I know many questioned if I would do my annual KISSmas radio special this year considering how 2 of the bands founding members continue to treat me like an enemy for 1 opinion out of 30 years of support. But doing this show so many count on every year was never in question. It was just a question on how I would do it this year and when. But I know it means a lot to many to have this celebration of the bands music every year, and most Kiss fans are huge fans of mine and support what I do even if the band themselves don’t. For me it was always about the music first and foremost when it comes to the bands I love, and I’m not going to penalize my fans and Kiss fans just because Simmons & Stanley got some bad information and refuse to communicate. As usual my doors are open to ALL Kiss members past and present. Tonight Peter Criss joins me to discuss his book. I will also play nothing but Kiss music in the 3 hour show making this the KISSmas show for this year. This works best since it would be a bit much on the Kiss side to have an original member in studio tonight, then 3 hours of their music next week. So tonight is the Original Merry KISSmas show year 22. While Peter is there we will focus on the original bands music that he was part of. If/when Peter leaves before the show ends, we will get into other eras and take requests. Its the best way to accomplish the special this year and also give Peter as much time as he wants. There is much to discuss with him for sure. I will also have signed copies of Peter’s book to give away tonight. So join me at 11P ET tonight over the air in the NYC area on Q104.3 FM, or streaming free at www.q1043.com or via the iheartradio free app (just hit Q104.3 NYC, Classic Rock). Remember this show also airs on all affiliates next weekend. Thank you all for the support and Merry KISSmas 2012 to my fellow Kiss fans and supporters.

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  1. Fuck Gene and Paul… If you are going to peddle crap sandwiches,someone is gonna say that they stink. I saw Spin magazine covers done to resemble the solo albums. The Ace and Peter characters(for want of a better word) did not even resemble the originals. I love Monster… great record. But,I wont go to see them. Kind of like the three stooges movie to me…close,but no cigar,you know??

  2. Hello Eddie & Happy 2013 to you, your family and other true KISS fans, as I have said many times before KISS is only Paul Stanley/Starchild) Peter Criss/ cat man) Ace Frehley/ Spaceman) Gene Simmons/ Demon) for myself that is the only line up that reflects in my mind the group I grew up listening to and have always stayed loyal fan of theirs even up to this day, but don’t get me wrong, I think Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer are excellent musicians in their own right, but portraying themselves as Ace (Spaceman) & Peter (Catman) isn’t right and never will be and if the group that calls themselves as KISS today then those fans should be aware and know that they are being tricked into thinking that they are the band that has been doing this since 1973, if there was a law for rock groups then I would say that the fans are being mis led in a fraudulent manner made to believe that its the same band…but it isn’t.
    I love the original members as those characters and will buy anything from those members but not the members since 2003 to this very day.

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