is a real band and has made a full cohesive album of brilliant hard rock. “Anastasia” an instant classic on this one. To me this is Slash’s best work top to bottom since Appetite and the band is great live. Hope they build a great catalog with this group.amazon




Outside of Tattoo this is classic kick ass VH! Why 4-5 songs from this album were not blasting out of every radio station over the Summer escapes me. Not a huge fan of the mix at times, but the material and Eddie are ripping! Who knows what the future holds but this is classic sounding old VH. “As Is” among my favorites.amazon




Best Manson album in a long time top to bottom. He and Twiggy created some catchy hook filled tunes as well as the usual level of Manson weirdness and always great production and sounds.amazon





Another great album from the relaunched Accept with singer Mark Tornillo. Not as strong top to bottom as Blood Of The Nations but damn close. This band is now firmly re established and Wolf Hoffman has to be one of the most underrated players in metal ever.amazon




Is it over? Who knows for sure. But three amazing albums in this bands history at an amazing pace is pretty impressive, so I hope not. Like all three BCC albums top playing and incredible singing from Glenn Hughes. Like all 3 I wish the mix was a little brighter and dynamic at times, but this is pretty much live and in your face classic sounding rock that just happens to be from a new band. The title track and “This Is Your Time” some of my favorites.amazon



Pumping heavy rock that never lets up. Great songs, vocals, production and hooks. Can’t help but to move to this album and its energy.amazon




61Dwg0a9MRL._SL500_AA300_9: TREMONTI – ALL I WAS

Great debut album from Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti. Very metal at times, much will be made of his guitar playing, and rightfully so, but it’s the songs I love. The playing on the whole album is crushing and I truly like the way he delivers the songs as a singer. Great live too!amazon



410jplpqVoL._SL500_AA300_10: RUSH – CLOCKWORK ANGELS

Only reason not higher is because my two favorite songs on this album (Caravan and BU2B) actually were released a couple years ago. But I love that Rush is back to heavy guitar rock again and in your face power trio hard rock with little if any keys and synth. The nod to the old school on “Headlong Flight” is awesome. Wish the album was not so compressed and more dynamic sounding at times in the mix, but love the heaviness being back. Oh, and the R&R Hall just woke up after ignoring them 15 years. There is hope!amazon



11 – 20


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37 thoughts on “12/11 EDDIE’S TOP ALBUMS OF 2012

      1. Once again completely baseless and wrong claims just made up. Perhaps you should have LISTENED to my Year End show where I actually PLAYED the new Kiss song and included it before your absurd completely false allegations! Amazing. By the way, just read every major magazine year end poll and the Kiss album is on none anywhere near the top 10. But in Kiss world honest opinions aren’t welcome or allowed as always. Stunning!

    1. Really? Just read several Year End lists in major magazines including Classic Rock who loves Kiss and the album nowhere near the Top 10. Guess they are ridiculous too? The album is not good!

      1. Eddie: I also read several years end list and found that Bravewords.com´s Matt O´Shaughnessy and Hard Rock Hideout´s Rob Rockitt names Monster the best album of the year, and Monster is also in the Top 10 of Bravewoords, Martin Popoff, Heavy Metal Addiction, Metal Oddysey, Ryo Vie of HR Hideout, Aaron Small from Bravewords, I think is the best they have made since Revenge and 1000 times better that the popishMFAD.
        Best Regards

  1. Eddie….Dokken’s “Broken Bones” belongs on this list. Melodic Hard Rock with Don’s classic hooks is as good as anything they did during the 80’s….and the production is sonically great.

  2. Eddie,
    Agree with most. Aerosmith still a little too pop, but a few songs are old school which is great. You should check out Rival Sons new cd, great band! The new Dokken and King Kobra kick a#% as well!

  3. Some pretty good picks. I also thought Manson delivered his best album in a long time. And what a surprise that Van Halen disc was. I don’t think anyone was expecting them to deliver something that good. I also thought “Blood of the Nations” was a little stronger than “Stalingrad.” The new Overkill is killer as usual. I don’t think they’ve ever released an album that was without redeeming qualities. However, after much assessment, I think I liked “Ironbound,” just a little bit more than “Electric Age.” I can’t really say why, I just do. Black Country Communion is way too good. I love Glen Hughes. I do wish they could make some kind of agreement for a tour. Maybe a touring guitarist? I second the earlier poster’s suggestion of Mammoth Mammoth. Great old school heaviness. Kadavar and Huntress, you’d probably like too. They sound really oldschool.

    The older bands, in my opinion, put out amazing work this past year though. Besides the ones you mentioned: Candlemass, Tygers of Pan Tang, Demon, Angel Witch, Running Wild, Exumer, Saint Vitus, Dokken, and Neurosis. Great bands from the 70s and 80s that are all putting out good music today. Really surprised you didn’t mention Down. I thought the “Purple EP” was pretty good.

  4. Not a good list. Eddie you need to be more objective. This is a list of your best friends not the best music. Overkill? Nobody likes the Aerosmith album. Kiss, Monster should be on this list. Fozzy? Are you kidding? What about Baroness-Yellow and Green, Katatonia-Dead End Kings, The Sword-Apocryphon? They should be on your list. Warrant? The album is really bad and was released in 2011!! I agree with VH, Testament, Slash, and Rush. I also agree it was good year for heavy music. Stay Frosty.

    1. Didn’t know Van Halen were my friends? The Kiss album is not on any major rock press Top 10, but I have an agenda because I think it’s weak? Guess Classic Rock and all the others that didn’t have it top 10 are just crazy too? It’s my OPINION, I like that I like and you like what you like. And after 30 years in the business sorry but many of the bands I deal with I know and are friends. Give me a break. How many friends bands are NOT on my list if that was the criteria?

  5. I agree with others that this list is just Eddie’s friends. It can’t be taken seriously. Fozzy? Warrant?? And Eddie I know you are all about the classics, but come on man, at least pick ONE modern band!

    1. So I should just pick one new band even if I don’t feel it for the sake of looking hip and cool? Never was me and never will be. I like what I like and if a new band deserved to be on MY list they would! All friends? Could not be more wrong but I guess that’s convenient when you don’t agree

  6. Why is Soundgarden not even mentioned ? It is incredible! By far best album of the year in my opinion. Slash’s album is a great pick- great band. I saw them at The Paramount in Huntington Long Island last summer they were great.
    Please have Soundgarden and STP on TMS! Enough of the retreaded guests.

  7. Good list Eddie, in mine the first three are backwards haha. First Slash’s, Aero, than Overkill and what about BCC? 3 albums in short time and I read that Glenn Hughes is back on the studio or something that he just start working on new music. Amazing! I really like your list the only thing I don’t like is Marilyn Manson, I have there Rockaholic. Guess I’m more old school oriented. Love TMS would like to see BCC go there. Greetings from Latino America.

  8. Eddie, Would love to hear your thoughts on why you think Monster from KISS is weak or not good? I’m not saying you should have included it in your top 10 but interested in your thoughts. What do you think is the best song? Weakest song? Overall thoughts from a music standpoint? This has nothing to do with your opinion of Tommy and Eric and the makeup. Personally, I’ve been jamming on the album. Look forward to hearing ffrom you.

    1. Hell, Long Way and Freak are good songs, but in my opinion there are some really corny bad songs on the album, Paul’s voice is not what it once was, and they continue to force themselves to try and sound like the old band when 50% of it is not. That’s my honest opinion, it is not a great album, but in Kiss world EVERY album is the best one, until the next one…

      1. Fair enough. Long Way Down is my favorite tune on the album. Long time KISS fan here like yourself. I like the fact that no two KISS albums are exactly alike. Many are similiar or could be considered “sister” albums but each album to me has some unique quality about it. Obviously I like some better than others. Hopefully as time passes they will find a nice signature sound for this lineup. Really appreciate your thoughts. Just know there are true diehard, yet rational KISS fans out here. The KISS fan base is like no other. The arguments/discussions I get into sometimes with other fans and friends are just ridiculous. Everyone is so passionate about the band one way or another. But yet that’s one reason that has made this band so special to so many people for so many years.

        Again, thanks for your thoughts. I hope someday whatever differences exist between you and Gene/Paul can be worked out. I would love for them to be guests on TMS, as you would as well, I’m sure.
        Take Care

  9. My favorite of 2012 was “carved into Stone” by New York’s very own PRONG. This band is sadely underrated. I Suggest any no-nonsense metal fan should give it a listen.

  10. Some albums that definitely need to be on the list:
    Soundgarden – King Animal
    Deftones – Koi No Yokan
    ZZ Top – La Futura
    The Cult – Choice of Weapon
    Graveyard – Lights Out
    Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Bloodlust

  11. I think most of the albums you chose are decent. I don’t understand how Aerosmith and Marilyn Manson are in the Top 10. Just because the Aerosmith album has 15 songs on the standard and 20 songs on the deluxe doesn’t mean it is a good album. There is only a couple of good songs and the rest are ballads or generic fillers. I agree with you on the Kiss album.

    The list seems stuck in the 80s. I know this is the music you grew up, but it might help to give modern albums a second chance/listen.

  12. Eddie…don’t listen to these idiots. This list is your opninion, thats all. I agree with only a few on this list but it’s YOUR list. Stop defending yourself to these idiots….people just love to complain. Tell them to go make there own lists and post it somewhere where no one will read it lol.

  13. These albums were Eddie Trunk’s picks for his top 10 of 2012. If you have your own list, type it up and post it. While I agree with some of them, I’m not going to condemn him for posting what he liked this past year. I agree with about 4-5 of his picks. For those who posted your own picks…great! You should be happy that Eddie is still flying the flag for a lot of these bands who the record labels and the taste makers wrote off years ago. Thank you Eddie for continuing to show us that you can like whatever bands you like even if they aren’t at the top of the charts or everywhere on mainstream media. We can like it because it still ROCKS our world and it’s what we love to hear.

  14. Eddie you really missed something here. Doro – Raise Your Fist. The title track alone destroys the Aerosith and Van Halen cds combined. This is her strongest record in years. Her voice is still as powerful as in the 80s. She is still beautiful and works her ass off. Put her and her band opening up for alot of your pics and would pulverize them. She was even nice enough to put YOUR picture in the cd booklet. Maybe you just missed this one but please give this one another listen. Dont diss Doro. She is the one and only metal queen and has been keeping it heavy for many years. Anyone who even questions this i would tell to look her up on youtube and see what im talkin about.

  15. I’m disapointed that you omitted the new Kiss album but put that stinker of an Aerosmith album at #2. I think you need to give the Kiss album another listen.

  16. I love how people come on here and argue the list… not to mention how Eddie argues back….. give me a break, its music, we all love it….its subjective. Who cares how the rock press did or did not recognize the Kiss album…. why argue choices… I dont get it. Kiss hasnt made a good record since Destroyer. I do like your comments on the sonic quality of the discs, to me that has been a major factor in the demise of good rock n roll… most of it sounds like complete crap no matter how good the songs are.

    All that being said Overkill is a great #1. I would add Iced Earth Dystopia as one of the best of the year… Stu Block kills it, the best fit for Iced Earth ever…. yes including Barlow. Great album and great played live… to me its a standout.

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